“Canada Must Be Supportive Of China’s Efforts”– Dr. Teresa Tam On The Covid Pandemic

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“What we have seen[regarding the World Health Organization] is how impressed they are by the work of China. The astoundingly rapid way in which they tried to get a handle on what is causing the outbreak was very helpful.”

“You’ve seen the incredibly extraordinary measures that China has put in place to try to contain this within its borders. Even if this virus is capable of transmission from human to human, 99% of the cases are in China. Not that many — like 1% are outside[China], so they are really trying very hard, and I think we have to be very supportive of the efforts.”

How wrong can the Chief Health Officer of Canada be? These comments were spoken by Justin Trudeau-appointed Teresa Tam in January, 2020.

Fast-forward one year, and China’s Covid dissemination is a world-wide plague resulting in personal, social and economic devastation, particularly in nations outside of China.

What really has gone on here? Independent of conspiracy theories, vaccine advocates or anyone else, Dr. Tam was 100% wrong in her assessment. The very opposite has rang true. China did not contain the Covid Virus.

What actually transpired is completely antithetical to Tam’s public commentary:

In terms of Covid-related infection and mortality rate, an odd paradox exists. Experts inform us that the source of Covid– “ground zero” for the pandemic–is Wuhan, China.

Yet, the cases of Covid in Canada are dwarfing those found in China.  

China’s population is 39 times that of Canada. How is it that Canadian society is subsumed in “covid fever,” while China has a paltry 16 cases per day?

In terms of population, China has 1.3 billion citizens, while Canada boasts a mere 38 Million.  According to a World Life Expectancy report, China is 12th worldwide for nations with the most cases of lung disease. Canada does not appear on the chart of the top sixty nations.

Talk about building a mystery. Degree of presenting Covid in context relative to Canada and China? How about one step up from nothing?

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Another curious tid-bit in relation to establishment media’s depiction of the Pandemic in Canada, in question form:

Within media presentation from CBC, CTV, National Post, Globe & Mail and the rest of the Canadian outlets, how often is a reference being made that Covid began in China? Is this not a fundamental of the entire sordid affair?

Of course it is–yet our media eschew this fact to a most extreme extent. Of course, CAP would expect Dr. Teresa Tam to do so–she’s too busy praising China regarding the pandemic.

More brilliance from Canada’s ruling Liberal government:

Liberal Health Minister Patty Hajdu, January, 2020.

“Measures to mitigate the risk of introduction and spread of diseases like the new coronavirus in Canada are in place, including messaging on arrival screens at the Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver international airports.

“Our government has been well ahead of the World Health Organization’s strategies in terms of screening at ports of entry.”

Moving forward 12 months, and this proclamation becomes absurd in its messaging.

PM Justin Trudeau:

“I can reassure Canadians that the health risk to Canadians continues to be low. We are taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of infection.”

A complete and utter falsehood. Yet in January, 2021, Angus Reid and others inform Canadians that Justin Trudeau is leading in the polls, with potential to return to a majority.

Bottom Line: Either these leaders of the Covid Generation are wrong, or they have lied. What other conclusion could exist?

Teresa Tam: With regard to the severity of illness, there are some severe cases, but the deaths have occurred in older people with underlying medical conditions. With all of that pulled together, for the general public who have not been to China, the risk is low in Canada.”

Older people with underlying medical conditions. Please do tell–when CBC or government figures like B.C. Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry deliver the death statistics, how often is Dr. Tam’s “older people” element included in the presentation?

What is delivered by media are cold, hard numbers. Then, when drilling down, we find those who expired are often 90 or 100 years of age.

Sensationalizing and/or exaggerating the pandemic?  Why is it that media refuse to point out how incredibly WRONG our government and health industry has been regarding the Covid pandemic?

If an astute Canadian didn’t know better, one might think CBC and corporate media do this in order to protect Justin Trudeau for the purpose of increasing his chances of re-election.

–Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016). 










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  1. Our government should be supporting Canada and not any other fucking Countries nor should we be supporting any kind of groups either and you know where I’m going with that…just saying…From a real Canadian who loves his country.

    If I could be Prime Minister I would take care of these people,the seniors the Armed Forces, and the natives their the ones who built and made Canada what it is not all these others….Trudeau doesn’t love this country or the people in it, he’s a Treasonous Traitor of a fucking prick and a sellout…just saying…


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