Canada’s Transition From 1st World Democracy To 3rd World SOCIALIST STATE

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Call CAP obsessive– you would be far from the first Canadian to pass this judgement upon our political party. Still, someone must point out what CBC and mainstream media are purposely obscuring:

To say that Canada is in the middle of the most dramatic transition since our country’s founding in 1867 is a giant understatement. In our opinion, ruling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a national leader unlike any who came before him– twenty-two ex-PM’s to be exact.

The difference is thus: all PM’s of the past were tasked with “managing our nation.” Not Mr. Trudeau-– this man is tasked with transforming Canada–a vast, giant differential which CTV, Globe & Mail and National Post are hiding from the purview of 37.8 Million citizens of our country.

So what is this transition all about? Try everything that CBC do not want our citizenship to comprehend. Immigration is one thing– CAP do not claim that the current rush of 3rd World immigration means that these people will be poor citizens of our nation.

In fact, judging from the faces on a multitude of African, Middle Eastern and Asian migrants pouring into Canada at this moment, they have not a clue of how they are being utilized to morph our country into Justin Trudeau’s vision of a  “no core identity” Canada.

CAP Theory: Trudeau and his transformers are utilizing the largest immigration quotas in history to achieve a series of transformative social goals:

To import “fresh, new” Canadians who understand nothing about Canadian history– apart from what government tells them.

And what, pray-tell is this messaging? That the founding of Canada is based upon white versus non-white racism, bigotry and xenophobia. This way, the new arrivals can contribute to a pre-meditated agenda to disempower and marginalize the descendants of the founders of our country.

How else are 3rd Third migrants utilized? Keep in mind what state-controlled CBC News will never tell you: these immigrants mainly come from non-democratic nations. Therefore, said new ones cannot distinguish between true democracy, and Trudeau-democracy–two entirely DIFFERENT creatures.

Please do tell, fellow patriots– how would rate the ability of a new arrival family of six from Somalia in terms of evaluating the degree and/or quality of democratic governance in Canada?

CAP rate this slightly above less than zero. And this, folks, is 100% intentional.

CAP Recap: Immigration policy will within 30 years establish Anglophone-Canadians as a minority community. Relative to the Africans, Muslims, Chinese and Sikh-Canadians, our communities have low-birth-rates, and high death-rate. 

Therefore, watch and witness as Canadians of European heritage transition into a bona fide “minority” community. This also means that those who lived in Canada when it was an authentic democracy. That is, before prototype globalist Pierre Trudeau set-up English Canada to fall under the thumb of 3rd World Canada and their Liberal Party of Canada-backers.

As we have pointed out, there is one behaviour perpetually eschewed by the CBC and the Globe & Mail: where is all this LEADING? What shall be the “state-of-the-nation” in the year 2038? 2044?

Media remain “silent as the lambs” about this one. No surprise– our country is hereby in the process of national transformation from a 1st World democracy into a 3rd World-dominated socialist nation-state.

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Salient Question Of The Day: Which of the myriad segments of society maintain the greatest ability to recognize this phenomenon?  Our Sikh-Canadian population? Nope. How about Chinese-Canada or Muslim-Canada? Not quite– these folks hail from non-democratic nations, who how could they?

Bingo– we have discovered  one primary reason why Justin Trudeau, 3rd World fanatic Somalian citizen MP Ahmed Hussen and oily French-Canadian Laurentian Mountain elite Foreign Minister Francois Philippe-Champagne are down on “Old Stock” Canada.

CAP has a question for Euro-Canadians: How does it feel to be transitioned into a “dinosaur community” by the person you voted for as leader of your nation?

Being a B.C. resident, I can recall a “old-time” CBC Television series called  The Beachcombers.”

On this show, one of the main characters was a crusty old fisherman named “Relic.” For CAP, Relic is Anglophone-Canada. This is what Mr. Trudeau is doing to our people– transforming us into mere “relics” of society.

“Out with the old, and in with the new” goes the old refrain. What a perfect summation of Canadian society in the year 2020. Here’s the catch:  CBC, Global News and Toronto Star are fairly skilled at speaking about the “new”— while comprehensively ignoring  the “out with the old” component.

This is the agenda of Justin Trudeau. To assist, the “globally-obsessed one” took control of Canada’s establishment media organizations. This Mr. Trudeau borrowed from communist ideology.

How do we know this? Quite simple, really– because Trudeau, Morneau, Hussen, Navdeep Bains and the rest of the Liberal Cabinet borrow from communist methodology in everything they do.

Media propaganda, social engineering, non-democratic decision making, draconian social policy–the whole nine-yards. Media remain silent as a new epoch in Canadian history is unfolded:

CAP has coined a term in regards to this phenomenon: “Second Nations” Canada. This is occurring as our ruling government continue a “two-fisted” blow to the head of Anglo-European Canada.

  1. Overwhelm our people by 3rd World immigration, trans-itioning Anglo-Canucks into a minority community.
  2. Morph Euro-Canadians into our country’s singular VILIFIED community. This will disempower our people and push them to the periphery of Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada.

This is the pending fate for the descendants of the founders of Canada. What you read and watch within the monolithic Canadian media in regard to these issues is 100% fabrication.




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