Canada Pension Plan Invests In Company Building China’s Muslim Internment Camps: U.K. Report

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“A watchdog group that monitors the Chinese government is urging more scrutiny of Canadian pension fund investment in Chinese companies, as awareness grows about these firm’s role in helping Beijing violate human rights.”

As sourced from Canada’s Globe and Mail, U.K.-based group Hong Kong Watch reports that “Canadian pension funds have emerged as one of the drivers of Canadian investment in China.”

As reported by Hong Kong Watch, Canadian pension investments include a $45-million stake in Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Corp.

Hong Kong Watch says Hikvision has “helped construct the surveillance state and camps” where a vast number of Uyghur Muslims are detained in China’s Xinjiang region.

Two successive U.S. governments have declared China’s repression of Muslim minorities to constitute genocide. In February, 2021, Canada’s House of Commons voted to declare that China is committing genocide against more than 1 million Muslims in the Xinjiang region. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau abstained from the vote.

Distilling these events down to their essence reveals what Canadian media refuse to lay on the line: not only the current Liberal government–but the Liberal Party on an historical basis– have maintained a little understood form of partnership with the government of China.

Investments for the Canada Pension Plan are administered by Employment and Social Development Canada on behalf of employees in all provinces and territories except Quebec.  Constitutional authority for pensions is shared between the provincial and federal governments. Major changes to the CPP require the approval of at least seven Canadian provinces.

What can serious students of Canadian politics glean from this situation? What CAP see is that knowledge of CPP investments go well beyond a division of the federal government known as Employment and Social Development Canada.

Based on the information herein, let us create a reasonable synopsis:

The federal government of Canada invested $45 Million Dollars of Canadian Pension Funds in a Chinese corporation that built internment camps holding vast numbers of Muslims as prisoners.

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Think $45 million to be a lot of yuan? A CAP article from July, 2019 delivers the following:

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), the country’s biggest public pension fund,  continues deploying capital in China, despite political tensions  between the two nations.

Canada Pension Plan(CPP), one of the world’s biggest investors, has 8 percent of its funds invested in China and has indicated it will increase this significantly in the future.

In July 2019, Justin Trudeau was prime minister of Canada, and he still is today. Are Canadians to believe that all this activity has occurred without the knowledge filtering its way up to the PMO?

Should interested parties choose to believe that Liberal Cabinet member and Minister of International Trade Mary Ng knows nothing about this situation?  How about Independent Senate Leader Yuen Pau Woo, the most China-centric political figure in Canadian history?

Such is the state of duplicity regarding all-things related to a fifty-year relationship between the Liberal Party and the Chinese government. The individual who established the relationship is also the founder of multiculturalism– Pierre Trudeau.

Fast forward fifty years, and  the government of Justin Trudeau continues to drive forward the little understood relationship between the Liberal Party and communist China.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder ( Est. 2016)

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    • CAP think of Canada in 2021 as a dictatorship, not a democracy. If the general public comes to realize this, perhaps change will occur.

  1. Trudeau is determined to destroy Canada and our way of life. For us to recover from this abyss that he seems to be taking us towards, we need to completely eradicate the liberals and his (lack of) leadership


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