Canada First Nation In The World To Establish Sikh Heritage Month

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“This past weekend, we hosted the largest Vaisakhi parade in Canada in my riding. Canada is the first country to pass a bill recognizing April as Sikh Heritage Month,” said Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal. Ultimately, he hopes the bill will “allow Canadians to UNITE over their shared histories and stories.”

Will it accomplish this goal? As Justin Trudeau continues to fawn over his chosen third world citizenship, resentment continues to build among Canadian-born citizens. For starters, where is European-Canadian Heritage Month? Italian Canadian Heritage Month? Nowhere-that’s where.

Fact is, it is only select communities which qualify for these privileges. The community MUST be one designated by government and multicultural organizations(we pay for them through taxation) as  official “oppressed” communities.

Did you know? Under the War Measures Act, Italian, Ukrainian and German-Canadians were placed in internment camps BY THE THOUSANDS during WW1 and WW2. Their properties were confiscated as well– yet Canadians NEVER hear about these unfortunate circumstances. Why? Because government, media along with Canada’s academic communities DO NOT CARE. These historical facts DO NOT play into their ideological goals. Indeed, within Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, only Third World Canada– Sikh, Muslim and Chinese in the main– CAN SUFFER.

So now Sikh Canada joins the privileged chosen communities. Islamic Heritage Month-30 days. Islamic Heritage Month-30 days. Same for LGBT. Regarding European-Canadian communities– or any derivation thereof– Irish Heritage Month for example, there are ZERO days of heritage commemoration. Third Word sufferers only, thanks very much.


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