Canada’s Woke War Against Traditional Religious Holidays

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Having a day off work for Christmas and Easter is evidence of Canada’s colonialist history, claims the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Funded by the federal government, the CHRC  claims that “the public celebration of major Christian festivals is rooted in religious intolerance.”

“Discrimination against religious minorities in Canada is grounded in Canada’s history of colonialism. An obvious example is statutory holidays in Canada.” 

Should Canadians be preparing for the dissolution of our Christian holidays of Easter and Christmas? Give it time, and it will come. Not among our citizenship, but rather by way of government.

Meaning that the people want it, while government do not. Over the course of eight years in office, this dynamic has served as a microcosm for the demise of democracy in Canada.

Justin Trudeau couldn’t give a fig, closet-communist that he is. As we speak, the PM and his Liberal minions, with assistance from media, our academic world, multicultural non-profits et al are re-inventing Canadian society.

Another example along religious lines comes in a dust-up regarding Mayor of Calgary Jhoti Gondek, and her snubbing of a twenty-year traditional of lighting a menorah in recognition of the Jewish holiday of Hannukah.

CAP stick to our guns. From her first day in office, we claimed that Ms. Gondek is a puppet for the Liberals, as is Mayor of Edmonton, Amarjeet Sohi.

Sohi is a former cabinet member of Trudeau’s Liberal government. Not so for Gondek, though she comes across as no less of a federal government-clone than Sohi.

Two religions in Canada are down for the count in post-modern Canada: Christianity, and Judaism.

Mayor Gondek claims that Hannukah is “too political a holiday” for her to pop by and join the celebration. After which CAP have little choice but to laugh in her face.

Wanna see a blend of the political and religious? Try on something called the Liberal-Muslim Parliamentary Caucus for size.

According to a 2015 Supreme Court of Canada decision, political institutions from across the country must remain neutral with respect to religion.

“Federal and provincial governments are under an equal duty to maintain neutrality with respect to religion.” Fascinating it is to discover how the decree flies in the face of a development endorsed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In June, 2020 Liberal MP Sumeer Zinbari tweeted out that the Liberal Muslim Parliamentary Caucus is deeply concerned about threats made to a downtown Toronto area mosque.

Turns out that a religious-based Islamic caucus has been established within Parliament. Cultural Action Party bet our bottom dollar that 99% of Canadians have never heard of this committee. Liberal Muslim MP’s meet on a regular basis to address community issues.

Zoom meeting posted on YouTube delivers the contents of one of these meetings. It begins with a prayer:

“In the name of of God the most gracious I want to welcome everyone to the Muslim-Liberal caucus meeting.”

Followed by another person who states that “seeing you all together on the Liberal Muslim caucus is heart-warming. We see a team by definition representative of the community.”

Now, let us summarize “core values” espoused by PM Trudeau: Social equality. Religious equality. “Diversity is our strength.” Multiculturalism. Gender equality.

None of which is reflected in what is supposed to be a proper balance in terms of equality among Canada’s ethnic and religious communities.

If Jhoti Gondek really has a problem with a blending of politics and religion, then she should demand the dissolution of the Liberal Muslim Parliamentary Caucus.

She won’t, and neither will any other prominent politician, nor any major media figure or institution.

A light-bulb moment delivers a shock to the body politic: while Canada’s traditional religious groups are being shunned and maligned, the Islamic faith is being excluded from the attack.

Why? Because this religion is destined to become the dominant faith for the future of Canada? Can this be one reason why Justin Trudeau sat on the floor of an Ottawa mosque wearing traditional religious garb and recited a prayer for conversion to the Islamic faith?

Something very strange is going on in Canada-land. But don’t count on CBC, Globe & Mail, or any other legacy media publication to inform you of the facts.

“Canada’s history with religious intolerance is deeply rooted in our identity as a settler colonial state,” stated the report from the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

See this? Call us obsessively paranoid, and we will still state what we believe regarding the above proclamation:

This spells the end of Canada as known from the time of its founding in 1867. Leveraging the colonial narrative, the hi-jacking(stealing) of our country is ramping up at a rapid pace.

