“Self-Hatred” Damaging Canadian Society Says Historian Conrad Black

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It’s a strange feeling for Cultural Action Party of Canada to share the same feelings as Canadian historian Conrad Black on so many occasions. We do not know the man, nor have we ever had contact with him.

What CAP does know is that Mr. Black–whatever else he may be–is arguably the most knowledgeable Canadian historian of our time. He has penned biographies of Franklin Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, as well as interviewing Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and Brian Mulroney on his weekly talk show.

On the more humble side, CAP have written about the curious theme of Canadian “self-flagellation” on a number of occasions. Here we refer to a tendency we believe is cultivated for political purposes– the phenomenon of Canadian self-hatred.

In a National Post article dated December 27th, 2020, Conrad Black has this to say:

To some extent the general Canadian ‘systemic racism’ self-flagellation in this country is our very own Canadian replication of American phenomena.”

Although the United States as a source for this social condition is not something we consider essential,  Mr. Black’s “systemic racism self-flagellation” component is.

Why is Canada a nation which beats itself up over its so-called racist past? Is our country really more extreme in this regard  than, for example,  Pakistan, India, Iran or Nigeria? Not a chance. As for these nations, they are all countries among the top ten source nations for immigration to Canada. Why are they not in the habit of pulverizing their own societies in the manner that Canada indulges in?

One observation will shed some light on the topic. It is not, in fact, Canada as a whole which cultivates the self-hatred. Rather, this comes from what CAP refer to as the “three-headed hydra of globalism”– government, media and academia.

It is here we find the promotion of malevolence toward Canadiana in all its various forms. Yet, there is a need to break this down further. Within 2020 society, no self-flagellation exists regarding any element of our migrant communities. The condition applies only to Old Stock Canada— generally found among our Canadian-born Anglophone and Francophone communities.

CAP has always wondered how multiculturalism has been the essence of society for the past 50 years while Old Stock citizens sit on the outside looking in. Perhaps the answer is found in the punitive–because we are so racist, we do not deserve to belong.

Here is where things get heated under the collar. Whatever historical racism existed, present-day Anglophones are not responsible for it. Here we reference Justin Trudeau’s plethora of apologies to our 3rd world communities. “We failed them,” uttered PM Trudeau when speaking of historical racism.

Never mind that the Chinese Head Tax occurred in 1905, the Komagata Maru incident in 1910 and the refusal of the ship St. Louis in 1940. Still, Canada “failed them.”

Let us forget all about the fact that these incidents occurred well before human rights legislation even existed. Throw aside the creation of the United Nations Human Rights Declaration of 1949. Forget the United States Civil Rights movement and Dr. Martin  Luther King,

Justin Trudeau says Canada has failed  the third world–so it must be true. Not.


MORE FROM CAP: How The Canadian “Self-Loathing” Phenomenon Overtook Society


When the accusation of racism proved to be less than successful in branding 65% of Canadians racists, government kicked the game up a notch. Suddenly, our society was “systemically racist.” To the Trudeau-way of thinking, every institution in Canada is intrinsically racist. You can’t separate it from any element of society–there it is, at all times, staring 38 Million citizens in the face.

What was the bottom-line result here? It is most curious to note that while the racism branding flew, not one reference was made by government or media as to which element of society perpetrated the racism.

If it is so extreme, someone must have done it. Complete silence from McGill University, York, Ryerson, UBC, University of Toronto, and the rest. “We want something done about this” was the collective cry– yet no segment of society was ever publicly referenced as the perpetrator.

Interested parties are therefore left to figure it out for themselves. Obviously, the answer is Old Stock Canadians. Anglophones, Francophones and Canadians of European heritage.

It is here all the answers to Canada’s troubles are found. Never mind the fact that it was the predecessors of these communities that founded Canada in the first place. Cast aside the fact that every piece of governance we have is rooted in British governance.

Anglo-Canada is awful–despite serving up staples such as democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, parliamentary structure, human rights, habeas corpus, and our judicial system.

Conrad Black:

“Political discourse in this country appears to be confined entirely to climate change, gender issues, native concerns, and the apparently invincible, bone-crushing advance of the juggernaut of political correctness.”

“The entire citizenry seems to have been mobilized to hunt down, root out, pulverize, and incinerate any trace of the ghastly and abominable, ubiquitous bugbear, “systemic racism.” 

Witness the transition. Sound like  a country presently rooted in democratic principles of freedom and democracy? Or rather, does this accurately describe  PM Justin Trudeau’s approach to our country over the five years he has been prime minister?

 Conrad Black is correct– the former Great White North has been transitioned to a self-hating society–on purpose. This calculated agenda serves a specific goal: to damage our national self-worth in order for a pre-conceived transformation from democracy to dictatorship to run smoothly and successfully.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016).











2 thoughts on ““Self-Hatred” Damaging Canadian Society Says Historian Conrad Black”

  1. Pierre Trudeau started it and indoctrinated his son with the same thesis. Basically, Pierre Trudeau hated the Crown and subtly thought he should be king. His son is carrying on his ideas, his obvious attempts at dictatorship, says so.

    However, I believe most Canadians love the Queen and the idea of our being a member of the Commonwealth. It is now possibly the only status symbol we have, given 5 years of Trudeau.

    But, thankfully, he won’t last. His day will come and he will be forgotten. I’ve lived long enough to see it all.


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