“Canada Is Communist, Trudeau A Dictator” Says American Media Host

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Outspoken American media figure Joe Rogan will never be branded an “expert” by government. The popular radio and podcast host doesn’t have the credentials. Known for his work as host of UFC and Fear Factor, Rogan built his following based on a no nonsense, take-no-prisoners alternative to mainstream media.

Rogan says that he holds a wide variety of political views. He describes himself as socially liberal, saying that he supports same-sex marriagegay rightswomen’s rightsrecreational drug use, and universal health care, but also supports gun rights and the second amendment

Mr. Rogan describes himself as a strong supporter of freedom of speech, and has criticized what he describes as cancel culture. If he had his way, he would also like to cancel Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

“He was a good looking guy, confident, good talker,” says Rogan. His opinion shifted as he watched Trudeau’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and his response to the Trucker Convoy in the nation’s capital.

“Oh, you’re a f—ing dictator. You don’t like criticism. You’re trying to shut down criticism by saying that all your critics are misogynists and racists. He said that about the truckers. He called them all misogynists and racists.”

Joe Rogan is not alone in his condemnation. Across the Atlantic, several members of the European Parliament echo similar sentiments:

“Mr Trudeau, you are a disgrace to any democracy. Please, spare us your presence,” remarked  European Parliament member Christine Anderson.

“PM Trudeau, in recent months, Canada has become a symbol of civil rights violations. The methods we have witnessed may be Liberal to you, but to many citizens around the world it seemed like a dictatorship of the worst kind,” stated a Croatian member of Parliament.

The vehemence by which these and others brand Justin Trudeau a dictator leads to an important question: why is it that the majority of Canadians do not share their vigilance?

One reason exists above all others: media presentation. Can it be that CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest are deceiving Canadians? Justin Trudeau has funded legacy media to the point where publishers and editors are working to obscure public knowledge of certain realities.

“Beat the Clock” is an television game show that involves people trying to complete challenges to win prizes while faced with a time limit. While American in origin, the show’s premise fits neatly into present-day Canadian political structure.

Presently, PM Trudeau and the Liberal Cabinet are playing a desperate game of scheming up a method to beat the clock. As the passing of time ticks toward general public understanding, the PMO scramble for tactics to complete their mission.

The goal is national transformation through an undermining of freedom and democracy. The intended outcome is the western world’s first post-modern communist state.

Recently, the “Woke Revolution” in Canada scored a major victory in the form of a federal partnership agreement. New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh has gone to work for the Liberals, signing a document to secure three additional years as prime minister for Justin Trudeau.

This gives government time to beat the clock. If the Liberals and international backers  establish the foundation needed to transform Canada from democracy to dictatorship, the mission will be fulfilled.

Yet, just as Jagmeet Singh serves as back-up to Justin Trudeau, the neo-communist schemers have a secondary weapon in the works, commonly known as Internet Censorship. In this regard, government pay media to advance their positioning.

The ruse is that every bit of it is to benefit of the public. “We will make the internet safe for all communities. Online racism will be stamped out. Homophobia will cease to exist. Islamophobia will be no more.”

Look how patriotic they are: the Feds will protect our precious Canadian culture from the behemoth that is the United States. Witness our caring for the innocent of society. No more online exploitation of the young via internet porn.

All of it seemingly righteous and true– and a disguise for what Trudeau, MP’s Pablo Rodriguez and Marco Mendicino are really after– to shut up dissenters while Canada is converted to an authoritarian state.

It’s the way these people roll. Governance through deception, deceit and subterfuge. Just as it exists in China, Cuba, and the former Soviet Union. In each case, media work for government– the exact circumstance inside Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada.

Of course, all nations have a core. If we don’t have one presently, it tells us that a new core is coming along to replace what previously existed.

What is the future core component of Canadian society? Will Trudeau win the race to transition our nation to a condition which non-Canadians clearly perceive?

“They gotta get rid of that guy,” Joe Rogan says. He’s a sketchy guy. He’s got some f—ing shaky deals. I would like to see where the money is coming from. Why do you want everyone to get injected every four months?  We don’t need that anymore.” 

Canadians don’t need Justin Trudeau anymore. In truth, we never did. It is far more the case where our PM needs Canadians. Our votes, our naivete. A lack of understanding of totalitarianism. The passive nature of our citizenship, and ability to be manipulated at will.

No wonder three-term winner Trudeau began his run as PM by branding Old Stock Canadians racists and homophobes. His purpose being to create low national self-esteem– to weaken our resolve to fight back against government tyranny.

With old school Canadians marginalized, the Liberals proceeded to elevate new arrival citizens to the top of the social totem pole. With media obscuring the goal, Trudeau is racing toward the finish line of Canada’s conversion to neo-communism.

4 thoughts on ““Canada Is Communist, Trudeau A Dictator” Says American Media Host”

  1. online for the young, what a freaking jpoke that is. how come trudeau gets away with what he done in 2002. reall y the two faced sob got away with it again. and people love this guy. wow.

  2. The second try — it appears that my first try magically disappeared into thin air — could that, by chance, be a method of censorship? Nothing, in today’s wonky world, would surprise me, but some things do make a person wonder.

    I commented that at the moment Trudeau was ‘anointed’ to the office he holds, that he was a ‘wannabe dictator for life,’ and it appears my comment was, in fact, accurate.

    His antics are those of a sociopath, one who revels in being noticed, and how he is being noticed matters not. He cannot be shamed and he cannot be embarrassed because, being a sociopath, he revels in being noticed, not how he is being noticed, or why.

    One must give credit where credit is due, though, and he has accomplished something no Canadian would have believed if we did not see it. His claim to fame is that he is a proud traitor, a thief, a consummate liar, a manipulator, and an all-around useless collection of protoplasm.

    I realize my comments may well horrify those members of the Liberal Cult of Canada, but that in no way makes me wrong and I invite any such members of the Cult to come on FB and have a reasoned (not ‘reasonable’) discussion. A ‘reasonable’ discussion is no more nor less than an opinion, whereas a ‘reasoned’ discussion is a polite exchange of opinions sans personal emotions.


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