Buried By Media: U.S. Lawmakers DEMAND Trudeau Cancel NUCLEAR WASTE Plant Project in Canada

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A bipartisan group of U.S. House members from Michigan wrote Friday to Canada’s leader, expressing their “strong opposition” to that country’s possible plans to locate a nuclear waste repository near the Great Lakes.

The four federal lawmakers told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,We write to you out of deep concern regarding reports that Canada is moving closer to selecting a permanent national repository for harmful nuclear waste along the shores of the Great Lakes. Allowing a permanent nuclear waste storage facility anywhere near the Great Lakes basin, for any amount of time, is a risk we cannot afford to take.”

CAP say “no compute.” Is, or is not, Justin Trudeau the foremost carbon tax pusher on the planet? Is this man not the climate change “warrior of the western world?”

Of course he is. Why then would he even consider this nuclear waste dump– a bona fide climate change enemy of the highest order? Is this not the hypocrisy of the century?

Of course it is– the very reason why CBC, CTV, Toronto Star, National Post and Globe & Mail are presently BURYING the story. The source article comes from a Detroit, Michigan news publication.

Consider this concept: The Globe & Mail issue their daily hard copy edition. The headline of the cover story reads something like this:

“Justin Trudeau Enforces National Climate Change Tax While Building Nuclear Waste Repository in Canada.”

Now, imagine the public’s reaction to this incredible development. Mr. Trudeau goes into a nation-wide trash bin, his rule of over Canada is compromised, and he is exposed as exactly what he is: a fraud, a hypocrite, and a liar.

Outcome: Media eschew the entire affair, thereby protecting our illustrious prime minister’s run as Canada’s ersatz dictator-in-waiting.

True, or not so true: Building a nuclear waste dump is a undeniable enemy of a healthy environment. It’s one thing for a Trudeau hero-nation like Iran to do so. It’s an entirely different beast when a climate change scaremonger and tax-fascist like Trudeau does it.

“The effects nuclear energy have on the environment pose serious concerns that need to be considered, especially before the decision to build additional nuclear power plants is made. High amounts of carbon dioxide are emitted in activities related to building and running the plants. Nuclear power plants use uranium as fuel.”

“The process of mining uranium releases high amounts of carbon dioxide into the environment. Carbon dioxide is also released into the environment when new nuclear power plants are built. Finally, the transport of radioactive waste also causes carbon dioxide emissions.”

And despite this and other environmental travesties, Mr. Trudeau is considering building this dump of a nuclear waste dump.

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Last month, the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved an amendment introduced by Dingell and Upton expressing the sense of Congress that the United States and Canada should not allow long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel or other radioactive waste near the Great Lakes remain active for hundreds of thousands of years.

There are several issues with burying the radioactive waste. Waste would be transported in large trucks. In the event of an accident, the radioactive waste could possibly leak.

There is no current solution to deal with the issue of radioactive waste. Some scientists feel that the idea of building more nuclear power plants and worrying about dealing with the waste later has the potential of a dangerous outcome.

What can one say beyond this? The truth is irrefutable, and so is the CBC and media cover-up of the nuclear waste plant repository.

Welcome to Justin’s “no core identity” Canada– the land where government hypocrisy and public deception have come along to replace the national identity personally cancelled by Canada’s pseudo-dictator, Emperor Justin Trudeau.




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    • Nothing that can poison our planet as fast or thoroughly as nuclear power and its offshoot waste is “the way to go”. Youre an idiot.


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