Canada Moves Forward On $39 BILLION Currency Swap With Bank Of China

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BEIJING, Jan. 13, 2021 (Xinhua) — The central banks of China and Canada have renewed a bilateral currency swap agreement, the People’s Bank of China has announced.

“The swap line has a size of 200 billion yuan (30.96 billion U.S. dollars), or 39.39 billion Canadian dollars. It will be valid for a five-year period and can be extended on mutual consent.”

Published on January 14th, 2021, the Chinese media source article states that a currency swap extension between the two central banks will help promote bilateral financial cooperation, expand the use of local currencies and facilitate trade and investment.”

Several thoughts bubble up upon comprehension of the transaction:

— The Liberal Government of Canada has taken another major step toward financial integration with the communist government of China.

— CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest of establishment media have refrained from exposing the massive financial transaction.

— Not a single Canadian voted for, approved, or requested this step– or any other– toward financial integration with China.

What to conclude? Obviously, 98% of Canadians will be concluding nothing at all. How could they, when our citizenship knows nothing about the transaction.


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Cultural Action Party draw a conclusion. The situation is par-for-the-course. The Liberal Party of Canada has been partnering with the communist government of China since Pierre Trudeau opened the door in the early 1970’s. Trudeau Sr. was the first leader of a western nation to establish diplomatic ties with China. Serving as a catalyst, U.S. President Richard Nixon followed suit.

From financial partnering to emulation of governance. Any readers get the distinct feeling that PM Justin Trudeau is converting Canada from democracy to dictatorship? Incremental  manifestations of communist governance continue to flavour the Trudeau palette.

In the opinion of CAP, Justin Trudeau is fully conscious of Canada’s political conversion. One can argue that he is facilitating the agenda. Add to this an intentional cover-up from  media for the purpose of public deception.

How far back can the Canada-China financial relationship be traced? Just three months after its opening in 1817, the Bank of Montreal(BMO) undertook its first foreign exchange transaction in support of trade with China.

“In U.S. backyard: How China embedded itself in Canada”  delivers a plethora of historical details never revealed by Canadian media.

A direct line to modern times can be traced through the formation of the Canada-China Business Council, instigated by Pierre Trudeau, Power Corporation of Quebec and the Board of Directors at BMO.

To facilitate, mainstream media has for over a century obscured the Liberal Party-Chinese government relationship. Or should we say– partnership.

21 thoughts on “Canada Moves Forward On $39 BILLION Currency Swap With Bank Of China”

  1. If only you would provide links to your statements, these would be such valuable posts. But, time and again you make bald assertions and make people search for hours for the source document you got the info from. Until the document is found it is only an opinion.

  2. Our criminal lying liberal dickhead dictator needs to be stopped. OUR country is going down the TOILET and soon will be just another 3rd world war torn country whose citizens are being shoved into poverty.

  3. No true Canadian Patriot will ever comply with Communist rule in this country. Comrade Trudeau is by far the worst traitor in the History of Canada.

  4. Isn’t that our money how can you just put money account without asking I think you’re dictator in China and Trudeau do you find a little country

  5. We need to stop that f..king criminal NOW!He and his entire enterrage need to be removed from power.Forcefully if nessecary!When will the people of this country finally wake up and stand up against this tyrany?

  6. Canada has become low hanging fruit. The Chinese need land. They need fresh water. They covet our natural resources. Turdo wants to kill the Alberta oil and gas sector. China salivates at all of Canada’s petroleum/coal. Canada has a strategic geographical position–Surrounded by oceans, and bordering the USA. Canada’s wide open spaces….Just the ticket for sardine can China’s billions. They’ve already got roots planted here. Visible, and covert. Trudeau worships China’s CCP. A huge currency swap? May as well get the financial takeover rolling. China owns this jellyfish country. The CCP military could easily walk into Canada tomorrow, and take us over without a shot being fired. Canada/Australia/
    New Zealand/& The UK are (apparently) in serious talks….About forming an alliance of our English speaking; commonwealth derived countries. (CANZUK.) My take: Who would want Bananada as part of this prospective union? Under Turdo at least; This country can’t be trusted. However; It would mean open borders between our countries–The right to live and work in any one of them.

    • Canadian media are underplaying China’s buying up of worldwide mineral resources. Trudeau did his part by selling Canada’s gold industry to his favourite communist nation.

  7. The Central bank of Canada has a Cease and Desist as a Loan order to the Canada Corporation/government. From the De Jure Government, Peoples of the Salmon

  8. I’m afraid to tell you that China has run Canada behind the scenes since 1964 (Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Jean Chretien), and since 1992 in a partnership with the UN.

  9. We are being manipulated into communism actually into an all out dictatorship….the really pathetic part is how so many Canadians are being willfully bl8nd to this….hiding their heads in the sand and hoping it goes away…it won’t….Trudeau and the ndp liberal axis are testing our democracy apart …we r doomed to this horror ….we have at least 3 more years before the next election …I believe there wo t be another election …at least not a free one …at best it will be just a coronation of who the liberal ndp axis annoints!!@84j

  10. I wish someone could just follow the money. Trudeau has personally capitalized on everything to set himself up when he hopefully goes to jail. There needs to be transparency on his “foundation”, financial holdings etc. and all hidden currency shelters.
    There also needs to be a bill passed that the media can report unbiasedly. When I phoned Global to report an ICBC scam they said they couldn’t report it as they are controlled by the Government. Come on! Chanada Wake UP!

  11. It looks like trudeau is selling Canada it the Chinese. NO CONCENT FROM CANADIANS. Just saying. NO SALE. NO CONTRACT. WAKE UP CANADA AND CANADIANS.


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