Canadian IMAM’s Pushing For Non-Muslims To Celebrate Ramadan

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The attitude is always curious. Islamic leaders in Canada are big on attempting to educate non-Muslims regarding their practices. We Canadians must come to understand their 6th century ways, including justification for female genital mutilation(Charter-breaching, which media never point out) and other archaic religious practices. 

In other words, Canadians MUST adapt to Islamic ways. Yet, curiously, IMAM’s do not suggest their communities adapt to Canadian ways. This would result in a breach of Islamic values. Community members would be required to speak out against FGM, child marriage and other ILLEGAL practices. It never happens. 

As with other cultures of the Third World, it is incumbent upon the Canadian-born to adapt to Third World values, but not vice-versa. Why? Cultural Action Party of Canada have a simple response to this query. The answer is multiculturalism. The Multicultural Act of 1988 is a license to legitimize a one-way street of cultural imposition. And if a person complains? Watch out–it’s race card time. Never mind the fact that government have handed $30 billion dollars(our tax dollars) to multicultural non-profit organizations since the Act was legislated.  The money is earmarked for these communities to establish the culture and religion of the nation they came from upon Canadian soil.

Budget for European Canadian Heritage– zero, or darn close to it. The IMAM states non-Muslims are ENCOURAGED TO BE MINDFUL around Muslim friends and colleagues during traditional dining hours. What does this mean? Canadian folk must remain hyper-sensitive to Islam and their peoples for the 30-day period of Ramadan? Is this not what these leaders expect from us EVERYDAY of the year? Understand their needs, dress code, Charter- breaching practices and the like. What makes this particular community so special?

The answer is, of course, is the Liberal Government of Canada. One of the most powerful political figures in Canada is immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen. He is a dual citizen, and refugee from Somalia. The founder of the Liberal’s “Islamophobia” motion M103 is dual citizen MP Iqra Khalid. She is a Pakistani national. MP Maryam Monsef, of UNKNOWN origin, has held three portfolios since Trudeau was elected. One was Minister of Status of Women. Ironic, as Ms. Monsef is a self-confessed Sharia Law supporter. All of the above was established by Justin Trudeau.

The original purpose of multiculturalism as forced upon Canada by Pierre Trudeau was equality amongst our various identifiable communities. Has it really played out this way? Not a chance– not even close. In reality, what has has TRANS-pired is the elevation of Third World Canada to the top of the social food chain, and conversely, a lowering of the status of Anglophones, Francophones and Christians within society. Even the Jews are getting hammered, with graffiti attacks now commonplace at their places of worship in Canada. 

IMAM’s have no right to instruct Canadians to do anything. Like all citizens, their communities are protected by law and the criminal code. They now have protection above and beyond other Canadian communities via Khalid’s M103. Clearly, there is no level of satisfaction for IMAM’s and multicultural communities. The more accommodation, the more which is requested.

Egalitarianism is dead within Canadian society. It should no surprise to thinking Canadians the catalyst was communist-infused Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. The Trudeau family are bad for Canadian-born, long term tax paying citizens. Both Justin and Pierre played the same taxation enslavement game. Common sense citizens(non-Liberals) must stand up to their globalist agenda, or our Anglophone communities will surely become second class citizens(Second Nations) in due course. After all, it’s what our current prime minister wants as the destiny for our nation.



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  1. IMAM can screw themselves. There is no way in hell Canadians are going to celebrate Ramadan. We’ll just wait till dis disgrace of a Prime Minister gets outvoted and Maxime Bernier becomes the new Prime Minister. PPC will put Islamist gangs where they belong.


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