Canada’s Freedom Of Press Rating TANKS Under Justin Trudeau

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The Trudeau government talks a big game about ‘defending the media’ and the ‘free press.’ They regularly pose as the defenders of journalism, and claim that the Conservatives are the opposite. The reality is the exact OPPOSITE.

As reported by The Post Millennial, Canada has fallen a FULL 10 POINTS on the World Press Freedom Index. Our nation has dropped from the 8th position to the 18th position.

Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada. CAP like to word things simply. We attempt to cut through establishment media deception by way of both fact and opinion.

Here is our opinion: Alternate and social media exist as a thorn-in-the-side for Trudeau. Apart from more recent attempts to muzzle these platforms, they have provided space to Canadians to voice negative opinions on government.

For this reason, Justin Trudeau is attempting to MUZZLE the public by way of taking CONTROL of what is posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This way, ALL MEDIA platforms become aligned with the Liberal-Globalist agenda, thereby establishing a comprehensive system of media censorship within our nation. What the government does not want you to read, you WILL NOT read.

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Now, let’s think of a nation where this dynamic is fully entrenched within society. CAP will go first. We choose CHINA. Is full media control NOT an element of communist China? Of course it is. Conclusion: Justin Trudeau is attempting to instil a totalitarian brand of media control upon Canadian soil.

First, he “buys” establishment media with billion dollar bail-outs. This covers off the mainstream news component. Next he goes after social media, attempting to REPLICATE the control he has within establishment media.

On the positive side, CAP are of the opinion that Zillionaire Zuckerberg couldn’t give a fig about Justin Trudeau. Not to say that Comrade Justin isn’t making progress. Google has agreed to some of his recommendations, and possibly Twitter as well.

Freedom of speech is critical to a successful liberal democracy. This is the main reason why Trudeau does not want freedom of speech. In reality, he has no interest at all in maintaining a free and democratic nation. What King Justin is after is to covertly TRANS-form Canada from democracy to dictatorship, with the Nation of Islam as a core component to accomplish the task.

Because of this, Trudeau resorts to communist tactics to get the job done. Will he succeed? Possibly– if he remains prime minister indefinitely. This happens to be another of his goals. The highest immigration quotas in Canadian history is the vehicle to make it happen.

Justin Trudeau is taking away our freedoms. Why are Canadians NOT in a complete uproar over this? Because establishment media are HIDING the truth from the people of Canada.

When government and media function as a SINGLE UNIT, communism is in the house.



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