Billionaire Barry Sherman Murdered Just Days AFTER Justin Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch

Throughout his tenure as prime minister, Justin Trudeau has been associated with myriad number of scandals. Some such as SNC Lavalin are exposed by way of media, and others are not.

One such case may well relate to the mysterious deaths of Barry Sherman, and his wife, Honey. Mr. Sherman was a pharmaceutical billionaire who also worked as a political lobbyist .

“The 75-year-old chairman of Apotex and his 70-year-old wife Honey were found dead of strangulation in their Toronto home, police said. Media reports said they were both found hanged next to their indoor swimming pool. Apotex is the largest maker of generic drugs in Canada, and the Shermans’ fortune was estimated at more than US$3 billion.”


According to federal court documents, Sherman tried to block subpoenas of two Apotex executives issued by Karen Shepherd, Canada’s commissioner of lobbying, to compel them to speak with investigators.
Sherman and Apotex faced a possible five-year ban on lobbying the government if it could be proven that he ran afoul of rules that prohibit registered lobbyists, such as Sherman, from lobbying office holders they helped get elected.
In other words, it appears there is a direct connection between the deaths of the Shermans, and PM Justin Trudeau.  Scandal after scandal has plagued the Trudeau government. It is more than arguable that an association between Justin Trudeau and Barry Sherman would have a negative impact upon Trudeau’s reputation, and therefore his chances of re-election.
In fact, there was a second investigation into a November 2016 fundraiser co-organized by Sherman for Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau. This  was reportedly dropped due to a lack of evidence.
“Phil McIntosh, director of investigations for the lobby commission, said in a report cited by the Toronto Star that “the directorate found evidence indicating that Mr Sherman engaged in political activities that risk creating a sense of obligation on the part of one or more public office holders” through the August 2015 fundraiser.”
 Why the oblique presentation? Just tell the readers what is going on here.  What is a “risk creating a sense of obligation” really mean?  CAP doesn’t know– the statement is far too nebulous to draw a meaningful conclusion.
How Canadian establishment media this is. Here is Justin’s comment on the situation: Trudeau. Mr. Justin was saddened by the news of the sudden passing of Barry and Honey Sherman.” 
That’s it? Why on earth was Trudeau not questioned( read interrogated) regarding his connection to the deaths of the Sherman billionaires? Does it not appear there was a strong enough connection to warrant an investigation?
Damn straight there was–so why did it never occur? CAP Answer: Because the media turned a blind-eye. Why would they do this? Because Trudeau and advisor Gerald Butts told them to do so.
How can we verify this to be the case? We cannot. However, we can put forth the idea that Justin Trudeau’s billion dollar media pay-outs may have something to do with this situation.
It is not the first time media has disassociated Trudeau with grisly murders. Consider the case of 13-year old Melissa Shen. This Canadian girl was allegedly murdered in 2017 by a Syrian refugee said to have killed her in a park in suburban Vancouver. What happened subsequently? Canadians do not know–because media  have buried the case.
What connection did media make between the Shen murder, and the fact that the accused is happens to be one of Justin Trudeau’s chosen Syrian refugees–the people Trudeau stated he was “personally responsible for”  after their arrival in 2015-2016.
They made no connection whatsoever. Same situation applies to the Danforth Murders of two teenage Canadian girls by another Syrian refugee in 2018. Who is responsible for this person’s intake to Canada?
Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. What statement did he make regarding the tragic double-murder? Nothing at all. Yet, next to King Justin, the Somalian refugee Hussen is the person most responsible for the intake, vetting and approval for the Danforth killer to come to Canada.
What to conclude? CAP will tell you: Immigration policy is more important to government than dead Canadian school girls. Refugee policy takes precedence over the lives of 13-year old Canadian girls.
Protecting Justin Trudeau is more important than the truth about and why Barry and Honey Sherman died in a most gruesome capacity. This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada. This is the scheming Gerald Butts, and the arrogant Ahmed Hussen.
You see, for these types, nothing is more important than maintaining control of the destiny of our nation. Crime, homicide, child murder be damned— we are living in the Liberal-Trudeau-Globalist Canada.
Within this nation, ideology is king. A globalist agenda of democratic erosion takes precedence over the murdered and the dead. Can one think of other nations which fall into this category?
What form of governance places ideology above the health and welfare of their citizenship? CAP followers(not snowfalkes) will know the answer: totalitarian regimes. China, Cuba, Iran, Saudi Arabia, et al.
In other words, communist and theocratic dictatorships–the Trudeau family’s favourite form of governance. Putting the pieces together, common sense Canadians can see that these behaviours of government and media emulate that of totalitarian nations.
Bingo-there you have it. From CAP, anyway. Chances mainstream media will expose any element of what is being written here? Zero-nothing, nada.
Under King Justin, we have witnessed the erasure of a number of elements of freedom and democracy in Canada–freedom of speech, freedom of press, and to some extent, freedom of consciousness. This is a core element of communist ideology, and so is the cover-up of dirt which could damage the reputation of government.
Ringing any bells? For CAP, the longer Justin Trudeau is prime minister, the faster our nation morphs into a pseudo-dictatorship at the hands of Trudeau, Butts, Hussen and the rest of the democracy destroyers.

6 thoughts on “Billionaire Barry Sherman Murdered Just Days AFTER Justin Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch

  1. You are so right Brad. As soon as the Sherman story came out, my first thought was, Trudeau, Obama, Clinton etc.,know something about the murders. Hope this investigation brings the truth out. No one should be exempt just because they have a “position”.

  2. I do believe that JT is connected to the Sherman murders. However, I would just like to add that the Danforth killer was Pakistani not Syrian. It’s an important point to lend credibility to your ongoing great wok👍🏻.

  3. Trujoke is in over his head. Every thing he does is corrupt and everybody he deals with is corrupt. I can’t wait to see this toxic person get eliminated.

  4. I believed from day 1 trudeau was involved soon as i read a small part with his name in it.i belueve to this day its true.chief mark saunders is corrupt and evil as hell as will never be solved unless someone comes along with good hard evidence.dont hold your breath on that

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