Canada’s Incremental Progression From Democracy To Dictatorship Revealed

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As regular readers of Cultural Action Party writings on the condition of Canada are aware, we believe that the days are numbered for democracy within our society.

The day Justin Trudeau became Canada’s twenty-third prime minster is the day that the future of our country began what had been prepared decades in advance. This involved a plan for an incremental—and therefore unsuspected— transition to a socialist nation.

To facilitate, media complicity was essential. Therefore, one never heard of the following concept: this covert conversion began with PM Pierre Trudeau, and was fulfilled by PM Justin Trudeau.

Some clues along the way: public opinion has been rendered meaningless. Public opinion polls are now irrelevant. In the Covid era, the general public relies more than ever upon government for their daily sustenance. The greater the degree of public reliance, the greater the extent of socialism that has permeated society.

The clues are endless—if one takes an initiative to search for them. Media has obscured the entire agenda. In post-modern Canada, media are working for government—another signal of a transformation of governance.

Beyond this, a key factor is found in the degree to which government reach into our daily lives—not to mention our pocketbooks.  It is here we find a most compelling case for the transformation of Canadian society.

In a case of irony, it was Pierre Trudeau who once stated that government has “no place in the bedrooms of the nation.” And yet, simply based upon LGBT, Pride and transgenderism, Justin Trudeau is the most intrusive PM in Canadian history.

When speaking of abortion in Canada, it was Pierre Trudeau who established the western world’s most lenient abortion policies. Justin Trudeau expanded upon this through draconian measures towards Christian organizations, churches and bible camps. They must agree to unlimited mass abortion, or loose federal funding.  In other words, what was once private has shifted over to government- controlled.

Incremental societal transition is the name of the game. Looking back to totalitarian societies of the 20th century, a step-by-step progression served as the path to success. To unleash the entire agenda at one time will surely “freak out” a population, and likely launch them into panic mode.

Such as it is within communist societies such as China, Cuba as well as the former USSR. Moving to the present day, a most revealing element of our nation’s progression from democracy to dictatorship arrived just this week.

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In an unprecedented measure, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland this week has uttered this topical public statement:

Liberal MP Freeland called that cash[citizen’s personal savings accounts] the “Canadian economy’s pre-loaded stimulus” in her fiscal update speech to the House of Commons.

And the update itself makes clear that unleashing these savings will be a key element of the government’s recovery plan.”

Perhaps some folks “can’t go on with suspicious minds”Cultural Action Party is not one of them. The Trudeau government now has their eyes on the savings 38 Million Canadians have tucked away for a rainy day.

The catalyst? Covid 19. While establishment media profess a collective innocence regarding the nefarious elements of the pandemic, CAP do not. We feel that Covid is a vital component of Canada’s move toward a socialist dictatorship.

Freeland’s eye-balling of the dollars tucked into our collective pillows speaks volumes. “First they came for our freedoms—then they came for our dollars” is how those with suspicious minds might view this.

CAP are one of those. The ruling government of Canada is gunning for the greatest transformation in Canadian history—and media are bought and paid for partners.

There is little doubt in CAP’s mind that one day in the future this will all come to light. Considering the globalist “Great Reset” seduction of Canada over the past five decades, it’s an easy guess as when this will occur:

When this pre-conceived program is completed, and it is too late to turn it back.

2 thoughts on “Canada’s Incremental Progression From Democracy To Dictatorship Revealed”

  1. Has the construction started yet on these homes for all these newcomers to Canada ?
    A huge infrastructure will be needed to support and manage all these people !
    Jobs yes that is for sure but I think upwards to 100 million from 38 million is a drop in the bucket for 2100 but is a serious undertaking which must not be taken lightly !

    • The plan started years ago and picked up by George Soros. He has infiltrated most every country. Eliminate their resistance by depopulation while they bring in immigrants and establish the NWO


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