Canadian IMAM Mohammed: M103 “Islamophobia” Motion NOT DOING ENOUGH

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CAP are truly shocked that Imam Abdulrashid Mohamed has informed  Canadian society that we are “not doing a good enough job” at accommodating all elements of his personal faith.

How shocking, eh? Please provide, fellow Canadian patriots, an example of a level of satisfaction expressed by community leaders from so-called “multicultural” organizations. Is it  a case of “never enough, more must be done?”

Some folks never learn. They never come to understand why they are resented. No flexibility exists in the thinking process– it is  a case of  “our way or the highway.” And due to Justin Trudeau being prime minister of Canada, this is far more of a reality than “Old Stock” Canadians communities are currently imagining.

“Less than a year after Motion 103[half-Pakistani citizen, MP Iqra Khalid’s “baby”) passed in the House of Commons on March 23, 2017, the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage released a report outlining the Government of Canada’s plan of action following from the motion.”

“Within this report, the government committed to training federal public servants as part of its “whole government approach” to addressing systemic racism and religious discrimination, including Islamophobia.”

Okay–let us step away from any association with CBC, or any other media vehicle controlled by our Liberal government. The term “racism” is wholly inclusive of so-called “Islamophobia”--which in reality, is more of a social control mechanism than a something to deter inter-community conflict. This redundancy  places  one specific community in a special category— again an action endorsed by PM Trudeau.

Feeling special? Of course–what other cognitive conclusion would emanate from an IMAM-type thinker. Seems some folks believe Canada in 2020 exists for a singular purpose– to adapt, modify, and morph into a society whereby all roads lead to the appeasement of this Canadian IMAM.

BURIED BY CBC:  Why Anglophone Civil Rights Became ESSENTIAL The Day Justin Trudeau Became Prime Minister

Now, witness as Canadian establishment media, in this case Global News, take sides regarding the IMAM’s commentary:

“Does this sound like the CRA is reflecting the government’s commitment to adopting “an equity lens”? Of course not.”

Bingo–there you have it, brother and sister patriots. Canadian media, ostensibly controlled by actual Canadian entities, side with the IMAM. “Not good enough” is what media intimate. But is ANYTHING actually good enough? Or rather, is a pre-determined lack of satisfaction engrained into every aspect of this agenda?

Think about it– ever hear of a social justice warrior satisfied with the pace of globalization with society? CAP hasn’t. How about a satisfied “multicultural” organization?  No,  it can’t be found there either.  Refugee advocates? Don’t think so.

How about an LGBT not-for-profit? Black Lives Matter? Blimey–not one entity associated with the “great globalist game” has ever been satisfied. For CAP, this is a tell-tale sign of a Justin Trudeau-endorsed element of Canadian society.

CAP Prediction: In time, any condemnation of the Nation of Islam will become against-the-law in Canada. The IMAM’s will win in the long run. Why? Because Canada as it has been known since its founding in 1867 is finished.

The beginning of the end was forced upon Canada by way of Pierre Trudeau. It is this prototype globalist who entrenched the necessary legislation to transform Canada into a 3rd World-dominated nation.

Then came Justin Trudeau in 2015, and as CAP boldly stated at the time, it became GAME OVER. Meet the new boss–not quite the same as the old boss. Justin Trudeau is transitioning Anglophone Canadians into a second-class, shunned Canadian community. This man is out to disempower Anglophone Canada, while transferring “Old Stock” Canada into a minority community.

What better way to accomplish his goals than to import millions of 3rd World migrants, while maintaining the most open abortion policies in the Western World.

This is your Canada in 2020. It is the work of Justin Trudeau. The foundation was created by Pierre Trudeau. CBC and media are part of the assault, as can be seen in the defence of 6th century archaic religious practices by way of Canada’s “progressive” establishment media.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016).



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