The colonial take-down narrative is Justin Trudeau. It’s the Liberal Party of Canada. Add to it multicultural non-profits, immigration advocates, climate change enthusiasts, First Nations leaders, and 3rd World migrant politicians.

We stand witness as “whitey” get pounded from all sides. All of which comes down to systemic stripping away of Anglo-European power from our political arena.

Here’s how it works: China may have murdered 10 million citizens during the time of their communist revolution. Women refusing to wear the hijab in Iran may be imprisoned. Singapore may support public flagellation for those engaging in homosexual acts.

But none of these nations were founded by way of colonial imposition. It’s this sentiment which, if the woke warriors achieve their goals, will result in a usurping of power away from Anglo-European Canada, and into the hands of  a new set of  masters.

Media say nothing. Anyone else notice that when it comes to colonialism narrative, French- Canada is omitted from culpability? Who out there has ever read a CBC article along the lines of:

“You know, those early French settlers in Canada were a nasty lot who plundered First Nations resources while treating Aboriginals like so much dirt.”

Never– and there’s a good reason why. Quebec is special. Myriad examples exist of the drive to preserve, protect and advance Quebecois culture. The French language is vitally important to the maintenance of their cultural identity.

Then, there is English Canada. They are racist colonialist trash.

As far as CAP is concerned, this is the Liberal Party of Canada, and their main-man of societal degeneration, Justin Trudeau.

Hypocrisy is the name of the propaganda game. A close look at the Christian-Jewish-Muslim religious dynamic in Canada tells us what we need to know.

Sikhism, Islam– good. Christianity, Judaism– bad. In this, concerned Canadians can see into the future of a dying democracy called Canada.

4 thoughts on “Canada’s Woke War Against Traditional Religious Holidays”

  1. christian history = enslavement of the masses
    christmas = celebration of a fat rich man in the north enslaving children elves while cracking whips to make cheap products to sell on amazon and walmart

    communist history = enslavement of the masses
    lunar new year = celebration of a fat rich man in beijing enslaving children while cracking whips to make cheap products to sell on aliexpress, shein, temu

    “christians never enslaved anyone” = ok buddy…………………… go back to school, brad will enjoy this “troll bait” because he needs his blog to be active so he can profit off more clicks

    difference between china, christianity?

    the 1% is white, the other is chinese.

    “shut up you welfare troll”

    its not trolling. every political system is 1% vs 99%, same with religions.

    you’re all idiots.

  2. (1) “Mr./Ms. derp” writes: “Christian history = enslavement of the masses.” Even as hyperbole; That’s an incredibly unhistorical comment. No professional historian worth his salt would dare to even hint at such a wildly untrue statement. Don’t conflate colonizing with enslavement; that’s simply untrue. Honest; historical research will prove that our colonial ancestors did far more good than harm. (2) “Christmas = celebration of a fat man.” You may have spoken some truth. Christmas used to be a holy day; an annual observance of Christ’s entry into the world; “Immanuel; God with us.” Now? Not so much. It’s become little more than a “feel good” time of the year; an extended vacation time for some people. BTW–What do you have against Santa? In any case–I wish you the best, and truly hope that someday you will open your heart, and discover the true meaning of Christmas, and Christianity. At a minimum; A Christian foundation brought us our freedoms, and high standard of living. Overtly anti-Christian people/politicians/WEF are trying to undo that….enslave us; if you will.

    • Just read the first sentence in Canada’s charter of rights.
      ” the supremacy of God “.
      And you’re right, more good was done than bad during colonization.
      Besides if it’s so bad why do so many want to live in Canada or why other undeveloped countries rely on us ?

  3. Just read the first sentence in Canada’s charter of rights.
    ” the supremacy of God “.
    And you’re right, more good was done than bad during colonization.
    Besides if it’s so bad why do so many want to live in Canada or why other undeveloped countries rely on us ?


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