Canadian Art Gallery Offers “Whites, Compare Yourself To A Nazi” Exhibit

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“The exhibit has a ‘whiteness timeline’ which documents the ‘evolution of white as an identity,’ and includes the founding of the KKK and Canada’s 1867 founding.”

Step right up, all you light-skinned Canadians looking to be associated with the Nazi Party of 1930’s Europe.

“Love and Loss in the Milky Way” from the Vancouver Art Gallery’s ‘Conceptions of White’ exhibit is intended to help visitors “grapple with contemporary configurations of White identity,” according to gallery literature.

In one incarnation or another, Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] has followed race-relations issues for over 30 years. Antithetical to mainstream media, our task has been to uncover and expose examples of so-called “reverse-racism,” also known as straight-up racism against Anglo-European citizens of our country.

There are a plethora of examples, to be certain. However, none are as disgraceful as a humiliation directed at white Canadians in British Columbia.

Over years and decades, CAP has pick-up on a distressing propaganda vehicle developed by government. Federal, Provincial or Municipal. Any way you look at it, government in Canada want whites to feel really, really bad about themselves.

Of the promoters, PM Justin Trudeau stands as the most vehement and effective promogulator of caucasian self-hatred. Not regarding Quebecers, of course, for he is one of them.

No— it’s the Anglophone segment that he and partner-in-crime New Democratic leader Jagmeet Singh want to remain down-in-the mouth. Mr. Trudeau is an anti-colonialism; Mr. Singh brands our nation– meaning Anglo-Europeans– genocidal toward Indigenous communities.

Filtering down to the provincial level, British Columbia’s NDP government has caught the anti-white flu, and are currently in the process of spreading the virus via arts councils and educational models.

The most prominent politician in terms of race-relations in Canada in Premier David Eby’s government is MLA Rachna Singh, B.C.’s first secretary for anti-racism initiatives.

Tireless worker on behalf of “racialized” communities, Ms. Singh consistently voices her disdain regarding incidents of racism in British Columbia. Perhaps now, a case of laryngitis has kicked in.

“I was always interested in people and I could talk to them,” she says. As she began working as a counsellor, Singh refined her natural ability to tap into other people’s pain and perspectives. It is all about empathy,” she says.

Degree of empathy displayed regarding government humiliation of an identifiable community? Blink, and you miss it, because it has yet to happen.

“Singh would draw on this skillset once she entered politics. A lot of times the politicians are so loud, they are talking, but one thing I bring forward is being able to listen.”

It also appears that “anti-racism” coordinators have gone deaf. Opposition to the racist Art Gallery project thus far have fallen on deaf ears.

“On one occasion, Singh applied for a promotion in a job she was fully qualified for and was already performing. The position went to a white woman.”

Well then, best call out the National Guard. Such “crimes” cannot be tolerated in “post-modern” Canada.

Should patriots be surprised at all this guff? Of course not– we understand what government  has done to Canadians of Anglo-European heritage.

Trudeau, Singh, CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and many more. Together with government, a program of systemic racism is being cast upon white Canadians.

“The exhibit, called ‘Conceptions of White,’ first opened at the gallery on Sept. 7, 2023, and according to gallery literature, is intended to help visitors grapple with contemporary configurations of White identity.”

CAP do wonder how Miriam Goldstein of Orilla, Ontario would do in the Nazi “taste test” category. Likely it is such a person would fail with flying colours.

What a steaming pile of hogwash. Why not just come out and state it plain as day? White Canadians are being denigrated by the Vancouver Art Gallery, as funded by Premier David Eby’s NDP provincial government.

“The Vancouver Art Gallery is a not-for-profit registered charity supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Province of British Columbia and the City of Vancouver, as well as by its members, volunteers and private donors.”

Wunderbar. The war against our communities continues.

7 thoughts on “Canadian Art Gallery Offers “Whites, Compare Yourself To A Nazi” Exhibit”

  1. once again, the propaganda of brad fails to mention that the “art” was created by the tribe that is so hard to name for all these people because fear of being deplatformed.

    was…. she christian…. muslim? no… she was… whats the word…. juice? *looks around* is it bad when i call them out but its ok for them to target me?

    oh the double standard……..

    • The “shhhh” obvious reality: The [genuine] “tribe” is–ahem–White. Strangely; Genetics seems to operate differently for them. Without delving into the specifics; most of the Jews today are descendants of proselytes. Genetic Jews (biblical Judahites) are descendants of the man Judah; one of Jacob’s twelve sons. The “lost” ten tribes were not of the singular tribe of Judah; and therefore: They were non-Judahites; in other words; Non-Jewish. This is biblically, and historically; consistent. Moreover; their (Christian era) descendants were to be found in huge numbers; having great wealth; powerful; with many natural resources. The clincher: In our period; They would have formed a “Great Nation, and Commonwealth of Nations.” Sometime after the formation of the commonwealth; a portion of the “Great Nation” would seek a larger homeland. They would form a singular nation of “Great People.”

