Canadian IMAM Taunts Trudeau Govt To “Sue Me” Regarding Polygamy

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CBC: Imam, that’s illegal. Aly Hindy: So, SUE ME. Let them sue me and the we will go to the SUPREME COURT and we’ll see who is going to win.

CBC: Are you aware that the Justice Department says whether it is a Nikah or a marriage done in the City Hall under the law if a person is already married that is ILLEGAL. Aly Hindy: This [was] happening thousands years ago and CONTINUE TO HAPPEN.


3 thoughts on “Canadian IMAM Taunts Trudeau Govt To “Sue Me” Regarding Polygamy”

  1. The whole logic behind our Canadian Laws is that they have to be respected and followed.

    There are no exceptions in Canada, it includes the Muslin communities; polygamy marriages are not permitted, they are unlawful, therefore forbidden in Canada…

    Let me CLARIFY: We do not let any types of religions interfere within our Canadian LAWS.
    To reiterate, our values are based on them, not on a book called the CORAN.

    All IMAMS and Muslims who choose polygamy, disrespect, disrespects our Canadian Laws, our values.

    There should be repercussions, be criminally charged, therefore their Canadian Citizenship removed and be deported.

    Don’t forget, Trudeau accepted large amounts from the Saudis…
    (disrespected our Canadian laws with Affaire Lavalin)

    So did the Liberal party in Ontario, they also received large payments from the Saudis…


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