Canadian Mayor IMPOSING Ramadan “Call To Prayer” On Toronto Residents

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Mayor of Mississauga, Canada— population 828,000(2017)—  has approved the traditional “call-to-prayer” which are broadcast from Islamic mosques during the 30-day period of Ramadan.

Mayor Bonnie Crombie stated that this unprecedented public blast of Islamic prayer will provide “inspiration, familiarity and comfort to our city’s Muslim community during this challenging time.”

Good for her—as well as religious Canadian Muslims. As for the rest of us, CAP isn’t so sure. According to Wikipedia, just 7.7% of Toronto identify as Muslim Canadians.

Question: How do the remaining 92.3% of the community feel about this? How do Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Atheist and Agnostic peoples feel about loudspeaker-blasting Islamic language prayers being audible as they walk to the grocery store to load up on paper products?

One can conclude Mayor Crombie doesn’t give a damn. In this, she lands in a category so all-pervasive in Canada:

Political figures who support small slivers of society over-and-above the majority of a community. For CAP, show us a Canadian mayor of an urban centre, and we will show you a municipal leader bending themselves backward to accommodate “3rd World Canada.”

Within 2020 society, this is a social given. Ever think about the reasons why contemporary Canada finds itself with this social inversion:

The will of the majority is meaningless, while “special interest” groups get 98% of what they desire. Now, it is factual that a fundamental element within Canadian governance is an accommodation— to a reasonable extent— of the desires of the overall populace when it comes to civil, social and community issues.

Simply put, this axiom of democracy is now DEAD. Why? CAP attempt to break things down into simplistic messaging. Perhaps, on occasion, we over do it.

Yet, there is one concept we will never eschew: the idea that the catalyst for the infiltration of 3rd World culture and religion began with ex-Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.

MORE FROM CAP MEDIA– Buried: Justin Trudeau’s Brother Alexandre Worked For IRANIAN Government

Trudeau Sr.’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the number one culprit. In terms of specifics, here is how a push-back to the “call-to-prayer” imposition might play out:

Let’s say non-profit “XYZ” submits a formal compliant to Mississauga City Hall. Let’s say our media discover this. Out comes the “pen and pencil.”

“Racism!” cries a journalism student from McGill University, writing for the propaganda units of the daily Metro publications. These people are bigots, bellow’s Shree Paradkar from Toronto Sun. Naturally, Liberal MP’s in the GTA follow suit.

CAP Crystal Ball: What is likely to occur from this point on? Astute Canadians will get this— it is now “law suit time.” One of the plethora of tax-payer funded “Multicultural” organizations takes legal action. 

Liberal-Globalist lawyers— in truth, the “flower children” of prototype globalist Pierre Trudeau— team up with said “Multicultural” organization, and the case goes to court.

Lawyers make money, while judges rule in favour of the Plaintiff. Why? Because Pierre Trudeau’s Charter enables them to successfully do so.

Ever read about this in the Globe & Mail? Anyone recall CBC News delivering a piece which in any capacity articulates what is being expressed herein?

You got it, fellow patriots—the answer is NEVER. 

End Result: 9 times out-of-ten, the “liberal-globalist-multiculturalists” win the day. This is your Canada—where the fringe always come out on top.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms— a Pierre Trudeau publication. Institutionalized multiculturalism— a Pierre Trudeau product. Canadian “diversity” : a Pierre Trudeau created ideology.

Winners: Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Alexandre Trudeau, Liberals, Immigration lawyers, Multicultural non-profits.

 China, Iran, India, Pakistan, United Nations, World Health Organization, Global banking industry, “Open Border” Society Foundation, 3rd World Members Of Parliament— as well as those who vote them into office— our giant-sized 3rd World diaspora communities.

Losers: Christians, Atheists, Conservatives, Anglophone-Canadians, French-Canadians, around 70% of Ontario taxpayers— not to mention the hard-of-hearing, audibly-impaired citizens of our nation.

Clearly, Mayor Bonnie Crombie doesn’t give a flying fig about these Canadians. In this she is so much like the prime minister of Canada—yet she is a civic, municipal politician.

Justin Trudeau’s Post Modern Nation: a country whose media cling to the designation of a “democratic nation’— while all three levels of government ignore public will, will of the majority—not to mention democratic governance and jurisprudence.

Interesting coincidence: as our PM works to erode freedom of expression within mainstream media, social media and alternative media, our government increases freedom of expression for one specific identifiable ethnic community in Canada.

How sweet it is.


9 thoughts on “Canadian Mayor IMPOSING Ramadan “Call To Prayer” On Toronto Residents”

  1. This, my fellow Canadians is not necessarily the reason Alberta wants out, but it just might be the reason we are successful in bringing it through the process of getting out.

    • I wouldn’t leave such a defeatist attitude. It doesn’t’ take an army to defeat vile and corrupt policy, just determination and good legal guidance. Gather, organize and start a revolt to end the call to prayer and to immediately oust the Misdissauga Mayor. Organize people (canvass) in each riding. Write each councilor to stop the call to prayer that it is a violation of equality before the law and individual rights. Keep organizing each riding until enough citizens know enough to vote that councilor out to be replaced by one who will adhere to our Charter.

  2. Love this article! Full of accurate facts. Agreed, we need to abolish religion and separate the provinces into individual countries. Watch out for these Ontario people and legalizing blasting religous music. We need action. Lets do the same. Every Canadian should put a loud speaker on their porch,.crank it up and play music!

  3. We must stand together and inform what we want as canadian citizens. Together we can stop this disgrace. Church bells can’t ring, is Ramadan more important than Easter. Where is priority, 6% of people or the rest? If you check facebook groups and other various programs we are creating petitions and various other forms of speech to declare our rights. Please, if you consider yourself a loyal canadian, born to make a change, join the other MANY canadians who do not appreciate this. Many are speaking that the mayor was paid to make this change. We must speak up.

  4. The picture you used for your article I mean the persons in the picture are not Muslims …….. the person with white bear and wearing white turban called himself prophet he is ls a monster using the name of islam……


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