      There is much more; including the fact that they would be a blessing to the world; sharing their innovations, and life-changing discoveries.

      Their modern-day descendants share familial DNA with the (genuine) tribe of Judah. They have that in common. Even Christians are ignorant of this fact, and get hostile when presented with the biblical/historical evidence. The (mostly proselyte; non-biblical) “tribe” have power, and (political) influence vastly disproportionate to their small numbers.

      Teaser: Does the Bible give a physical description of the twelve tribes? Yes. Mind you; it’s highly politically incorrect. See (1) Lamentations 4:7, King James Version. (2) Song of Solomon 5:10, KJV. “Religion: (3) The Beauty of Sarah”. TIME Magazine. Source:,33009,867284,00.html

  2. One wonders….how any of the former BC premiers would have handled this gigantic; steaming bowel movement. The recent tenure of Christy Clark….The colorful Premier Bill Vander Zalm…The Bennett dynasty; et al. Hopefully; they’d hold their nose, and quickly flush it down a power toilet. My; how White politicians love humiliating, and debasing themselves….and their voter kinfolk. How bizarre; how utterly unnatural. Dare I say; how otherworldly. They’re just useful idiots; advancing a larger scheme. This is not happening in any other country; only the West. BTW–Who will patronize this “exhibit”? Probably just the demonized group.

  3. Another display of non art from a race baiting no talent loser racist. Big surprise. What would we find if we put the entire history of her ancestral culture under the microscope. A shitpile worse than anything that could be said about Canada, that’s for sure. It is just more deranged racist propaganda.

  4. Ms. Rachit Singh, I would like to ask, whyfor doth you complain that you were overshot for a White?!

    Surely things like what our neighbor used to remark were your people’s way of righting the imbalances.
    I recall back in the early 1980s in a suburb of Vancouver, the neighbor’s work at Canada Manpowerdealt with numerous instances in which sari-wearing types were observed taking down the job postings from the bulletin boards and secreting them on their persons thereby denying open competition. Others of us never got a chance!! Isn’t that pretty fairly unfair??

    Doesn’t matter; no one in sight, except a White! We are that ‘no one’ in this Canada of Turdrop’s post nation of today! Afterall, the majority becomes invisible when the POC ( person of color ) comes into sight!

    And matters not when an Eastern worldview comes into conflict with that of a Western one! That’s what the MSM maintains and what our great mis-Leader knows where to take his cues or where to give his scripted orders!

    For God’s sake we are Western Civilization and not of across this world! Yes, you are ‘East is East’ and we are ‘West is West’ and by gum, “never the twain will meet!”

    Is it amalgamation and aggregation ‘The Powers That Be’ want so that miscegenation will equal elimination and eradication. Of who? Guess who? It’s you and me, the descendants of those Anglo-Europeans that they literally want to be the new PEONS.

    From a hugely overpopulated land of India, the mindset of these newcomers is one of grab not give, take not share and demand not earn such that our nation of Canada with its merit-based aspirations is effectively nullified merely by numbers alone that your sub-continent so ably furnishes the world.

    How about accounting for taking our country of Canada as a storehouse of riches! This Ms. Singh feels owed her people. As for having a come and take what they will to make things fair and right attitude, at least in her eyes, that seems fair game to her. Not just those of her ethnic background, principally yes, yet there are other races factored in too!

    At a Lower Mainland hospital in BC, a hundred thousand plus dollars special medical bed went missing. Speculation was that some East Indians garbed in official repair personnel attire gamely took this appliance in for servicing. Notoriously, the hospital’s janitorial staff mostly of that ethnicity were in the back room always seemingly on ‘break’! Hearsay or just a simple arithmetic expression of ‘two plus two equals five’?

    My wife’s physiotherapy business in Vancouver also had a janitorial company owned by East Indians do their cleaning. All of that physiotherapist’s office’s computers and other equipment was handily removed of those things one night such that the conclusion was that an ‘inside job’ happened, or was effected simply by means of having the office keys! Not too curious, just too obvious…

    So, Ms. Singh cry me a river of unfairness, yet do pray tell me, how is being unfair in ‘Conceptions of White’ a fair portrayal of Old Stock Canadians and their building of this country of Canada?
    Thus, I do submit that I can fairly state that your stance on ‘fair play’ is not that at all. Actually, that’s not your intention as your whole argument is Marxist invention.
    Case closed; leave, if you don’t like it!

    I don’t know if this maxim is fitting, but anyways, here it is: “All’s fair in love and war!”


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