Canada’s SNC Lavalin Scandal– Should Prime Minister Justin Trudeau GO TO JAIL?

With the intention of protecting SNC Lavalin, Trudeau arranged for NEW LEGISLATION providing for the option of paying a fine instead of CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. In effect, it makes JUSTICE FOR SALE TO THE RICH AND POWERFUL.


19 thoughts on “Canada’s SNC Lavalin Scandal– Should Prime Minister Justin Trudeau GO TO JAIL?

  1. How many times are we going to
    Let him be fraudulent and unethical , if he as the PM can not honour its laws himself then what do we have as Canadians . He must be jailed for what he has done just as a normal citizen would be and let him see the consequence of his actions .

  2. It’s sad when the government itself become the most corrupt whore of the country and begins to pimp its ideas however illegal in order to be paid money instead of punishing to the fullest extent of the law their fellow criminals. This is a total corrupt and despicable way of Governing and needs to be addressed by a vote of the people and not by the Government itself.

  3. Trudeau and Butts if he is involved should be tried and if found guilty then jailed with any and all benefits revoked for life. No free ride for criminals

  4. he should certainly be investigated – by police (RCMP if they are credible) not by a bunch of politicians. the accusations are criminal not some ethics issue !!! Scheer and group need to INSIST on and call for a police investigation of the whole PMO and PM.

  5. Yes, this needs to be investigated and the Trudeau government needs to be held accountable if they are indeed found to be guilty of obstruction of justice.

  6. What I find rediculas in this whole matter is that Trudeau said if Scott bison hadn’t resigned there would be no cabinet shuffle.Ok then if the attorney general was doing her job as he said she was why change her ministers when all he had to do was place the ag that’s there now as minster of veterans .If I was the pm why change someone who’s doing their job right!!!!!!!!!!!!r

  7. Justin a souvent entravé la loi de bien des façon maintenant lheure de vérité a sonné quil paie pour toutes ses erreurs & ses crimes ” Justice ” .

  8. It’s time to start prosecuting government officials when they pull shit like this, holding them accountable for their actions! Starting with this snake! When we start doing this then others will think twice about committing these crimes!

  9. My question is: where does Justdone Trudeau think this will all stop? He claims that the Liberal government was just trying to “protect good jobs” for Canadians everywhere. So, the huge corporations that donate to a Liberal government have”good jobs” – are to be allowed corruption – but the little guy’s “good job” (that is just trying to feed his family) – would have already been charged, no “Remediation Agreements”for the rest of us. This is how third world country’s governments operate. I say “Good Job” to Jody Wilson-Raybould for upholding Canadian laws!!

  10. Yes, Justin Trudeau should be jailed for his actions in the SNC LAVALIN AFAIR, 10 years would be good on this account, there are others accounts that should be looked at also and added onto the 10 year sentence

  11. Justin Trudeau needs to be accountable for his crimes against Canada.He needs to be audited and his foundation also as it is used for laundering money his foundation has grown by over 700 million since he took office .He has been taking bribes and donating tax payer money to his own charity this is a conflict of interest. .The RCMP need to investigate and the CRA too apnd those appointed to high positions in the RCMP apnd CRA by Trudeau not allowed to conduct investigations. .Phes ap criminal apnd needs to be brought to justice

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