Canada Creates A Demonized Community Of Anti-Vaxxers

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Shame, shame, shame. We speak of those who refuse to indulge in the Covid vaccine campaigns of 2021.

Let’s take a peak at what a former chief of staff to a former Liberal Minister of Health has to say on the matter:

“Some 93 million Americans are unvaccinated. Given the fact that the satanic delta variant is rampaging across the U.S., sickening and killing those 93 million holdouts, the Times set out to answer the question: Why?”

By this “logic” the mortality rate for those infected with Covid is 100%. A slight exaggeration this may be.

“One group, unsurprisingly, are unrelenting in their opposition to vaccines. They are disproportionately white, rural, evangelical Christian and politically conservative.”

Translation: it’s whitey’s fault. Talk about a blatant attempt at a marginalization of a specific community. In fact, let’s talk about it.

As Cultural Action Party has suggested in the past, the transformation of a free society into a dictatorship needs to include certain “core components.” Examples include 20th century European Fascism, the former Soviet Union, China’s silent revolution, as well as Pol Pot’s “Killing Fields” in Cambodia.

A fundamental of the creation of a totalitarian state is the establishment of a vilified community. With this in mind, let us consider Warren Kinsella’s use of language in his article.

The vaccine hold-outs are white, Christian, conservatives. How neatly this plays into CAP theory. Since the advent of Justin Trudeau, we have been going off on the marginalization of our Anglophone communities. We have pointed out how Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh have railroaded this segment of society into a nemesis community. Racist, bigoted, homophobic we are.

Obviously, the combined government and media vilification process does not stop there. Add to this the “Anti-Vaxxer” community– mainly comprised of Old Stock citizens of Canada.

Nowhere in media has it been suggested that based upon the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canadians have the right to control what we put into our bodies. Meanwhile, the “women have a right to control their bodies” ethos has been in place for the past 50 years regarding abortion policy.

Ignoring this, media continue to push, cajole,and humiliate the unvaccinated. At which point CAP put forth a compelling question:

Who can name a single example of a social issue which has resulted in 100% compliance among citizens? Can media come up with even a single example?

“Conspiracy theories — as dark and despicable and dishonest as they are — have had an enormous impact on the attitudes of the unvaccinated. They’re everywhere, oozing up through dark corners on the Internet, persuading millions to take the risk of getting sick — or worse.”

According to uber-Liberal Warren Kinsella, there is no such thing as a theory that deviates from government/media dogma which is not “despicable and dishonest.”

Canadians are therefore to walk in line to the nearest vaccine depot like automatons, thoughtlessly roll up their sleeves, and get shot up with a potion of which the contents are entirely unknown.

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Of course, if one adhere’s to Mr. Kinsella’s way of perceiving the world, then one is unlikely to recognize the role the pandemic is playing in the “big picture.”

Ours is a nation in which individual rights and freedoms are being directed down the drain. The irony is so vast it should make a citizen’s head spin. If not for media obfuscation, it surely would.

Canada is– or was– a nation in which individual rights formed the very cornerstone of society. It is this dynamic which lies at the heart of Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The entire “multicultural revolution” is based upon this principle. Citizen rights for “minorities.” Community rights for gays and transexuals.

All rooted in civil rights for the individual citizen. Do tell–how is it that communities which comprise between 1-2 percent of our population come to dominate social issues from coast to coast?

Because of the rights of the individual as established by the Liberal Party of Canada. And yet, when it comes to Covid vaccinations, all this is thrown out the window, and all orders must be obeyed.

Ever read what is herein expressed within mainstream Canadian media? Hands up those who believe not a single journalist, lawyer or academic “expert” has the cognitive ability to draw these conclusions.

Shunned, scorned, marginalized, humiliated — welcome to the condition of the “Anti-Vaxxer” community–most of whom are “Old Stock” Canadians.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

5 thoughts on “Canada Creates A Demonized Community Of Anti-Vaxxers”

  1. What??? “Conspiracy theories — as dark and despicable and dishonest as they are — have had an enormous impact on the attitudes of the unvaccinated. They’re everywhere, oozing up through dark corners on the Internet, persuading millions to take the risk of getting sick — or worse.”

    This insufferable Liberal hack defecates on decent,intelligent, law abiding Canadians. With a sweep of his sweaty hand, Kinsella rejects the findings of scientists who are leading experts in the REAL world of “Covid” injection data/findings/medical outcomes/likely trajectories.

    (He’s likely never read their findings. A punishable offence in rainbow man’s world.) In fact; These treacherous; conniving governments are the real “They” in Kinsella’s execrable comment: They’re everywhere, oozing up through dark corners on the Internet, persuading millions to take the risk of getting sick — or worse. Right on Kinsella. “Sick; or worse.” Please pray for the injected.

  2. Ok Here is my dilemma! I suffer from an enlarged left chamber in my heart, this is chronic, myocarditis ( abnormal swelling of the heart muscle.). Combined with that at least once a day I record on the heart monitor I wear on my wrist, that gives me an ecg on my phone app a number of adverse A- fib bouts, ( A fib is irregular heart beat, that can cause blood clots to form in my vascular system, when I get a blood clot I get, thrombosis often in my quad or calf muscle, the whole muscle spasms sometimes for hours before the clot dissolves or moves, when it moves I feel chest pain for a minute or two then it disappears. I am 60 and have lived with this since I was in my early 30s. One result from this is extremely low blood pressure. Do I have a right to be concerned about getting the Covid flu shot? Health Canada says on its Safety Data, that there is no problem. However, if I get the shot, and experience adverse reaction I should contact my health care provider immediately! Another problem, I don’t have a health care provider!
    Seriously, I am one of the millions of Canadians who has a chronic heart problem but the system can’t find me regular family doctor. My wife who is healthy has a doctor, but when she asked for me to be taken on he said no he was too, busy. Anyway, I wish someone would send my story to the Prime Minister, and ask him when was the last time he had a blood clot and was rushed to emerg. I have done this too many times, so that now I just go through the attacks, and hope that I wake up tomorrow. If I dont wa ke up thats ok too because at least my night mare would be over. I have had so many adverse reactions to the treatments I have received at emerg that I won’t go any more! This is Trudea u’s science quote unquote and I am just one of the fringe mob of right wing anti vaxxers! I would like to ask him if he has ever been treated by a Doctor who receives a paycheck from Health Canada, or indirectly OHIP! These people are worse then Trudeau if they dare solve my problem they wont have some one to treat who will help pay for the new bmw, or boat etc. Anyway, sorry to bore you! Proud to be a Canadian despite having fallen through the cracks! I wish I could tell my story during the leadership debate, but sadly all questions asked of rhe leaders are pre practiced, canned questions rhat they can easily answer. I just feel that any leadwr of a political party in a country that promises fair and equal treatment of all citizens should be forced to resign when they say there are no reasons not to be vaccinated.Especially one who has had six years to make sure I have a doctor! I do hope that there is a hell, and there is a special chair with his name on it, so that he pays for t he cost his lies have physically cost me in my life! If only I lived in the USA where t h ey ha ve cardiologists who actually fix problems! Again sorry to waste your time I am sure there are many others out there like me! I wish Canadians would just speak up and tell their stories!


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