Canadian Households To Pay $1,100 Per Year In Carbon Tax

Nova Scotia ($1,120) and Alberta ($1,111) will have the highest bills, followed by Saskatchewan ($1,032), New Brunswick ($963), Newfoundland ($859) and Prince Edward Island ($788). The average household in Ontario will pay $707 a year to comply with the carbon tax once its fully implemented.


49 thoughts on “Canadian Households To Pay $1,100 Per Year In Carbon Tax

  1. Can’t wait to vote because Justin Trudeau you are out of here. Highway Robbery when does it end. Stop giving our tax money to other countries. This is ridiculous.

    1. You do realize that it’s not “giving our tax money to other countries”, it’s contributing our costs relative to being a developed country that benefits from exploiting capital and creating externality costs outside of our construct borders. Thank you Justin Trudeau for governing in the public/common interest.

      1. I’m sorry, did the government take the money from the public? Did the public have a choice? Did the government have this money in its coffers? No, it’s borrowing billions of dollars to give away with no return.
        If you had no money in your bank account, would you take out a loan for thousands of dollars, to give to some one while expecting nothing in return?
        The government is broke, no money, they are running on credit. That’s what a deficit is.
        Being a developed country means nothing. Iran and Brazil were both developed countries until there government made bad decisions.

      2. Just don’t come here dumbass when your economy collapses. And was that actually supposed to be a coherent sentence? It wasn’t. Get off the drugs.


    2. That is why President Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord… He cares about all US citizens… ‘Papa’ Trudeau got on his knees and kicked Yuri Bezmenov out of Canada for the Soviet Union. The KGB defector was spilling the beans on the KGB’s plot to bring down Canada and the US in 3 generations with subversive indoctrination through academia… It worked…

  2. OMG I can’t wait till you’re gone and voted out you’ll never get back you are the most hated person in Canada piece of garbage

  3. Justin, so why would you add to the burden of seniors who are having issues buying groceries, paying their electricity bills, insurance that keeps on rising, home fuel and then the Federal Gov’t gives them a whopping $1.28 a month raise in OAS & CPP…..seriously not hard to see you are living high on the hog on our taxes, disgusting you have become an arrogant disrespectful moron!

  4. The worst political class canada has in its short history ,the weakest prime minister canada ever had ,the biggest thiefs in charge in this country ever,the most corupted governement in history and nobody try to stop them ,nobody do nothing ,
    When is about the budget they are all friends oposition and governement and pull out anti people bills and taxes
    They never did anything for the people who really contribute to the budget ,the tax payers but everything for strangers and society parias
    They squize out our hardwork money with more and more invented taxes to help lazies and adicts and strangers
    Enough is enough stop this stealing already ,you enemy of the people ,you anti society governement start doing the right things for your real people
    Can`t wait for the new election to change this mister puppet girly and this slopy antipeople governement
    Proud canadian is not even a word anymore,but bended canadian like trump said

    1. Trudeau is the most dangerous and foolish PM in history. A natural destroyer of freedom and democracy, and a communist like father and brother.

      1. “Destroyer of freedom and democracy”??? “Communist”??? wow, what kind of disinformation troll are you – one that is advancing the freedom to pollute/create wealth inequality with deficient & unsustainable private profit growth economic measures….or a Russian or other Oligarchic Troll trying to sow division in our democracy?

        1. CAP endorse the idea Justin Trudeau is a destroyer of freedom and a supporter of communism. He has admitted as much, and so did his father Pierre before him.

        2. You are obviously ignorant of the system of slavery you were born into? Do you know JT was given the birth Trust by Prince Phillip and then disappeared for three days and no one knew where he was? We owe nothing to any Government or Queen! Our fidelity is to our Creator not this evil cabal you so blindly are obedient to! Wake up!

  5. I to have to agree. Young dumb so of a bitch. Did we lose our own people skills. This is certainly getting out of control and it’s up to him to set it straight. Not enough brains to realize it and won’t take any advice. Just like kids today.

