Canada Goes Systemic On Prohibiting White Canadians From Employment

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‘Can Job Postings In Canada Exclude White People? Short Answer: Yes’

“In two job postings for Canada Research Chairs in computer science at the University of Waterloo, applications are restricted for those who identify as ‘women, transgender, gender-fluid, non-binary, or Two-spirit’ in the first case, and to members of a racialized minority  for the second.”

As it happens, provincial human rights codes officially prevent discrimination in hiring based upon various characteristics such as sex or race. Why such hypocrisy is able to exist in contemporary Canada is a discussion that should be moved to the centre of social discourse. Naturally, the chances of such a thing occurring remain next-to-nil.

Here, we witness a manifestation of our Liberal government’s “post-modern” society dynamic. It goes like this: prejudice against identifiable communities in Canada is prohibited, except when directed at white Canadians.

On a practical level, the number one purveyor of this blight on our society is PM Justin Trudeau. Sitting atop our country’s political totem pole, the Liberal government indulge in the fine art of “reverse racism.”

“The federally-funded Canada Research Chairs Program invests up to $311 million per year to attract and retain some of the world’s most accomplished and promising minds.”

Unless an employment candidate is white, in which case they are disqualified. In response, one long-term government worker has had enough.

“A federal public servant who lost nine job competitions for executive-level positions launched a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, alleging his treatment was the product of reverse discrimination.”

Interesting timing it is. June 14th, 2024: 

“The Honourable Arif Virani, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, today announced the appointment of Birju Dattani as Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC). Mr. Dattani will replace Charlotte-Anne Malischewski who has been serving as Interim Chief Commissioner since December 2022.”

Out with the old in with the new. Virani, Muslim migrant from Uganda, appoints a pro-Muslim social activist as head of the federal human rights commission:

“What the release did not say is that Birju Dattani once went by the name Mujahid Dattani. Search under that name and it reveals a deeply troubling record of posts and appearances that call into question the ability for Jewish Canadians to get a fair, impartial hearing at the Commission.”

Can CAP be as paranoid as to conclude that under the auspices of PM Trudeau, a new, “post-modern” ruling class is being set-up in Canada? Yes, we can– because that’s what we believe. We have said it before, and will say it again:

The goal of the woke revolution in Canada has nothing to do with equality, and everything to do with an inversion of our nation’s traditional social hierarchy This is Trudeau, and it’s also Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada.

“Miller contended that federal departments routinely exceeded diversity hiring targets and cited publicly available statistics to support his case.”

A wonderful microcosm it is. Upon achieving “social equity” as prescribed by our Liberal government, the program continues on. What happens if no ceiling is ever established in this regard? Whitey is pushed out, replaced by government’s preferred “racialized” communities. No doubt, Trudeau would be over-the-moon about this.

Why isn’t this blatant piece of racism front-and-centre within Canadian media publications? The answer is decidedly simple: because the Feds don’t want general society to comprehend the racist measures inherent in the situation.

After which Trudeau and Singh run around Canada calling it “systemically racist” against so-called “minority” communities. And they get away with it.

Another bombshell:

“Since 2021, Burnaby Public Library has required that in hiring for select top-level positions (what they called an “exempt staff group”), managers “only look at résumés from white candidates if there isn’t a sufficient pool of qualified racialized candidates.”

Beth Davies, Chief Librarian, Burnaby Public Library:

“Having racialized staff on the front lines definitely makes a difference. We could argue that having racialized folks in management encourages frontline staff to feel supported in their way of thinking and that encourages them to think differently.”

“We are also aware that, while increasing the racial diversity of BPL’s leadership is important, it is only one step in our anti-racism journey. BPL remains committed to implementing further recommendations from our 2021 Anti-Racism Climate Audit.”

They never stop. In all likelihood, they never will. In British Columbia, an NDP MLA named Rachna Singh has been tasked with provincial “social equity” policy implementation.

“In early 2024, a petition  to remove Singh from office was filed by Surrey, B.C. resident Gurdeep Jassal. According to Elections BC, recall proponents were able to collect 3,264 signatures by the deadline.”

“A website dedicated to recalling Singh places the effort squarely in the context to opposition to LGBT educational indoctrination program  SOGI-123.”

This lady is not popular, even among her own kind. Nonplussed, Ms. Singh remains. Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] have yet to witness a single word from this “anti-racism” activist regarding anti-white prejudice.

“As per Davies’ report, a total of 84 white candidates applied for the five positions, only to have their applications rejected outright. In each instance, only non-white candidates advanced to the interview phase.”

