Canadian MAJORITY Say Trudeau Goes “Too Far To Accommodate Minorities”

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Once again, a majority of Canadians stand in opposition to Trudeau government policy. How many million times does this have to occur before someone–hello establishment media– point this out to the people of Canada?

Immigration quotas? Majority are opposed. Refugee policy? Again, a majority of citizens are opposed. Illegals, Citizenship for convicted terrorists, Carbon Tax–you name it, and a majority stand in opposition.

None of this means a flying fig to Justin Trudeau. He has a mission to accomplish, and nothing on earth will cause him to deviate one iota from the pre-meditated plan.

65 per cent of all Canadians said they agreed with the statement “we have gone too far in accommodating every group in society” — a view held most strongly in Alberta and Quebec.

Interesting information, however in typical fashion the flip-side of this equation is omitted from media narrative– namely, how this has affected those who are not part of the “every group in society.”

This begins with Anglophone Canadians, moves on to Christian Canadians, rounded out by Conservatives, Canadians of European heritage, patriots and nationalists. If Mr. Trudeau has over-accommodated “minorities,” he has also under- accommodated Old Stock Canada.

This is the piece Andrew Coyne, John Ibbitson, Christine Blatchford, et al, have left out of their reporting. Strange–as each of them is, in fact, an Old Stock Canadian.

Back to the poll: 78 per cent say they believe that the country is divided between “ordinary people” and “elites.” How shocking– not.  Pourquoi? Because it is 100% factual.

No one is more responsible for this than Justin Trudeau. Truly, he is Canada’s “King of Kings” in this department. For the purpose of winning the upcoming federal election, Trudeau has spent the past four years dividing Canadians by carving us up into identifiable ethnic and religious voter-blocks. 

In 2019, JustinTrudeau spoke at a Muslim Eid celebration in Ontario. An audience of 1000 people witnessed Trudeau brand both the Conservative Party, and conservative Canadians in general as racists and bigots.

On NEWSTALK1010 radio Lisa Raitt, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party,  stated “It was shocking in the moment, I did one of those things where you go he couldn’t have said what I just thought he said because how could a Prime Minister invoke the office of the Prime Minister and then call the Conservative Party of Canada a bunch of racists.

Then the CBC reported the story. Not. In fact, no establishment media in Canada dared to report on this outrageous event. Why not? Simple– because it would negatively affect Justin Trudeau’s chances of getting re-elected. 

Poll after poll shows Canadians disagree with Trudeau’s decisions on immigration, refugees, and other ethnic-related issues. Time after time the Liberals ignore public opinion and make decisions counter to the will of the people.

What other nations does this social dynamic exist within? China, for one. Cuba is another. Add to this a plethora of Islamic nations, and various autocratic Third World and African nations.

What message does this deliver? Is it not obvious Justin Trudeau’s personal brand of governance has an affiliation with these countries?  Has the man not explicitly stated his admiration for communist China? Father Pierre was the same– an admirer of totalitarian governments and despotic leaders such as Mao Tse Tung.

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This brings about a most salient question: If it is all so darn obvious, why doesn’t mainstream media inform Canadians of the reality of the situation?

The answer is also obvious: Because this would impede Trudeau’s run for another term in office. This is not democracy and freedom of the press–it is pseudo-democracy-– or more succinctly, Trudeau-brand democracy. It is a bastardization of true democracy.

This is democracy with the essence of  liberal political philosophy extracted from the equation. In its stead, Trudeau-brand “liberalism.” Socialism disguised by virtue-signalling. Fascism disguised as feminism. LGBT pride covering up transgender-for-children child abuse.

Justin Trudeau is in the process of creating a post-modern two-tier On the first rung, Third World, Muslim, Gay, Sikh and Transgender Canadians– quite the mix!

On the second tier, and dropping daily– Anglophones, Christians, Conservatives. Fast forward less than one generation, and what will we find? Anglo-Christians have trans-itioned into a minority community lacking the minority rights accorded to Third World and Gay Canada.

This, folks, is the reality of the ruling Liberal government of Canada. What establishment media deliver is simply political distortion.


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  1. The thought police have taken over in Canada and the U.S.A. It all started in the 30s when the Soviet Union began the planned destruction of the west starting with the U.S. in order to bring in the Marxist ideology of spreading the communist revolution globally. A good place to start learning about this is General Mahai Pacepa’s book “Disinformation” and watch his video on YouTube. He was A Romanian General, and head of their KGB Disinformation department. He defected to the U.S. in 1979 and revealed the plots. The leftist media have made sure you have never heard of him.The Soviet Union knew that because the U.S. was (now isn’t) a moral country, to destroyit, they had to infiltrate 1) the government, 2) the churches and 3) academia. Ever wonder why today the government bureaucracies are all leftist, the churches have become social justice warriors and 50% of university profs are communist/leftist and today the majority of students are leftist. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the BLM and Anti-fascist radicals are actually communists and radical leftists. Only ignorant morons believe all of today’s riots are in protest of the George Floyd killing.The leftists will say this is a conspiracy theory. It’s not. It’s an actual conspiracy. The Deep State has convinced the world that Trump is a racist, bigot, Islamophobe, mysogenist etc. etc. etc. with absolutely no evidence. They actually believe the total fraud, pathological liar who accomplished nothing, Comrade Hussein Obama should be carved onto Mt Rushmore. The 2020 election will decide if the U.S. will survive as a free country based on the founding principles with a President who has in fact accomplished more than perhaps any President oin American history or be ruled by a corrupt, senile, pathological lying clown. The success of the takeover is amply illustrated by the popularity of the Democrat Clown in Chief Biden. Who do you think should rule, a Jefferson, a Madison, an Adams or a witch like Hilary, a rapist like Bill or a Communist, yes Communist like Hussein Obama. Do your homework.


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