Canadian Judge Dismisses Case Of Assault, Woman Screaming “I Hate White People”

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Tamara Crowchief may have yelled “I hate white people” as she carried out a violent assault on a white person, but that doesn’t mean her attack was racially motivated, a Canadian judge has ruled.

Prosecutor Karuna Ramakrishnan had tried to put Crowchief behind bars for 12 to 15 months by arguing that the indigenous woman’s “unprovoked” actions represented a hate crime, the paper reported. But Judge Harry Van Harten of the provincial court strongly disagreed.

“The offender said, ‘I hate white people’ and threw a punch,” Van Harten told those gathered in the court during his ruling. The judge ruled he was not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that this offence was, even in part, motivated by racial bias.”

How interesting. Not to say one drunk woman screaming out racist necessarily should be placed behind bars. Rather, the point is this: if this incident was perpetrated against a Third World Canadian where the statement was “I hate XYZ people” and a punch was throne, what would be the outcome?

There is no doubt that within our  hypocritical globalist-liberal society the offender would be convicted, a fine would be issues, and jail time would be a strong possibility. Why the double standard?

Indeed, this question strikes at the very heart of the injustice of political correctness in Canada. Within our diverse, pluralistic society, there are just TWO communities whereby it is open season to insult, assault and denigrate with racists/bigoted verbal attacks–Anglophones and Christians. Why?

The answer is found in the policy of multiculturalism. Anglo-Christians are not part of Canada’s diversity banquet feast. A most curious–and intentional development. Being forward-thinking as CAP usually is, what will happen at the point when Anglophones TRANS-ition to a Minority community themselves?

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The answer, of course, is NOTHING AT ALL. After this demographic transformation, which Statistics Canada tell us is just decades away, will Anglo suddenly gain the “minority stamp” so advantageous for our current minorities? Will lawyers be successfully leveraging Pierre Trudeau’s Charter Rights when attacks against Anglo-Christians occur?

NEVER. The globalist game-plan is to disempower and marginalize these descendants of the founders of our nation. This eventuality was well understood by Pierre Trudeau— there was no way he couldn’t have known. Canada is a giant land mass which can easily accommodate 100 Million people. The transition to 95% Third World immigration BEGAN WITH PIERRE TRUDEAU(perhaps technically Lester B. Pearson, but Pierre became PM soon after the transfer from European to Third World mass migration).

Imagine if you will a Canada where a singular identifiable community is targeted, vilified and humiliated in the manner Anglophones have since Justin Trudeau became national leader.

Getting the picture here? Are white Canadians being set up for systemic oppression? Has this set up not been an element of historical fascist regimes? Target ONE COMMUNITY which functions as a political and social scapegoat? Consider the damage which has occurred as a result.

This, in the opinion of Cultural Action Party Of Canada, is where Justin Trudeau is taking our nation. Regardless of the degree of personal culpability, this may well become a future reality. Does Justin want this? Is he willfully working toward this goal?

No one knows, and nor does CAP. However, based on Mr. Trudeau’s ideological leanings, we would not PUT IT PAST HIM. There is one  individual we believe to be 100% ON BOARD with this plan: Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. There are others in government as well, and all of them are politicians Justin Trudeau supports and advances within the Liberal government.

The drunk and screaming Aboriginal lady is not the point. The point is how the LAW TREATS white people as opposed to First Nations and Third World Canadians. Again, within fascists societies, the law is  either changed or not adhered to when it comes to the treatment of specific ethnic or religious segments of society. Is this what Justin Trudeau has brought to the former Great White North?

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3 thoughts on “Canadian Judge Dismisses Case Of Assault, Woman Screaming “I Hate White People””

  1. White people don’t count when it comes to discrimination – been going on a long time – but if a white person makes any comment about any other group there is hell to pay in the Media and the Courts – cannot believe how backwards we have gone in the past 2 decades – we are all humans – does not matter what colour you are, what race, what religion and we all deserve to be treated with respect and equality – that is not happening and white people are absolutely being discriminated against and that seems to be judge ok – It is nonsense – everyone matters and pitting one group against another just exacerbates the problem – there should be equal treatment of all but especially in the past 4 years, only special interest groups are benefitting and that is also wrong – All for one and one for all – and stop pitting one group against the other – It is useless and ignorant

  2. We do not have room for 100 million people. This is a land full of nature. One of the reasons I love our country. Don’t displace our wildlife. Aboriginal people have lived peacefully with nature for centuries. Long before the European s arrived. And now everyone else wants to displace our beautiful wildlife. I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. Actually I know that is not a good idea.


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