Canada-China Pandemic Cover Up A Possibility: Military Security Expert

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“It appears that what you might well call Chinese agents infiltrated one of the highest prized national security elements[in Canada] when it comes to bio-security and bio-defence,” said Christian Leuprecht, security expert and professor at Canada’s Royal Military College.

According to CBC News, very few people are aware of why two Chinese citizens— Dr. Xiangguo Qiu and Keding Cheng– had been fired from the Winnipeg-based National Microbiology Lab two years ago and stripped of their security clearance.

It has been established as fact that these two scientists shared virus samples from the Canadian lab with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Professor Christian Leuprecht has claimed the known facts of the story just don’t add up. “If the pair had committed a straightforward national security violation, charges would have been laid,” he stated.

Nothing of the sort has occurred. Is there a possibility that a cover-up regarding Canada-China-Covid connections have eluded 38 million Canadians?

 Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) declined to answer questions, saying: “We do not publicly comment [on], or confirm or deny the specifics of our own investigations.”

Which leaves interested parties with little more than supposition. To what extent was our Liberal government aware of potential collusion? Did they instruct media to delay revelation of details for an extended time period? As prime minister, did Justin Trudeau knowingly permit collusion between Canadian and Chinese scientists regarding the Covid pandemic?

Even more damning, does this mean that our Liberal government were aware of a pending worldwide Covid plague before it occurred, yet chose to remain silent based on instruction from Beijing?

As Cultural Action Party has adduced, a “special relationship” between the Liberal Party of Canada and the communist government of China goes back decades. The beginning point came in the year 1970, when ex-PM Justin Trudeau forged diplomatic relations with Chairman Mao Tse Tung.

One of current PM Justin Trudeau’s greatest skills in found in the political art of evasion. Mr. Trudeau’s career as prime minister has resulted in a steady trajectory of scandal after scandal– all of which he has emerged from unscathed to lead in public polls. Like the rest, there is little doubt that this Covid mystery will be effectively obscured by media.

Back to security expert Christian Leuprecht:

“China has a very active, very aggressive and extremely dangerous bio-weapons program. All the research that’s being generated here could easily be re-appropriated by the Chinese authorities to advance rather nefarious causes.”

Feeling warm all over, fellow patriots? No matter how deep the dirt, the pseudo-dictatorship of Justin Trudeau keeps on rolling forward.

What Canada has on its hands is a post-modern paradox: government and media have together established an illusion of a free and democratic Canada– by utilizing totalitarian tactics drawn from communist countries like China.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder ( Est. 2016)

4 thoughts on “Canada-China Pandemic Cover Up A Possibility: Military Security Expert”

  1. The prime minister is a buffoon, as the laws and traditions of the land are inconsequential to him, his cohorts and his behind-the-scenes backers.

    Afterall, the ‘emperor has no clothes’ when seen in the light of what is good for OLD STOCK CANADIANS, mainly an adherence and preservation of Canada as was built upon the backs of the settlers of this nation.
    We must hold in high esteem those very people whose commitment has given us this country, perfect and imperfect as it is…

    So, the leader of this government ( not this nation ), in order to prove his merit promotes policies that amount to exacerbating the divisions amongst the people of the land.
    By championing the Communist regime of China, has this prime minister found an effective ally in Canada’s transmutation of one man one vote to no vote, no voice in a one party system of governance!
    No matter the scandal of the day of this leader, his government continues on…

    How easy it is to have a powerful benefactor in China, for a weakling personage that is Justin Trudeau who directs the nation’s government that seemingly abides by the biddings and dictates of the CCP.
    All this is not happenstance, and if not so, how purely convenient is this Covid 19 pandemic when seen in the light of a plan, an agenda, a modus operandi that implements the Liberal government’s deconstruction of traditional Canada.
    And to say, the prime minister is a wannabe dictator makes this ‘play’ all the more feasible.

  2. Hi Brad, I have been wondering what Canada’s part in this Wuhan virus is, and wondering why of course no media is covering the story of the 2 scientist in our Canadian lab. I see all the blocks falling into place. With the news out that the Pentagon sent 38 mil to Eco Alliance who in turn with Fauci, were doing gain of function research. With Fauci’s emails released it amazes me he and Peter from Eco Alliance are not arrested yet.

    Also note that the Barry and Honey Sherman murders have not be solved yet. There is a tie in here which I have not researched yet, did Shermans company produce hydroclosyn (spelling) inverticm for cheap, or was it also the fund raiser. Every Canadian should should be asking themselves why the highest profile murder is not solved yet.

    Could it be that Trudeau is involved? Well the zip ties the Shermans were found with are RCMP, so if this is the case, it will never be solved. Quite frankly I can now see that Trudope is definitely involved with Covid scam, along with US Pentagon, CCP and Canada

    • Good points, as well as good questions. Seems the questions are endless, while the answers are non-existent. Just as it is Trudeau’s hero nation of the Far East.


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