“Canada Is A RACIST Nation” Says Federal Party Leader Running For Prime Minister

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Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said today that Canada is “awash” in racism and the country has to do a better job of confronting it.

“Yes,” May said, when CBC News asked whether Canada is “racist as a country. It’s a hard answer because it makes people uncomfortable,” she added. “The word has so much power that I hesitate to use it.

“But you can’t deny that our society is awash in systemic racism. We’re a long way from a society where racism is not at play.” Ms. May said it’s a hard truth that she and other Canadians must come to terms with, adding that it took a while for her to recognize her privilege as a white person.

CAP has strong words for these type of self-flagellating statements. We despise those who make the statements. Want a dead Canada? Or at the very least, a Canada where Anglophones and Christians trans-sition to second class citizens?

Then vote Elizabeth May–or the traitor Trudeau-– these two are cut from the same self-hating cloth. What is the source of this paradoxical dynamic? One in which, rather than speaking of the success of Canadian society, politicians drive our heritage into the mud–regardless of the fact that said political figures come from this particular background.

No matter how much Elizabeth May might hate her own whiteness, millions of Canadians do not. Anglophone Canadians of stable mind do not indulge in punching themselves in the political face. Yet, in post-Pierre Trudeau’s “multicultural”(read anti-white) Canada, this is as typical as a 6am Tim Horton’s run before sonny jim’s hockey game.

Now, the kicker–and naturally, a point not once exposed by way of CBC and the rest of Canada’s liberal-globalist propaganda outlets:

This development is a political and historical aberration. It is entirely unnatural, and non-organic. Think about it– are the governments of China, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia et al indulging in similar behavior? Do their leading politicians and media outlets spend their time slamming their own nation and branding their citizenship awful racists and bigots?

Of course not. Why? For thing, they are not that stupid. They are not Justin Trudeau, or Green Party leader Elizabeth May. In other words, this self-hatred is unique.

As in, unique to the former “Great White North.” Now, why would Canada be alone(or damn close) in this among the nations of the world? Big question– no answers. You think Toronto Star or National Post would touch this topic in a million years?

Never– not in a million light years will Andrew Coyne, John Ivison, and the other leading Canadian journalists–90%  of which are Anglophones themselves-– write a single word to expose this  program of identifiable community assault.

Telling, isn’t it? For CAP, it informs Old Stock Canada there is something unnatural going on–a sketchy, masked agenda of which Canadians are unaware.

Here it is: There exists within our nation(and internationally) a political movement to disempower Anglophobe Canadians. These measures are punitive toward our people. The goal is to trans-form whitey into a minority, while at the same time branding these folks oppressive racists.

What is the purpose, an ignorant liberal snowflake might ask? The goal is to trans-sition Anglophone and Christian Canadians into an outlier community–one which is a minority within society, yet also one which has no minority rights.

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See the game at hand? Think about it– what will the state-of-affairs be after another  50 years of Anglo-bashing? By way of the Liberal-Globalist agenda, in the year 2059, whites will still be the “nemesis” community for all non-white Canadians.

Elizabeth May and  Justin Trudeau, Anglophone and Francophone Canadians respectively, have helped contribute to the marginalization of  Anglo and Franco- Canada. Nice going, traitors.

So now we are both a minority, and a demonized community. Sounds like trouble to CAP. This will be a unique position for white Canada. All other so-called “minorities”( globalists to stick with this term forever) will be privy to  minority rights as outlined in multiculturalism founder Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Sikhs, Chinese, Muslims– all protected by Charter rights. Muslims even more so, after the advent of Pakistani half-citizen MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 “Islamophobia” motion.

What trans-pires? Non-wealthy whites transition to what CAP has coined: “Second Nations” Canada. Anyone recall what happened to First Nations Canada? Why, Anglo-Christian Canada stole their land. When the time arrives, this will serve as justification to steal back the land.

End Game: Anglophone Canada become Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” oppressed community.

This is it, fellow patriots. This is your Canada– a nation being stolen from you as we speak. When we complain, government and their media puppets scream “racism.” So do the hundreds and hundreds of “multicultural” non-profit organizations which, in fact, are funded by Old Stock Canadian tax-payers.

What a wicked game they play! The fun and games began with Pierre Trudeau when he first became PM in 1968, and the steamroller has been rolling ever since.

The sad and pathetic thing about all of this is that it never had to occur. It is arguable this social tragedy would never have occurred if two Canadians had never been born: Pierre Trudeau, and Justin Trudeau.

Enemies of our people they are. And of course, the Trudeau family are not Anglophones. Many would also argue they are not Christian. If Justin Trudeau’s political decision-making reveals pro-Christian sentiment, than Iraq’s Saddam Hussein deserved to be Pope.

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Shucked, hyped, screwed. Government, Media, Academia. Hear ye, hear ye Old Stock Canada— your nation is being stolen from you. Ironically, some of the biggest perpetrators are presently campaigning to become the prime minister of your nation.

What a twisted state of affairs for millions upon millions of Canadians innocent of all charges against us by our own government and establishment media.



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