Canada’s “Time” Magazine SLAMS White Canada After Trudeau Blackface Incident

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“Recent photos of Justin Trudeau donning blackface and brownface have rocked the nation. But public discourse has focused mostly on whether Trudeau is racist and fit to lead the country. Through this narrow lens, we miss the deeper story of how Trudeau’s blackface symbolizes and exposes the underbelly of racism and white privilege in Canada.”

So says Ritika Goel, citizen of Third World origin. Interesting dynamic–Justin Trudeau flakes out and sports head-to-toe blackface get up–completely with a crazy crown on an Alladdin theme, and Third World Canada leverages the absurdity to throw Anglophone Canada in the trash bin.

“We have a broken system; one which allowed a 29-year-old private school teacher, the son of a prime minister, an able-bodied, cis-gendered, heterosexual, white man, to engage in overtly racist actions on multiple occasions, and subsequently become the PM of our country. Should we not examine how this came to be?

Check it out, fellow patriots, as this multicult-monger disses Justin Trudeau for being a heterosexual! “Cis-gendered,” eh? What a crime, right “Doctor?” Witness as this globalist pratt runs down Canadian–for simply being normal, regular-type  heterosexuals.

This, folks, is Liberal-Globalism. It is multiculturalism and “die-versity.” Who created this disaster of a social policy- one in which non-whites can tear white Canadians to pieces within the pages of Canada’s most popular news publications.

Such privilege! Imagine an article that rips Islam into tiny little pieces being published in Macleans, or any other Canadian establishment publication. Imagine the uproar as society hits the roof over such blatant “Islamophobia.”

Is not this diversity-dealer doing this very thing to white Canada? Why does she get away with it without being branded racist? CAP will inform: because Ritika Goel is privileged by way of her ethnicity–that’s why.

But wait just a cotton pickin’ minute. People like Goel inform white Canada that we are the privileged. True, or untrue? Does an Anglophone Canadian maintain an ability to publish virulent racism within leading establishment media publications?

Can a white Canadian journalist write about Sikh Canada in the  same manner this Third World supremacist is writing about white Canada? We all know the answer to this one.

Here is the bottom line on multiculturalism in Canada: it is an exclusive club. These privileged people have a right to attack and vilify a singular community within our nation– white Canadians.  We are the only identifiable community in Canada purposefully excluded and shunned by the destructive diversity agenda.

Let’s hear more of what this globalist has to say:

“Canada’s founding was based on the colonization of this land and the subjugation of Indigenous peoples. The laws and policies that followed made their cultural practices illegal, forced them into the reserve system, and abused them through “Indian hospitals” and the residential school system. In fact, Canada’s oppression of the Indigenous peoples was considered so effective, it was used as a model for South African apartheid.”

Obviously, this Goel lady hates white people. Then why live in a nation with a white majority? Perhaps because this majority are headed for minority status within a generation.

What do sensible(non-snowflake) Canadians call this– a privilege? Is Ritika Goel not telling Canadians in no-uncertain terms that being a minority in Canada sucks?  My, my–so white Canadians have the “privilege” of being trans-formed into a minority community which, as Goel maintains, is a major drag. What an honour, eh?

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“Post-colonization, our government put policies in place, at different points throughout history, to curb the immigration of racialized groups. Some examples include the Chinese head tax of 1885, the 1908 Hayashi-Lemieux agreement that restricted Japanese immigrants, and the Canadian Immigration Act of 1910, which limited the entry of Indian immigrants, Black immigrants and Jews.”

A litany of woe. Hey Goel–is there anything good about Canada? Why do you live here–for the purpose of informing 37 million Canadians how awful, racist, bigoted and genocidal our people are? Must be more to life, Ms. Thang.

“Let’s examine the record and the platform of each party to see who is willing to commit to true anti-racist policies. And let’s reflect on our own privilege, our personal implicit biases, and the systems we benefit from.”

But Ms. Goel, you didn’t reflect on any privilege other than that of the white variety. Such caustic bitterness flows from your pen. Your hatred of white Canadians is palpable, to say the least.

If this Goel person wants to despise white Canada, this is her privilege. Add to this the privilege of Canada’s most popular magazine as a platform from which to preach her hatred of Anglophone Canada, and its peoples.

This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada–the person Goel leveraged to pounce on the Canadian majority. A Head Tax in 1885? Tell us, darlin’, all about the state of racism in China in 1885?

Was India a nation without racism and bigotry in 1910–the year of your precious Komagata Muru?  Did you know that as we speak the government of China is accused of organ-harvesting and genocide of Muslims with their nation. In 2019--not in 1905.

What do you have to say about this? What does Justin Trudeau have to say? Nothing, and nothing respectively. In ‘post-modern’ Canada, it is whitey and whitey alone who are racists. Not IMAM’s preaching hate in local mosques. Not Sikh Nationalists. Not the convicted Islamic terrorists Somalian  immigration minister, MP Ahmed Hussen imports to Canada against the will of the Canadian majority.

Ritika Goel– be off with you. Millions of Canadians are done with this bashing and thrashing of Anglophone Canada by way of ingrate reverse-racists.

You hate Canada? There’s the door, “Doctor.” Sensible Canadians have had enough of your globalist jive.





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