Calgary’s Muslim Mayor Approves “No God BUT ALLAH” Public Broadcast During Ramadan

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True or False, the concept of “multiculturalism” as founded by former Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was established for the purpose of creating social equality among all identifiable communities in Canada.

This was the year of 1971. Fast forward to 2020 Canada, and another Trudeau family member is today the leader of our nation. Fair to say Trudeau Jr. is the most vehement proponent of “diversity” ideology in our post-Pierre Trudeau nation.

Justin has been “all-in” on multiculturalism since the moment he ascended to the “throne” of Canada in the year 2015.  The man is still prime minister in 2020.

With this as a back-drop, let us consider the recent decision of Canadian mayors and city councillors who have pushed the public broadcasting of Islamic Ramadan prayers upon the majority of citizens in Ottawa, Halifax, Mississauga, and several other Ontario locations.

When translated from their original Islamic verse, the messaging of these Ramadan prayers includes the following script:

There is no god but Allah.” How fascinating.

So it turns out that these foolish and naive city councillors have approved this public pronouncement for one singular community— the Muslim citizenship of Canada.

Are these folks bad and awful citizens? CAP doesn’t see any claim of this nature from legitimate news and media outlets.

Has Halifax city council considered the actual messaging contained within? We doubt this would make one iota of difference to this brand of “globalist thinker.”

In fact, the only idea Brampton City Council has regarding any form of push-back, or even questioning, of this odd-ball agenda is singular in form:

You people are racists—end of communication. Now, let us “haters” and “bigots” issue another point: which major religions, other than Islamic Canada, has had their core liturgy blasted in the public square in a similar capacity?

The answer, of course, is none of them. Halifax Council to the rescue— Christian church bells have rung for decades in the public square.”

Salient Question Time: Do the tens of thousands of patriots who read CAP writing believe the following two examples are identical in nature:

1) The ringing of church bells in Calgary, Alberta

2) A message that there is no God but Allah

CAP Conclusion: There is no comparison whatsoever. Halifax City Council Conclusion: You people are racists.

To provide balance, it is not as though the job description for a Canadian city councillor is rooted in a firm knowledge of Charter Rights, International law, Human Rights and other fundamentals of civil law.

Yet, from our experience, Halifax Council are a collection of political lightweights. Nova Scotia is one of few regions which is around 20 years behind-the-times—the very reason  why King Justin of Canada begins most globalist assaults these days within the Atlantic provinces.

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Out in Calgary, Alberta, Muslim Mayor Nenshi has also approved the “No God But Allah” public presentation. Does his personal faith make the situation somehow worse, or more extreme?

Not really. Yet it does serve as an excellent microcosm for the state of Canadian society under the iron-clad thumb of pseudo-dictator, PM Justin Trudeau.

Question Guaranteed By Bring About Accusations Of Racism:

Why the “special privilege” for Canada’s Islamic community? From our perspective this began when half-Pakistani citizen,MP Iqra Khalid— along with her best girlfriend “multicultural” non-profit buddies— got hyper- aggressive and installed the M103 “Islamophobia” motion within society.

In an incredible “coincidence”— M103 verbally identifies just one Canadian religious community— the Nation of Islam.  No Christianity, no Judaism mentioned at all.

Please do tell, fellow patriots—where is the EQUALITY in this? Right—same place it is for the Ramadan prayer blast—nowhere at all.

CAP Proclamation: What Justin Trudeau and the Liberals claim is state of the nation is a lie. There is no social equality resulting from Trudeau-brand Liberal-Globalism.

If there was, Mr. Trudeau would not have spent the best part of four years running Anglophone Canada into the dirt.

“We failed the Jewish people,” utters the Liberal-Globalist. Which ones, Justin? The boat people on the St. Louis? All Jews in 1942? Or do you mean ALL Canadians dead or alive?

Witness how King Trudeau just branded our entire nation racist from head-to-toe. This, from a PM who was elected into office largely by Anglophones, Christians and other non-3rd World Canadians.

Thanks for the payback, King Justin. Turns out his “no core identity” nation may be growing a fresh, new “core” identity.

Without concluding exactly what this includes, CAP will stand by one idea:

It doesn’t include those PM Trudeau dislikes—Anglophones, Christians, Conservatives, Albertans, nationalists, patriots, and various other strands of Old Stock Canada.

Here is your “equality” as a result of Pierre & Justin Trudeau-brand “multiculturalism.” Calgary’s Mayor Nenshi and his Ramadan push is simply a by-product of this destructive ideology.


6 thoughts on “Calgary’s Muslim Mayor Approves “No God BUT ALLAH” Public Broadcast During Ramadan”

  1. If they are so devoted to their religion, why do they need to be told when it’s prayer time, should they not know when to pray? Maybe they could get an app for their phones?

    • Because the nature of the “religion” is to spread it throughout the world…and these foolish Canadian mayors are assisting in the process.

  2. Hey, genius. The word, “Allah” just means “God” in Arabic. When Christian Arabs pray, they also use the word, “Allah”, so a correct translation of the call to prayer would be, “There is no god, but God.” In other words, there is only one God.
    Now maybe you had better calm down stop getting your knickers in a knot because of a two-minute call that is only heard once a day.


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