Canadian Justice Centre Brands Trudeau Government “Totalitarian” With Law Suit Threat

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“This is not China or Cuba, or Chile under Pinochet, or Spain under Franco, or theocratic Iran.”

Cultural Action Party agree- our nation is not a totalitarian regime. But one day, it could be. Brand us entirely paranoid–you would be far from the first.

Despite this, CAP are sticking like glue to a proclamation we suggested from the first week Justin Trudeau became prime minister in 2015:

Canada is a country being transformed from democracy to dictatorship. As it has transpired, other agree. One of them is Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, and its president John Carpay.

In a letter to freshly appointed Federal Minister Of Transportation Omar Alghabra, Mr. Carpay wrote the following:

“Your government has increasingly shown a disturbing and even aggressive opposition to the constitutional rights and freedoms of Canadians,” Carpay wrote.

It appears Trudeau-appointed Liberal Cabinet member Omar Alghabra, former President of the Canadian Arab Federation, has yet to respond.

The following example adds credence to the pseudo-totalitarian accusations:

“They won’t let me talk to[returning traveller, her son] him. They won’t let me see him. They won’t come and talk to me,” Rebekah MacDonald said in the video post.

“The border patrol services say they have nothing to do with it — they won’t tell me who has to do with it,” she said. “They won’t tell me who’s picking him up. They won’t tell me where he’s going. They won’t tell me anything.”

Canadians of the “Old Stock” variety may remember something once referred to as the “Cold War.” In the 1950’s, the government of the Soviet Union was branded a totalitarian regime. Their police division the KGB were constantly on the hunt for dissidents and traitors to the communist despots.

How fascinating that in 2021 Canada–a nation PM Justin Trudeau claims to be “free and democratic” according to our constitution– government action smacks of KGB behaviour. Media say not a word about this, nor any other aspect of draconian crackdown via the Covid Pandemic.

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What a bizarre, surreal society Canadians now live in. As it happens, CAP are not surprised. For us, one look at Justin Trudeau’s glee upon capturing the crown of Canada in 2015, and a single word came to mind: that word is “trouble.”

“So he now[her son] had two negative tests sitting there and no way to tell them,” his mother said.

MacDonald said that jail would be better than COVID quarantine. “You know, if you go to jail, at least you know where you are, and at least you know there are people [who] are watching, there is continuity, there are checks and balances, there is accountability.”

When jail is preferable to treatment by Canadian authorities. What country are we living in again? Media have not a single sentence of condemnation regarding the transformation of society under the iron-clad rule of  Justin Trudeau.  

Astute political observers would be wise to consider the idea that within Trudeau’s “Great Reset” society, majority versus minority governments mean absolutely nothing.

A pseudo-dictatorship has today become entrenched in Canada. Like CAP said from day one– the election of Justin Trudeau is nothing but trouble for Canada. In 2021, we are witnessing the truth in this prediction.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)




2 thoughts on “Canadian Justice Centre Brands Trudeau Government “Totalitarian” With Law Suit Threat”

  1. We are in big trouble Canada, we need to open our eyes and see what is happening to our once Great country and we the people of Canada have to come together and change the path we are heading in as it does not look good under the current government. We the people of Canada still live under Democracy and we have the say who we vote to lead our country. If a early Election is called in the spring please people of Canada make the decision that is good for all of Canada and all Canadians and let make Canada strong and United for all the people.

  2. Federal Minister Of Transportation Omar Abracadabra. Trudope’s court magician. Transforming law abiding Canadians into “felons.” Papa Pierre Castreau would be proud of his Satanic spawn.


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