Canada 4880, China 9: Why Media Are HIDING Covid Case Statistics

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On April 1st, 2021, China reported nine new COVID-19 cases, down from 16 a day earlier.

On March 30th, 2021, Canada saw 4,880 new cases of Covid 19, pushing the total number of infections in the country to 976,603.

Isn’t this the most outrageous news you’ve ever heard? How can it be that China— a country with some of the most crowded cities on earth — can have so few Covid cases? Meanwhile, a sparsely-populated country with the world’s second largest land mass has nearly 5000 new cases in a single day.

In addition to China being the reported source nation for Covid 19, their population is 1.3 Billion people. In contrast, Canada’s population is just under 38 Million citizens.

The reason why this is not an example of outrageous news is simple in nature: Canadians do not know about it. Why? Because establishment media do not write about it.

Why not? It is here Cultural Action Party are forced to move into speculation mode. Lacking tangible evidence, all we can do is guess at the reasoning:

Firstly, knowledge of the descrepancy would anger Canadians in a big way. It might even serve as the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” We have had enough, says the collective psyche of the Canadian people. After which 16 months of pent-up frustration spills out into the streets.

This is something government dearly wish to avoid. After all, PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberals are playing the “long game” here. No form of public rebellion shall be enticed by media. To minimize such a thing, Covid itself serves as protection. Public gatherings at present are outlawed by government due to the pandemic.

Convenient, isn’t it?  More speculation follows: could it be that within Canadian society, the pandemic serves a very different purpose than in China— or any other nation, for that matter?

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In most countries, the pandemic is an “incident.” In Canada, Covid may well be a weapon. Weapons are used to fight wars. What kind of battle could possibly exist upon Canadian soil in this situation?

The battle of Democracy Versus Dictatorship is the one. No matter what a person’s political affiliation, no one can deny that Covid 19 has changed the rules of the game. Present-day Canadian society is in lockdown. Strict regulations are in place regarding the behaviour of our citizenship.

Get out of line, and punitive measures enforced by police will come your way. These punishments include fines, and potential jail time–for something as simple as not wearing your Covid mask while shopping for groceries.

Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” Canadanot. Of course, the whole affair was a giant fallacy to begin with. Beneath the surface smile of PM Trudeau,sinister agenda is lurking in the shadows.

The culmination of all this post-modern malarky is Canada’s incremental transition toward status as a socialist dictatorship. China is already a dictatorship, so there is no need for the by-products of the pandemic to transform their nation.

Canada, however, is a different animal. Hence, 9 new daily cases of Covid in China, 4880 new daily cases in the dying Great White North.

In this heart-breaking scenario astute Canadians may well discover the reason for mainstream media’s obfuscation of the Covidcontrast between Canada and China.

If this truly be the case, then it is obvious that establishment media are working for the “establishment”– our ruling Liberal government, and supreme commander-in-chief, Justin Trudeau.

11 thoughts on “Canada 4880, China 9: Why Media Are HIDING Covid Case Statistics”

  1. I am a Canadian, a once-proud indigenous Canadian! Now I find myself to be infuriated by a governing body that I consider to be led by, and a tool of, the greatest traitor that has ever existed in Canadian history, Justin Trudeau!!! I am further infuriated by what I can only perceive as a weak, spineless bunch of useless bloody sheeple!!! A weak, spineless bunch of useless bloody sheeple who are idly sitting by while our country is being destroyed from within by a traitor!
    Prove me wrong, you descendants of proud warriors who fought and shed life and blood to give you the freedom that you now appear so willing to timidly give up!! Get the F$#K off your pathetic asses and drag, with whatever reasonable force is necessary, that bastardly traitor and his spineless crew the Hell OFF Parliament Hill!!

      • Brad I spent 42cyears in uniform and if it were possible I’d still be at it and I can’t understand the forces of today as I believe senior military personnel could and should make a military arrest on the crime minister and his puppets for treason as a beginning

          • Good morning Brad,

            There are people, evil ones I might add, that are at the top of the hierarchy.

            Does Rothschild family, Rockefeller family, the Bilderbergs, freemasons, etc. they control the gov around the world and start wars on purpose. They control the money, oil, military-industrial complex, big pharma, media, big tech, movie industry(CIA), media, mining, farming, etc. I think it would be wise to get in touch with our police and army friends that are awake.

        • Good morning Fred,
          It’s going to take the army and the police and we the people that care enough to take back our country and freedom, and that goes for the rest of the world.
          Maybe ask your army friends if they will be willing.

  2. Check the stats. Disease worse where lockdowns and masks still exist. Take vitamin D and ivermectin if infected. That’s it !

    • Absolutely, take 10,000 units from October to March daily of Vitamin D, I take a lemon gel liquid from a nutritionist

    • Also zinc very important. I suspect it’s much like any other flu, get out and get sunshine on your face and breathe in some fresh air.


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