  6. Because he has no respect for the elderly. He’s only thinking of himself. Like a kid in a candy store having a tempor tandrum. Just don’t listen nor take advice from others. Enough is enough. It’s all up to him to correct it now or he will certainly sink his own ship and ruin Canada’s image, if not already done.

    1. Trudeau prefers the elderly were dead so he can replace them with 8 person African families who will all vote Liberal.

  7. he needs the money to give to “other” countries and new immigrants – forget our own and their needs!!

    1. What is he trying to do with the poor people of this country. The Seniors, our low income people. who are not even making end meet as it is and he is going to put another tax on top of those poor people. He must be loosing his mind or already have. Instead of taxing the less fortunate he should be making it easier for them to live comfortable. Enjoy it while you can Trudeau, cause your gone next time around. You are there to help the immigrants before you help the Canadians. You are out of your mind to be putting more taxes on us. You are unreal to say the least. Bye Bye in the next election.

  8. He’s a low life asshole that really needs to go! He has certainly destroyed Canada it’s disgusting! Wonder how much more of our Canadian money will disappear to foreigners and their countries before the low life dirt bag gets kicked out 😡

  9. Also funny how you see all these other places having to pay carbon tax but I don’t see Quebec on the list. He’s a damn joke

  10. Trudeau needs to lower the politicians wages lrt them try to live on what is senors do give them 900.00 a month and see how they live

  11. Taxed on our income…taxes again on everything we buy… we own homes but still pay property tax…when does the tax end?????

  12. The media only talks about the price of gas. But don’t mention the extra price that will be added to everything we buy. Including your kids shoes and school supplies. Your clothes, shoes, food and household bills. Because all these things have to be shipped one way or other. And of course the extra shipping charges will be passed onto us.

  13. Hey Trudeau, you better get a couple billion rooms added to your house!! No one can afford to live as it is, and this BS just digs our holes deeper. Our economy is dead because of you and all of us will probably be dead too. How do you sleep at night>

  14. Consider it already paid from one of your many overpriced taxpayers paid vacations. In plain peoplekind English that even a mediocre part time english teacher should understand…

  15. I voted for the Moron I hate to say. But this carbon tax will up prices on everything. Give us a damn alternative. My heating bills are insane now and now more tax to heat my home. There was a time when people went for a Sunday drive.. now who can afford that> Not me!! The liberals are total history!!!

    1. I feel sorry for you guys up there because you all voted for one of our Obamas. With all that oil sand and probably lots of potential to frack, you would think your energy should be cheap and affordable. Maybe you need a Trump to clean up Montreal.

  16. I will pay for clean air. Probably the only bill I don’t grit my teeth at to pay. And you shouldn’t be going for Sunday drives, it’s wasteful and unnecessarily harmful. Ride a bike.
    Sounds like a bunch of you are living beyond your means. I’m a single divorced woman who bought her house twice (second time during the divorce) I have three dogs and a modest job, putting myself through school part time and paying for it myself and I’m doing fine. If you aren’t, take a look in the mirror. It’s not the government.
    Probably blame all your failures on your parents too.

  17. Yes.unfortunately I voted for him.thought we needed a change.what a huge error.keep our tax dollars in canada,! We will have a huge deficit when he is gone.dishes out money like is monapoly monies

  18. I notice that there has not been one good remark about our PM and rightly so. This is yet another tax grab and he feels that will his promise to give income tax rebates that we the people as too stupid to realize that in the end, we will be paying through the nose for most all services and utilities. It is possible that he is that stupid, that he does not realize this? In either even, it’s time for him to go. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Justin.

  19. All I have to say is with all the Trump bashing from this asshole.Canada wishes they had TRUMP!

  20. What an idiot we have for a Prime Minister, can’t wait for him to be gone in October, I guess that is what happens when you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, charity begins at home, not giving our tax dollars to other Countries. Ruined our Country!

  21. You have to love the asshole for taking are tax money that we work hard for and giving it to other Country’s

  22. Fundamentally, we pay the air to breathe…that was only left without a tax payment. JT is gone on the next election hopefully.

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