“Minority” Status Coming For Anglophone-Canadians As Population To DOUBLE By 2068

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The greatest story never told. CAP find it fascinating–bordering on downright scary— how government, media and Canada’s academic world approach this social phenomenon.

Namely, they ignore the whole darn thing. A giant mistake– for Anglophone Canada. Under Justin Trudeau, we have effectively been trans-sition to Canada’s “silent” people. No choice, no voice as to out collective fate. How “Trudeau Dynasty” this is.

Anyone else remember true democracy? It’s a form of governance which over the decades has been whittled away to next-to-nothing. Ask yourself–what choice do white Canadians have in their pending transfer to a minority community in Canada?

Should we be concerned? Seeing as our current so-called “minorities” inform Old Stock Canada that being a minority in Canada is the most awful and terrible thing since Attila The Hun, why on earth should we embrace this precarious fate?

Statistics Canada has just released the newest population projections and it looks like the population of Canada could reach a whopping 55 million people by 2068.

“Because we have an ageing population and the amount of seniors is higher than the amount of young people, our population isn’t likely to increase through births.”

First gaping omission: Previous governments could have easily created a financial incentive program to motivate Canadians to have more children. Obviously, government should have an ability to anticipate an aging population. Therefore, they could have established programs in the 1960’s-1980’s to incent parents to have additional children. They did no such thing when Canada was 90% European-based. Why?

So where is Quebec in all of this? The report estimates that the growth of Quebec would remain lower than that of the rest of Canada, which means Quebec’s share of the population could drop from 22.6% to between 20.1% and 20.6% by 2043.

CAP Conclusion: Justin Trudeau has just exempted his home province from cultural obliteration–but not English Canada. Ominous as heck, eh?

“It looks like Alberta will be in the lead with the highest rate of population growth of all the provinces.”

Note To Patriots: Alberta is the Trudeau-Liberal-Globalists least-favourite province–therefore they will flood the province with Liberal voters. Pretty slick of them, isn’t it?

“This transition could affect Canadian society in various ways, placing additional pressure on pension and health care systems and decreasing the share of the working-age population,” the report states.

Various ways. Quite. Here is one of the various ways– Anglophone and Christian Canadians are going to be demographically overwhelmed as they trans-fer into a minority community. Yet, this nascent minority is nothing like the others. Why? Because the pending Anglo-minority are the singular identifiable community whereby it is open season to attack, vilify and marginalize said people.

Unpleasant CAP Conclusion: White Canada will in time transition to a government and media sanctioned “minority” community who also happen to be Canada’s persecutor-community. This, fellow patriots, hold the key to our social downfall. It is a calculated agenda of destruction headed up by the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

Here’s a tasty tid-bit: “The major cause of the projected growth throughout Canada is largely due to our strong immigration.”

How revealing. Talk about providing details. Consider the following–never posited by establishment media: If Canada is going to turn itself into a post-modern, anti-Anglophone nation, don’t the people of our nation have the right to know the details of the plan?

As in– what countries are these immigrants coming from? What are the top source nations for these new Canucks? China, Pakistan? Walla Walla, Washington? Is this not perhaps the most critical element in our pending marginalization?

Yet, Justin Trudeau does not inform. Nor does Somalian Refugee Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. Why not? Some ideas: Arrogance, for one thing. Hussen is the height of a sanctimonious refugee-pushing and mass Third World immigration. Why wouldn’t he be–he is a Third World Islamic refugee himself– a perfect fit. For the Third World, that is. As for Anglophone and Christian Canada, CAP is quite certain he is unaware we even exist.

The reason for the hold back is obvious: 95% of the migrants are Ahmed Hussen’s “brethren” communities– Somalian, Iranian, Islamic, African, Third World folk. These are his people, and these are those he admits to Canada. Non-Third World people–not so much–or more than likely, not at all

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“By 2068 the proportion of seniors in the country could reach between 21.4% and 29.5% in comparison to 17.2% today.”

Calculated Media Omission: These pending dead people will be almost exclusively Old Stock Canadians. See how we have become the invisible people of Canada? Never mentioned, never discussed– a veritable “Caspar The Ghost” of Canadian peoples.

Now, we get a bit darker. Looking back in history, what has often been the fate of “invisible” communities within  totalitarian nations? Is it not a fact that, generally speaking, an oppressed people are never discussed in public. The “demonized” community is  one in which no one speaks of as their fate unfolds before them.

Fact: Throughout Old Stock Canada’s journey toward “Second Nations” status( First Nations were first), media has never–not even once– written about our demographic transformation from the “Old Stock” Canada perspective. What do the twenty million or so Canadian-born citizens think about the non-democratic implementation of a policy to turn our peoples into minority communities?

Oh, the irony– the major journalists who should be writing on this topic happen to be Anglophone and Francophone editors and writers, in the main. How odd. Why wouldn’t erudite Andrew Coyne pick-up on this salient issue? Simple–he is not permitted.

After all, to open the broader Canadian consciousness to the ideas within this article may well turn our people against the covert, incremental war against our people.  Conclusion: if this is in fact the case, only a pre-meditated plan could result in  this condition.

What is the “plan?” CAP will reiterate: Anglophone Canada, you are being railroaded out of power and into a disadvantaged position within Canadian society. Once we awaken to the plan, it will be justified by the theory that we stole the land in the first place, so MP Ahmed Hussen and the globalists have the right to steal it back from us. Simple, and effective.

End Game: This it is, folks– Anglophone and Christian Canadians transition to second class citizens. CAP call these people “Second Nations” Canada.

Attention, Old Stock Canada: This is where Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen, Gerald Butts and their globalist backers want you, and this is where you are now headed.

So what top do? There is only one answer–fight fire with fire. Organize politically as a community, or sit and do nothing for 50 years and witness as your grand children become the new persecuted people of Canada.

MP Ahmed Hussen is dying for this to happen. So are many others with a giant chip on their shoulders based upon the colonial roots of our nation. Please do tell- are present-day Old Stock Canadians at fault to the degree we deserve to have our country stolen from us?

Good question–one never posited by Canadian media– and more than likely, one which will never be asked until the globalist mission of destruction is accomplished.









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