Canadian Describes Quarantine Experience “Like Being In 3rd World Country”

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Calgary business owner Mitch Beaulieu was transferred to a Covid Quarantine facility after he showed health officials the negative Covid test result that allowed him to board his flight home from the U.S.

“The whole experience was just, it was unbelievable. I literally felt like I was in a third-world country,” Beaulieu stated.The Calgary resident described the situation  “like a sci-fi thriller.”

According to CBC News, “police and security officers escorted him from Calgary’s airport to a van with blacked-out windows, escorting him   to a hotel with hallways lined with plastic. Bielieu was then  greeted by people wearing hazmat suits, gloves and face masks.”

In all seriousness, Canadians have to wonder what country we live in at present. Fair to say not even those dedicated to government’s Great Reset ethos would accept this as compliant with Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Entrenched within our constitution in 1982 by Pierre Trudeau, Charter Rights have all-but gone the way of the dinosaur under current PM Justin Trudeau.

Ever witness establishment media in Canada allude to this transformation? A number of reasons account for this–none of which citizens can uncover by way of CBC, or any other mainstream media outlet.

One comment from the incarcerated Calgarian speaks of what media perpetually eschew: “I felt like I was in a 3rd World country.”

What an interesting coincidence. Since the moment Justin Trudeau seized control of Canadian society, Cultural Action Party has believed something very similar.

Our opinion remains steadfast to this day: Justin Trudeau is working to transform Canada into a quasi-dictatorship. Without question, the Covid pandemic plays a fundamental role in this transformation.

In all truth, it doesn’t take Professor Stephen Hawking to draw this conclusion. Interesting to note the CBC being atypically forthright in their exposure of behind-the-scenes treatment of Canadian travellers.

What an incredible transition Canada has undergone in the past five years. It seems like centuries since a freshly-minted, clean shaven Justin Trudeau sprinkled fairy dust upon society with his “Sunny Ways” proclamations.

Fast forward to 2021, and the treatment of citizens is on par with Cold War- KGB activities in the former Soviet Union. To this day, media have never spelled this out in concrete terms.

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Mitch Beaulieu of Calgary may feel like he is living in a 3rd World country, but CAP has a slightly different spin on where Canada is heading under the “leadership” of  Justin Trudeau.

The true path is from western democracy to socialist dictatorship. Degree of culpability to be assigned to Canada’s pseudo-dictator?

CAP cannot say for sure–our verification of “deep state” activities is non-existent. To what extent have Trudeau and  Cabinet been aware of a potential re-invention of Canadian society?

Is Covid a strategic tool in this situation? Is the end of democracy a pre-destined outcome resulting from an incremental agenda of national transformation?

In all truth, the questions are endless--while  answers are non-existent. Canadians could bang on the doors of CTV, Globe & Mail and Calgary Herald until the cows come home, and they will NEVER receive an appropriate response.

Mr. Bielieu continues: “to just be completely left in the dark and thrown in a room and have no communication with anybody, that’s unacceptable.”

“We’re in Canada here, this is like, taking away my rights and freedom,” he said.

A salient question therefore arises: to what extent is our current social condition emblematic of the Canada that existed just six years ago?

Gone with the wind is “old school” Canada, replaced by what Justin Trudeau has delivered to 38 million citizens of our country: a pseudo-dictatorship growing more totalitarian with each passing day.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

5 thoughts on “Canadian Describes Quarantine Experience “Like Being In 3rd World Country””

  1. Rights become privileges if we don’t protect them. Let us recall the rights and freedoms we have lost in the past six years, including during the convenient Covid pandemic:
    Freedom of mobility – Severely reduced
    Freedom of association – Scrutinized, discouraged
    Freedom of assembly – Not without penalty
    Freedom of speech/expression – Pretty much none: Witness Big Tech & govt. censorship
    Freedom of choice – Limited in most every way
    Freedom of worship – Not publicly, yet community spirit is fundamental to faith expression

    All are now either prohibited, discouraged and/or penalized.

  2. What happens next Brad? What is the next shoe to drop?

    Please share your opinion or personal experience. Out here in Atlantic Canada, journalist are beginning to express their opinion that JT is the worst PM in Canadian history.

    • Justin Trudeau is the worst prime minister in history because he is really the first to work for non-Canadian governments and their citizens rather than Canadians.

      In my opinion, what is next is a series of federal election victories for the Liberals. Once 5-6 in a row occur, the Liberals will pitch that elections serve no purpose, and then Canada becomes a one party state dictatorship.


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