Buried Trudeau Assassination Attempt Speaks Of Government-Media Collusion

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In 2021, the Socialist Equality Party of Canada urged RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces to order government to disclose investigations into an attempted assassination of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“On July 2, 2020, CAF reservist Corey Hurren crashed his truck, laden with high-powered firearms, through the gates of Rideau Hall, the site of Trudeau’s temporary residence.”

“After Hurren was detained, corporate media and political establishment went to work to downplay and cover up the incident.”

Thus far in Canadian history, no prime minister has ever been assassinated. In 1995, a failed attempt on the life of PM Jean Chretien occurred. In October, 2014, prime minister Stephen Harper was threatened with assassination.

A plot to kill Pierre Trudeau was once reported, but no actual attempt on his life is found on record. According to a January, 2008 article in the Toronto Star, an American mobster was quoted as stating:

“My job was to kill Pierre Trudeau. “I’m glad that I didn’t.”

In July 2020, Canadian Armed Forces reservist Corey Hurren was charged with uttering a threat to cause death or bodily harm to Justin Trudeau.

Subsequent media reports spoke of Mr. Hurren wanting “to arrest Trudeau,” as well as his desire to talk with Trudeau— a backtrack from an “intent to cause death” criminal charge.

Stéphanie Dumoulin, RCMP national spokesperson:

“Although the review is now completed, this document is meant to be used for law enforcement purposes only and its findings are therefore not for public consumption.”

Justin Trudeau’s post-modernism means that media now function as a branch of government. The role of mainstream media is one of Liberal Government protectionism. What can fit the fill as precisely as a cover-up of an assassination attempt?

“Selective summaries of the document had been provided to the media by officials. Corey Hurren alleged that Trudeau was overseeing the creation of a “communist dictatorship” in Canada.

Cultural Action Party do not promote or condone violence. We will, however, point to the fact that Justin Trudeau’s “management style” is capable of driving common sense Canadians to the brink.

Outside of political labels, both right and left-leaning citizens would be hard-pressed to deny the following:

PM Trudeau is in the process of overseeing some form of unprecedented “woke revolution” in Canada. While indications had been present since day one in office, the Covid pandemic has driven the phenomenon into the stratosphere.

Can it be that Justin Trudeau has overstayed his welcome as prime minister? Big bucks flow from government to media to play pretend regarding his popularity.

All indications inform us that Mr. Trudeau should “get out while the getting’s good.”

9 thoughts on “Buried Trudeau Assassination Attempt Speaks Of Government-Media Collusion”

  1. The accused is correct. Trudeau is trying and succeeding in his master’s goal of destroying Canada and turning our country into a Commie hell hole.

  2. Trudeau is running more of a crony capitalist system. Look at all the Chinese money that flowed into the Trudeau Foundation after he became the leader.

    That alone is serious evidence of corruption, but the media regulators and police turn a blind eye and instead RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki has asked Canadians to turn in other Canadians that are posting anti government information.

    This is like what happened in Eastern Europe under Communist control, getting citizens to rat out other citizens for being anti government. Canada is supposed to be a Democracy with the right to dissent as is protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


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