Canada Turns Its Back On Trudeau’s LGBT/Transgender Agenda

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Not a single warning. No official statements advancing caution. No health risks, no downside in any capacity.

Incredibly, these words of truth can be applied to the ruling Liberal government of Canada’s approach to the thorny topic of transgenderism.

Want to drive a car? 16 years of age. Feeling like casting a vote? 18 years of age. Time to party? 19 years of age to purchase alcohol.

Fancy a sex-change operation? No minimum age. We speak of one of the most contentious issues within Canadian society.

A recent grass roots push against LGBT indoctrination is being met with deaf ears. An obstinate lot these pseudo-academics are. Aggressive, sanctimonious, bitter and rude, so-called “educators” who support the transgender craze in Canada are well used to getting everything they ask for.

But what happens when millions of parents begin to see through LGBT propaganda as promoted by PM Justin Trudeau and his gang of Liberal neo-communists?

After almost eight years of Trudeau, there’s one thing we know. The man is impervious to public opinion. Political observers have to wonder how long our PM can continue to position himself in this manner.

First came Premier Blaine Higgs of New Brunswick. He’s had enough of the trans-malarky, and as such has instituted minimum age requirements for students in his province to transition personal pronouns to the LGBT variety.

This month, Premiers of Manitoba and Saskatchewan followed suit. Students below 16 years of age must have parental consent in order to adopt  the pronoun transformation ticket.

‘We Have To Stand Against This: Trudeau Denounces N.B. Gender Policy’

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made a rallying call to stand against changes to a gender-identity policy in New Brunswick schools, categorizing the Blaine Higgs government as far-right political actors” 

So Justin Trudeau hates conservatives, and loves transgenderism. That’s fine for him, but what is to happen when the only people standing up with him are a sub-group of educators who plant the concept of gender dysphoria in minds of Canadian children?

Trudeau appears to be all for it. Not one word has come from the prime minister which in any manner indicates that a cautious, careful approach to transgenderism for Canadian youth should be a standard within our society.

According to an article published this week by the National Post, “a new poll suggests that a large majority of Canadians believe schools should inform parents if their child wishes to change their name or pronouns.

So what? Since when has our Liberal government given a damn what a “large majority of Canadians” want for their country? Our PM doesn’t roll this way. His idea of national leadership involves usurping public desire– a staple of democracy– and surrendering our national will to globalist power-players and LGBT industry financiers.

Pray-tell, Mr. Trudeau– what are you going to do about the following development?

“Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce says parents must be fully involved if a student wants to change their gender identity or pronouns at school, but stopped short of committing to a formal policy or legislation.”

“Parents must be fully involved and fully aware of what’s happening in the life of their children. I mean, often there are health implications,Mr. Lecce stated at an Aug. 28, 2023 press conference.

Health implications? Never heard of it. Certainly not from any member of the Liberal Cabinet. Not from “Queen of LGBT” Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault, or any other member of Team Trudeau.

Talk about putting a damper on the Liberal government’s endorsement of transgenderism for Canadians of any age. Smaller provinces are one thing, but when we get to the Liberal’s “sweet spot” of Ontario, it may well dampen the LGBT circus to a point of no return.

Will  Justin Trudeau capitulate?  Is the king of woke progressive politics flexible enough to back away from trans-endorsement as willed by a majority of Canadians?

Cultural Action Party[est.2016] wouldn’t count on it, for several reasons. One, Trudeau is the most inflexible prime minister in Canadian history. He never changes. Come hell or high water, the PM backs the woke globalist agenda to the hilt.

Secondly, Mr. Trudeau is a communist, or at least a serious communist sympathizer.  This element of the political picture has been sublimated by mainstream media.

Communist politicians care not what the people think, because their appointment as national leader has nothing to do with personal popularity.

Still, even the most ebullient Liberal Party supporter must face the truth: in every way, Justin Trudeau is on a downhill political trajectory.

Woke warriors at the Toronto District School Board may worship the ground he walks on, but the majority of Canadians– parents in particular– have had enough.

For cryin’ out loud– a vast majority of trans-pushers in Canada are not transgendered themselves. Even in this, common sense Canadians should be able to smell a rat when they see one.

New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and now Ontario. All want something done. Minister of Gender, militant-minded Liberal MP Marci Ien, remains silent as the lambs.

The trans-industry doesn’t want to give up the crushy position they have carved out within Canadian society. One day– it may not be far into the future– Justin Trudeau may be forced to cave-in  to the will of the people.

Either that, or transition to Canada’s first ex-communist prime minister.

3 thoughts on “Canada Turns Its Back On Trudeau’s LGBT/Transgender Agenda”

  1. Photo: Trudeau; prancing as the “leader” of this country? In that case; That sleeping little child in the stroller should be made captain for an Air Canada Airbus A380. A ridiculous comparison; but it makes the point. Both are unfit/unqualified for serious leadership positions. At least the child will grow into adulthood. Unless Trudeau gets in the way.

  2. its obvious what the goal is here, christians ruled canada and the “west” for a very long time, and a certain group despises this entirely and so they are trying to INVERT the western society.

    who this group is, is not a mystery to anyone who researched and investigated.

    but know that, the space program with billions of planets, and the hammer and sickle, is also part of the inversion plan.

    they are not happy, until the world is completely dark, immortal and wicked.

    you may call this the devil, lucifer… but in a human vessel.. it’s a group. lets call it a tribe, in case you’re clueless.

    figure out what tribe it is, and then you might be able to deflect the agenda, rather than react to it.

  3. Do you really think this government cares? They are in there with an agenda and they will be pushing very hard for it. Transgenderism is a new religion of the woke. It’s all about the money… How much transition cost, who pays for it and who makes the money… Follow the trail and everything is easy to understand.


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