Canada-Punjab Terror Investigation Ignored By Media

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Turns out that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a big fan of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. With all the troubles in the world, our PM couldn’t refrain from giving praise to the Guru this week:

“Today, Sikh communities in Canada and around the world will celebrate the birth of the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.”

What Trudeau has neglected– along with the bulk of Canadian media– is that investigators from India arrived in Canada this month to meet with the RCMP to “bring about prosecution in cases of terrorism in both Canada and India.”

Only one media outlet in Canada has exposed the investigation. It is most interesting to contrast National Post’s coverage of the story with that of the press in India.

The general vibe being that Canadian Sikhs are victims in all of this. Balpreet Singh, spokesman for the Ontario-based World Sikh Organization, is quoted as stating:

“Opening the doors to the NIA in Canada, this is scary for Sikhs,” said Singh. “Sikhs are very disturbed by this news.… it’s difficult to understand how Canada can be working with an organization like this and maintain its human rights standards.”

In contrast, OpIndia has a different take on the matter:

“A National Investigation Agency (NIA) team is on a four-day visit to investigate the foreign funding links of terrorist organisations like Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), and other pro-Khalistani groups like Babbar Khalsa International, Khalistan Zindabad Force, and Khalistan Tiger Force.”

Sikhs For Justice, Pakistan’s ISI backed pro-Khalistani organization, is banned by the Indian government for involvement in terror-related activities.

A National Post article dated June, 2019 stated that “the head of India’s Punjab state government once alleged the Liberal cabinet harbours four Khalistani advocates of an independent Sikh homeland.”

Indian politicians have criticized the government of Justin Trudeau for being too cozy with the many Sikh-Canadians who support the idea of Khalistan — a Sikh homeland carved out of India.

Cultural Action Party are not in a position to speculate upon who is right or wrong. What we will consider is what these circumstances tell us about Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party, and foreign policy.

Firstly, right and wrong have nothing to do with any of it. What matters is money, politics and power. What is the root of our prime minister’s bias toward Sikhism?

This would be money, politics and power. Trudeau’s favouritism toward Sikh-Canadians should be legendary. No identifiable community in Canadian history has been granted this level of privilege at the hands of a prime minister.

There are today approximately half a million Sikh-Canadian citizens. This comprises just 1.3% of our overall population, yet Cabinet and MP representation far exceeds  “proportional representation” that serves as a woke society mantra.

To say nothing of Jagmeet Singh, leader of the NDP Party.  Mr. Singh spent all of his early political career within the confines of urban Ontario.

Suddenly, in 2015, he was transferred west to run for office 4000 km from home. Or better stated, Singh was parachuted into the riding. With no history or connection to Burnaby B.C., in no time flat he was elected MP.

Prior to this, Mr. Singh took part in a separatist Sikh homeland rally in San Francisco. At the time an NDP member of the Ontario Legislature, he was invited to speak at a “sovereignty rally where speakers denounced India and called for an independent Sikh state.”

After which Jagmeet Singh became leader of the federal NDP Party. Although the NDP has been reduced to 25 seats in 2021 from 44 seats in 2015, Singh remains party leader to this day. Unlike Erin O’Toole of the Conservative Party– battered and  bruised on a daily basis—  not a speck of push-back against Singh has been offered up by media.

A tale of intrigue it is. The ethnocentrism involved is enough to make a Canadian-born citizen’s head spin. But it won’t. Turns out Canadian media are no longer in the news business. They are at present in the globalist protection business. Now the bad news: this situation serves as the very definition of Justin Trudeau’s Canada.

Our country has upgraded. We used to be a society in which government advanced the rights of “special interest” groups. Today, Canada is a special interest country.

Punjab independence, Islamophobia–these social elements form the very fabric of contemporary Canadian society. From Pierre Trudeau to Justin Trudeau— it is Liberalism in action. As leading purveyors of globalism, this is what the Trudeau family has “gifted” to Canada.

Not a single citizen asked for it, approved it, or voted for it. And here some people still refer to Canada as a “democratic” nation.

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