Canadian Aboriginal Leaders, Communities REJECT Trudeau Apology

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The chief of the Grassy Narrows First Nation has REJECTED an apology from PM Justin Trudeau, saying Ottawa needs to put its promised funding for a MERCURY POISONING TREATMENT CENTRE  into a trust in order to ensure the money will be available over the long term.


1 thought on “Canadian Aboriginal Leaders, Communities REJECT Trudeau Apology”

  1. Do you really think Justin Trudeau gives a dam what the FN say or feel? They voted for him and got exactly what they wanted.
    I remember when the FN or Indigenous people forming ‘idle no more’ group against PMSH but so far, none of that happened against Justin which he sees the difference to continue his fake concern for the the FN people.
    The FN fell for an actor who knows how to sway them that he is their pal instead being the leader of the nation.
    Question to FN “What would you have done had PMSH done this to you” simple answer ” you would have form a “idle no more” group against him in a heartbeat which Justin knows very well.


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