Calgary Stampede Transitions To Tribute to Islam, LGBT

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Is nothing sacred? That last bastion of masculinity, the Calgary Stampede, has been transitioned to a vehicle for promotion of gay and transgender political activism.

Equally as disturbing is PM Justin Trudeau’s leveraging of the Stampede to endorse his favourite pastime– a promotion of Islam throughout Canadian society.

Despite their incongruous nature, Islam and LGBT are being systemically advanced to the pinnacle of the social totem pole in post-modern Canada. Those who believe the phenomenon is organic in development should think again.

An outgrowth of World Economic Forum-based ideology, Justin Trudeau has taken it upon himself to transform our nation into a condition no Canadian ever asked for.

Those concerned with Canada’s historical trajectory take heed. On its way to becoming the western world’s first neo-communist society, Canada is a hi-jacked nation. Justin Trudeau is thrilled by the prospect which is, in reality, the fulfillment of so-called father Pierre Trudeau’s original globalist “social contract.”

‘A Debt Of Gratitude’: Trudeau Thanks Ismaili Community At Calgary Stampede Breakfast’

Justin Trudeau states that “Ismailis still approach him to express their gratitude for the work his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, did in bringing members of the community to Canada in large numbers.”

Wunderbar. Ismaili Muslims recognize Aga Khan IV as the 49th hereditary Imam. The largest Ismaili community in the world is in a place called Gorno-Badakhshan.

Wherever that is, it’s a giant leap from there to Calgary, Alberta. 

One must understand liberal logic of the woke variety. Namely, there isn’t any, resulting in an ability by PM Trudeau to fuse a small Muslim sect with cowpoke time in Calgary.

Almost as inane is this year’s LGBT infusion into the Stampede:

‘Drag Takes Over Stampede Amid Pride Day Celebrations’

“Calgary’s LGBTQ+ community took centre stage on Stampede grounds Saturday, with the festival hosting Pride Day festivities at Nashville North filled with rainbow flags, drag and queer love.”

Queer love? No wonder Trudeau comes running with rainbow-coloured shoes on. What a bizarre figure Canada has in its 22nd prime minister. After dashing to celebrate the love, Trudeau hustles down to pay tribute to fundamentalist Islam.

That media has not a problem with the incongruity speaks to the willingness of our press to assist in fulfillment of Trudeau’s socialist revolutionary agenda.

Cultural Action Party go where no one else will. One aspect of the “running of the Hetero” never spoken of by the press goes as follows:

LGBT-Pride-Transgender have a certain commonality: all roads lead to an absence of children– a circumstance that runs counter to a Canadian government directive to grow our population.

Our demographic is aging rapidly. To offset the phenomenon, Justin Trudeau has established the highest per-capita immigration quota on earth. Yet, simultaneously, our PM is promoting the hell out of non-offspring producing LGBT politics.

Why? Does the dynamic not sound counter-intuitive? Perhaps not so much, when one factor is introduced to the situation. From which communities does Canada’s LGBT community derive? From all accounts, white Canadians are the ones. The result is minimization of reproduction, seemingly counter to government’s demographic mandate.

“Conspiracy theory!,” scream woke warriors. We come to understand how  Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution” rolls. For one thing, the directive comes from beyond our borders. Media won’t tell you, but government’s Islamic/LGBT policy comes straight outta the gate from World Economic Forum’s ideological belief system.

Then we have PM Trudeau’s personal attitude toward gender. By all accounts, this man has a problem with masculinity. Trudeau is hung up on LGBT, in particular its anti-masculine ideological foundation.

For Trudeau, no element of society shall be steeped in masculine identity. Even a bastion of maleness such as the Calgary Stampede must be inundated with feminization of the male species. It’s the Trudeau way, and for as long as he retains political power, it will be the case.

As will an incessant promotion of the Nation of Islam, front-and-centre since the day our PM gained his political perch back in October, 2015.

“Drag queen and activist Victoria Bucholtz was given the Western Trailblazer award at the event. The honour in part for her work in organizing events to oppose protests at city drag events in early 2023.”

“The homophobic and at times violent protests impacted events like drag story time at Calgary Public Library location and Drag on Ice.”

Let the pity party begin. Interesting to note how Canada’s Islamic enthusiasts play the same victim-of-bigotry card. “This is hate,”— end of story.

Justin Trudeau really does believe in social equity. Heartless to the core– as all narcissists are– he uses all communities equally.

White, Black, Asian, Gay, Christian, Muslim, First Nations. Each one leveraged by government to play their part in a neo-communist “conversion” of Canadian society.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.

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  1. Dang. Dream over. I thought Trudeau was clutching his chest–About to drill his proboscis into the dirt–Because of a heart attack from “unknown causes.”


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