“The B.C. Human Rights Code prohibits discriminatory hiring based on race or ancestry.”

Arif Virani, Birju Dattani, aka Mujahid Dattani., Rachna Singh, Niki Sharma, B.C. Attorney General.

A new “ruling class” to lord it over Canadians of European heritage? Never put it past Justin Trudeau and his team of half-citizen MPs and woke Liberal warriors.

4 thoughts on “Canada Goes Systemic On Prohibiting White Canadians From Employment”

  1. Nobody hates whites more than white Marxists.

    Trudeau is a traitor in too many ways to count, but race-traitor seems to be his most favourite flavour.

  2. Photo: If only someone would cut out that hideous tongue. Was there a come hither bare butt “Pride” member on the other end of the camera? Trudeau momentarily forgot he was in the House of Commons.

    In other news; copied from the linked article….“A federal public servant who lost nine job competitions for executive-level positions launched a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission: “The human rights commission declined to pursue the complaint.” Next step: “In a recent ruling, Federal Court Judge Mandy Aylen upheld the commission’s decision not to proceed with Miller’s complaint.” Surprise; surprise. Question: What would happen if a close Trudeau family member applied for one of the computer science chair jobs?

  3. Brad, you like me show a true anger at the Mis-Leader Justout Turdrop and his contemptible misguided Wokism which is basically a deconstruction mechanism out of the Marxist ideology to end once and for all, Western Civilization.

    You’re right, right out of George Orwell’s, “Animal Farm,” some of us are more equal than others. Just as long as you’re White because of course, we cannot be right, even if a lot of what’s right comes directly from our Western Civilization built out of our Christian heritage.

    In my own life, I graduated from UBC in 1989 and was confronted with the incipiency of the emerging deselection of White people as I sought employment at government offices in downtown Vancouver.
    I thought then, maybe it’s my name (not Jewish), or my appearances (definitely German in looks, though 4/th. generation Canadian) or perhaps my accent (finished high school in Texas circa 1973) that affected my success! Nope, now thinking back, it was all of these to some degree or another, but in dealing with submitting my resumé, I, nine times out of ten, was interacting with a so-called New Canadian (no such thing according to the government or newcomers), and so there was little wonder that my application made it to the ‘round file’ receptacle / basket.

    Years later, my two brothers’ sons are either precluded in the one instance from eligibility for scholarships at UBC because of being White and male and that’s with a very Anglo-Saxon surname, and in the other case, excluded from consideration for job competency because of his similar deficits in this world of reverse racism! Both young men are training as engineers in one specialty or another, with the one who has finished his schooling at BCIT and the other yet to do so at UBC.

    Now, especially in the educational and business professions of the new world under construction in Vancouver (just one part of Canada, and certainly in many places across Western countries), it can be noted in the tribulations how a friend of my brother who hails from Iran has come up hard against a comparable agenda against others of different heritage, not just Whites.
    So, a top achieving graduate applies at engineering companies across the Lower Mainland and gets ZERO attention, though out of many places his resumé does elicit a few in the door and up to the receptionist’s encounters. Calling back, this highly qualified and exceptionally anxious to acculturate individual discovers a change in staff to that of a front-office representative who is East Indian, that formerly was held by a White.
    Additionally, going back to his graduating class, comprised of 1/4 to 1/3rd Whites with the rest being others, though mainly of East Indian background, he finds over time that there’s former classmates of them who’ve already landed jobs despite being less than stellar students especially with a less than proficient English speaking facility. Incidentally, the above noted company that could not countenance his hiring had hired one of those less than high-achieving classmates.
    Months of rejection later, this man is happily employed in Texas. It wasn’t easy, but he persevered and had some small successes and then a near-dream job (not really, but it came at a very critical moment and so could be considered such) come up which now aids in his adopting and adapting to life and work in America.
    He was happy to become Canadian only to have all doors closed on him. Now, a true convert to becoming an American he looks back and thinks where his opportunities have abounded and which Canada could not allow to happen!
    Sea change in play in Vancouver as its unmaking is making for a new people with no foundational roots to who, what and why Canada became such an attraction to the world around! They like our modern First-World-Nation, but cannot abide it’s people, customs, traditions or for that matter its history. It’s all about the taking without ever having given…
    Erase the human geography and the historical reality of a people and a place to effect changes that are inorganically driven by alien forces not consonant with the Natives of the land, both those of Indigenous and those of the true Canadian descendants of the founders and builders of this country.


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