Post-Modern Society: Canadian Facing Charges For ONLINE Death Threats Toward PM Trudeau

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“Posting threats in the internet can land you in some pretty hot water. For the first time ever, a 62-year-old Quebec man is facing multiple charges, after he allegedly posted online threats to Justin Trudeau and the Muslim community.”

Does CAP support the actions of this man? If we did, then we would be a supporter of pre-meditated murder-–which we will not endorse.

The point intended to tweak a Canadian patriot’s brain matter is the fact that the charges are related specifically to online threats— a post-modern Canada/Liberal phenomenon.

“The accused called for the death of Justin Trudeau.” says the source article. Beyond this, the Quebecois man is accused of the following:

They include:

  • Advocating genocide.
  • Public incitement of hatred.
  • Willful promotion of hatred.
  • Intimidation of a justice system participant or a journalist. 

 “The new charges come more than a week after a man allegedly breached the grounds at Rideau Hall with multiple loaded firearms.”

CAP Translation: Old Stock Canadians are so sick and tired of Justin Trudeau, some individuals have “flipped their lids” and called for the man to be “terminated–with extreme prejudice.”

The end of the Justin Trudeau’s communist-infused era of Canadian history is something CAP estimate 25 Million citizens would love to see. Then, there are the forces which back PM Trudeau’s ascendency to the throne of Globalist-3rd World Canada:

Partial List Of Major Players:

CBC Corporation, Globe & Mail, government of China, Toronto Star, McGill University, Iran, Saudi Arabia, University of Toronto, National Council of Canadian Muslims, World Sikh Organization, York University, UBC, MP Ahmed Hussen, Senators Yuen Pau Woo and Ratna Omidvar, and a host of others from the same globalist contingent.

The accused is also tagged with extreme racist promotion toward Canada’s Islamic community. Again, CAP has no interest in a promotion of violence. What we will say here is that we believe this Quebecois man’s animus toward Islam flows directly from immigration and multicultural policy in Canada. 

Fact is, when a national leader makes a plethora of nation-transforming political decisions unilaterally— meaning in non-democratic fashion–it is bound to make some citizens flip out and act in irrational manners.

Such as it was when returning to the “roots” of the problem. It was Papa Pierre Trudeau–based upon little more than personal arrogance– who made a personal decision to cancel bi-cultural English & French-Canadian identity upon his forced introduction of Multiculturalism back in the 1970’s.

See the direct connection between father-and-son Trudeau? Both men have made unilateral, personal decisions which have trans-formed Canadian society for ALL-TIME.

CBC say nothing. Globe & Mail refuse to make a connection. Toronto Star scream “Islamophobia!”

But all the tea in communist China cannot suppress an inescapable fact:

The state-of-society in 2020 Canada is far more influenced by socialism and communism than a CBC-watcher would ever imagine. What Trudeau has gone and done is truly unprecedented: an integration of various socialist methodologies to transform Canada into the “no core identity” society of his dreams:

A socialist nation-state dominated by non-1st  World forces. Don’t you know? This is the reason King Justin hand-picked current Somalian citizen/Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen as immigration minister from 2016-2019.

Hussen’s task is to do with Africa what Pierre Trudeau did with China, and Justin Trudeau has done with Islamic-Canada. That is, “internationalize” Canada, transform its identity for all-time, while trans-itioning Anglophone-Canadians into a maligned minority community.

It’s all in the cards as Canada walks through its final decade as an authentic western democratic nation.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP.


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  1. We as the taxpayers are not allowed to say anything about what ethane wasting our time and money ,I remember about him mouthing off about old white Europeans, along with the indigenous people, who the hell do him And other damn fools think built up this area ? , OH YAH THEy even talked about euthanasia for us , MAKES one wonder about the VIRUS it’s doing a good job for him and then China , they don’t seem to like old people either .


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