Canadian LGBT Activist Promotes Nude Swimming Party, “12-Years Of Age And Up”

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Canadian transgender activist Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv, a biologically born male who now claims to be “female,” will be at the Township of Langley council tonight asking for permission to host a “topless” LGBT swim parties for “people aged 12+” at the municipality’s public swimming pools. He is also requesting that parents be “prohibited” from attending the events where 12-year-old GIRLS could be present.

Yaniv states in a delegation request to appear before the Township Council that he seeks “permission for LGBTQ2s+ organizations to be allowed to host an ‘All-Bodies Swim’ at TOL civic pools ( for all people aged 12 AND UP where these events will be restricted to LGBTQ2S and individuals will be permitted to be topless.

Parents and caretakers will be PROHIBITED from attending these events as it’s considered “safe and inclusive.”

Quite. The things that people get away with in the name of the LGBT industry. Pride Parades with naked men and children. Sex change operations for 13-year olds. Topless parties for LGBT people 12 years of age and up, with parents EXCLUDED from attendance.

Holy CROW. Isn’t it amazing? All a Canadian has to do is display a penchant for gender dysphoria, and suddenly the world is your oyster. Topless 12-year olds? Go for it. You are a male who dresses like a female, so therefore you must be EMPOWERED BEYOND all reasonable social standards, including those regarding  sexuality as it relates to our CHILDREN.

What does government have to say about this? Nothing. How about media? Again, nothing. What about our educational institutions, universities, elementary schools and their principals, teachers and student support councillors?

These people DO NOT say nothing. Rather, they say BRING IN THE TRANNIES. We want “Drag Queen Story Time” for our 8-year old students. If parents disagree, we get all hyper-sanctimonious, giving said parent a good verbal thrashing for suggesting their child be omitted from  trans-propaganda.

Welcome to the bizarre world of LGBT activism. Some of these people truly believe they have a right to LORD IT over Canadian society simply because they put on a dress and apply a gentle layer of make up to their face. If they take the next step and transform into a transgender, watch out! Their political power increases exponentially.

Take Morgane Ogre, who actually spoke out AGAINST the behaviour of the trans-fascist. Where would Orge be if not for the transgender component of their political platform? Likely, nowhere at all. Extract the trans-element, and Ms. Ogre is just another in a series of failing left-wing B.C. politicians.

For a small sliver of society, transgenderism is a path toward empowerment. Think about it–a young person with poor social skills and limited friendships discovers a way they can turn all this around– by becoming gender dysphoric. Suddenly, they are lavished with NON-STOP attention. “Drag Queen Story Time” representatives are listening as they pour out their problems. The child concludes that this is darn good way to get the attention I have been lacking throughout my young life.

This is what the LGBT industry PREY UPON. They recognize the signs, and promptly move in for “the kill.” All of this falls OUTSIDE the purview of the average Canadian. Media cover-up any and all downside to transgenderism, regardless of when it involves children

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The time has arrived for transgenderism to be hauled out to the town square to be exposed for what it is: an INDUSTRY fuelling billions in hormone drugs, women’s clothes and cosmetics. In other words, it is a giant CASH COW for the pharmaceutical and fashion industries. These companies are not known for their high moral standards.

This we learned from CBC, the Globe & Mail, and Toronto StarNOT!  A Canadian will NEVER read what is written in this article within establishment  media publications. Their job is not to EXPOSE the trans-madness, but rather to INSULATE the industry from all condemnation. It is the very same manner by which media cover up Justin Trudeau’s relationship with the Nation of Islam.

What does the LGBT and Nation of Islam have in common?  It can’t be  fashion-sense, that’s for sure. How about religious faith? Not in the least. The right to transition from male to female? Oh, for sure- Islam is shouting this from rooftops of buildings throughout the GTA.

The singular commonality  these divergent communities maintain is a malevolence toward the Christian faith. While Justin Trudeau claims to be a practising Christian, the fully support BOTH LGBT AND ISLAM.  How odd.

Back to this Yaniv creature. Screenshots of “they’s” social media posts showing a disturbing interest in the menstruation of 10 and 12-year-old girls have been circulating online for more than a year. He has long been the subject of online allegations that he uses his self-declared “female” status to gain access to women-only spaces and contact YOUNG GIRLS  where he asks them leading questions.

Yaniv must be THRILLED.  If the approval for the naked school girl party is approved, Yaniv will have the PRIVILEGE of being able to ask these leading questions while a12-year old girl stands NAKED in front of them.

Like heaven on earth for some folks, eh?






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  1. We need to aware the society about the difference between Supporting LBGT human rights & promoting/glorifying/celebrating it, else you never know when its you child who’s childhood gets ruined next.
    “Say No To Normalizing LBGTism”
    “You Might Be Okay With It But I’am Not”

  2. That’s the saddest photo I’ve seen in a long time. Truly my generation, Generation X, has failed in every conceivable way.


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