“Canada Is Unrecognizable” Say U.K. Immigrants To Canada

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‘If Justin Trudeau wins another election, there will be nothing left of Canada to save.”

The Telegraph in the U.K. is not CBC Corporation. If it was, a recent article on the state of Canadian society would have been discarded faster than you can say “colonization.”

A scathing report reveals attitudes from a collective of Canadians who migrated to our country from Britain in search of a free and democratic society in which to put down family roots.

“We have spoken to readers living in different areas of Canada, and they’ve shared what life is like in the North American country. Read on to hear about their experiences.”

Alrighty then, let’s see what actual Anglophones think about contemporary Canada. This time out, it’s not a collective of fundamentalist religion followers concerned with Hijab head coverings. Nor it is a sample of Sikhs advocating for the creation of a Khalistani state.

Keeping in mind that this form of feedback is something that establishment media  in Canada wouldn’t acknowledge for all the farms in Cuba. The data constitutes a rarity: how actual white migrants view our Liberal government, and its prime minister:

“I have lived in Canada for 27 years as an immigrant from the UK – it has changed out of all recognition,” says John Lathey.

Speaking to The Telegraph,  Lathey described Canadians as “totally beaten down, and claims freedom of speech does not exist.”

Blimey– we’re off to a rough start. This British fellow doesn’t think much of the condition of our country, and CAP can hardly blame him. We feel the same, because Cultural Action Party are cut from a similar cloth. Not in terms of being immigrants to Canada, but rather in the view point shared by millions of Anglo-European citizens.

Globe & Mail know the type. They’re the folks who receive zero exposure regarding Anglo-European opinions on a degeneration of society at the hands of our ruling federal government.

Known as a “silent majority,” not only do the “powers that be”– government, media and academia– disregard our take on the conversion of Canada to neo-authoritarian state.

Never, as in not once, have the Liberals or mainstream media referred to Anglophones as an “identifiable” community. Quebecois. Sikhs, Muslims, Chinese, First Nations, Jews, Blacks. It’s all about them in Liberal la-la-land.

Mr. Lathey continues:  “Police and judiciary need to actually start enforcing basic law like breach of the peace rather than letting the streets become battlegrounds.”

An enforcement of basic law is fundamental to democracy. When did this begin to break down in a serious way? That would be at the point where Justin Trudeau took over. What event contributed most of all to the transition? This would be when Covid began to spread to Canada from China.

“Canada has lost its manners and its civility and frankly lost its way because it does not have the [same] depth of shared history that underpins its culture or identity [as the US].”

A critical point perpetually overlooked by Canadian media. Who more than  Trudeau has runned down our history through the branding of society as systemically racist? It shouldn’t take those with degrees in political science to understand the circumstances. Marxism erases history, and Justin Trudeau is ideologically steeped in communist affectations.

CBC say nothing. They’re not gonna bite the woke hand that feeds them. That’s a rule in post- modern Canada.

Telegraph reader Shelley Crowley is originally from Vancouver but now lives in Ottawa. She explains how “she is viewed as being a madly right-wing bigot because I do not support the gender ideology being pushed on children and the gleeful destruction of women’s rights.”

Another Trudeau-Liberal government masterpiece. The pushing of gender ideology is a post-modern movement rooted in Marxist ideology. No wonder it’s the belle-of-the-ball within social sciences departments at universities across the country.

Liberals love it, media espouse it, high-fashion and pharma make money from it. For academics, LGBT politics have transitioned to a secular religion.

Gaining perspective from beyond one’s borders is a good thing. As opposed to what the Liberals are up to regarding internet censorship. What they want is an emulation of internet law in China. Justin Trudeau wants the same, and is at this moment working to destroy freedom of speech on the Canadian internet.

“Away from women’s issues, Ms Crowley also blames Justin Trudeau’s policies of catch and release and safe injection sites for ruining neighbourhoods and cities.”

Enter immigration policy and its bastard-brother, refugee intake. Lining up the racism ticket, Liberal Attorney General of Canada Arif Virani— Middle Eastern immigrant– is playing the Audrey Hepburn “Holly-Go-Lightly” role regarding catch-and-release in Canada. For the Liberals, everything is about race, as applied to light-weight treatment of petty criminals as well as those of a more serious variety.

In the Telegraph, Crowley states how  she “barely recognises her hometown of Vancouver whenever she visits. The city is full of injection sites and there are people publicly shooting up, passed out on the street, needles strewn everywhere. Tent cities abound.”

Sunny ways, eh? Not quite. Witness as fraud Trudeau gets busted big-time. Not by Canadian media, of course, whose role is to play protective politics regarding Canada’s Queen of Wokism.

Reader Christopher Adam lives in Ottawa. Looking toward Mr. Trudeau’s promised action on housing affordability, he says that the PM “has failed to make any discernible progress. he believes that the prime minister has exacerbated the problem.”

CAP pipe up with our brand of nihilism. Justin Trudeau exacerbates all problems. Simply put, everything he touches turns sour. It’s a sure-fire sign of a socialist revolutionary-type, but don’t tell Toronto Star that. They love the chaos manifest in woke globalist politics, and behave accordingly by running down Anglo-Canada and its peoples on a regular basis.

Entirely refreshing all this is. But let’s not get carried away, shall we? A few thousand people will read this article, and perhaps a few thousand more have viewed the source article from The Telegraph.

Apart from this, the woke status quo continues to roll. The politically correct bubble that 40 million Canadians are subject to is in full effect. Therefore, expect to hear more about woke staples like “Islamophobia,” gender ideology, racism against Sikhs, and the usual claptrap.

A hi-jacked nation we are. Nobody does it better than Justin Trudeau and his neo-communist Liberal cabal.

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  1. I could not agree more. Canada and Canadians have lost their way. The Liberal government under Trudeau have bastardized every thing the touched. So I say “Canadians unite and vote out the Liberal, NDP coalition.” We deserve better. Then let’s restore Canada to its former glory and work to make it the best democratic country on the face of this globe.


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