Canada To Chinada: Justin Trudeau Transitions An Unwilling Nation

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“A constitutional rights group has blasted the federal government’s plan to create a Digital ID infrastructure as a threat to Charter Rights and a step towards implementing a Communist China-style social credit system.”

“In the report titled Canada’s Road to Beijing, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) outlines how China’s mass surveillance system operates and in what ways a national Digital ID system is a step towards authoritarianism.”

Across the pond, British MP Marcus Fysh said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is behaving like a Chinese dictator:

“We’re not Canada or New Zealand or China,” said Fysh. To which CAP respond in typical style: not yet we aren’t. But it’s coming, and before you know it, the dying Great White North will replicate PM Trudeau’s favourite form of governance.

As reported by Western Standard News, Fysh’s comments come after human rights activist Yeonmi Park, who fled from North Korea when she was 13, told the Canada Strong and Free Network National Conference[that] people complaining about capitalism should take a vacation to her home country.” 

Upon which we arrive at the crux of her statement:

Park said she has seen “parallels between the push for socialism and communism in Canada and her experiences in North Korea. She added young people do not understand that making all necessities free leads to lower standards of living and a loss of individual liberties.”

Witness as Yeonmi Park from North Korea describes a fundamental of communist control over a population. The greater the degree to which citizens rely on government for their “daily bread,” the greater the loss of personal freedom.

PM Justin Trudeau knows all about stealing away individual liberties from Canadians. Away from the media spotlight, he is about to indulge in the most extreme impediment on freedom of expression in Canadian history.

A 2022 report from the Canadian Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms lays out the agenda:

“Canada is moving quickly toward a greater reliance on digital identification (digital ID) and digital currency technologies to form the basis of the relationship between state and citizen.”

“Digital ID is more comprehensive than physical ID, capturing data attributes such as usernames and passwords, birth dates, social security numbers, medical histories, online search activities, and purchasing behaviors.”

“These technologies enable governments to access vital personal and financial information. They arm Canadian governments to act upon what they know about their citizens: to intervene in their affairs and, in some cases, to place unjustified restrictions on their Charter-protected rights and freedoms.” 

In other words, replication of government-citizen relations in China and other communist societies. CAP said it from day one– the moment Justin Trudeau became PM is the moment democracy died in Canada.

While our organization knew it from the get-go, the general population never did, and many still don’t. This is where mainstream media came into play. Lacking a firm grasp on our political transition, millions of Canadians still don’t understand government-media relations in Trudeau’s post-modern Canada.

In 2022, the inter-relationship is–no surprise– another example of a replica of socialist societies. Today, legacy media work for our federal government. When making this claim, no one should expect that CBC News and the rest will refrain from criticism of the Liberals. If they did, media consumers would lose more trust in the press than they already have.

To compensate, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and others oscillate back and forth between praise and condemnation. This way, 38 million Canadians are fooled into believing media maintain objectivity on the neo-authoritarian behaviour of Justin Trudeau.

It’s a wicked game– and a giant success. The greatest aberration of a national leader has been in power for seven full years. Perhaps Trudeau’s status will not change until he is old and feeble.

If so, the same dynamic will exist as it did for 50 years in Cuba, where “close family friend” Fidel Castro functioned as a political despot from 1958- 2008. 

“The convenience of Digital ID is far outweighed by its potential cost. Canadian governments now have the ability to access detailed, personal, confidential, and real-time information about Canadians’ personal affairs. Indeed, digital ID equips governments to know where you are, where you travel, what you do, what you say and share, what you earn, own, spend and possess.”

My, my– Mao Tse Tung would be pleased-as-punch. Astute Canadians recoil at the thought of Justin Trudeau transitioning Canada to a repressive, authoritarian state. Of course, he will do it anyway.

Unfortunately, “informed” Canadians account for perhaps 5% of our total population. New arrivals to Canada may not see the danger at hand. After all, Justin Trudeau’s preferred Canadians are migrants from authoritarian states like China, Pakistan and Iran.

We come to understand Mr. Trudeau’s preference. Fresh-off-the-boat Liberal voters don’t quite grasp our slide toward Chinese socialism. Our PM prefers newcomer ignorance of this variety. The less informed, the better. The seven males who control 1.3 billion citizens in China feel the very same. What a coincidence that is.

The result being a born-again Canada. By marginalizing those who “get it”— Canadian-born, Old Stock citizens– our Liberal government work toward the task at hand.

Conversion from democracy to dictatorship. It’s been in the cards since the day a former snow board instructor was catapulted into the PMO. With media in the pocket, Justin Trudeau and his quasi-communist Liberals continue to deceive our general population.

“At the end of this road lies the ‘Social Credit System’ of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which uses its system of total surveillance to monitor, punish, and reward its citizens.”

In “no core identity” Canada, at end of the road lies what has been implemented over the 50-year period between  so-called father PM Pierre Trudeau, and neo-communist PM Justin Trudeau.

Canada’s conversion to “New Chinada” hangs in the balance.


With files from True North News and Western Standard News.

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