Buried Treasure: Trudeau Sells Off All CANADIAN GOLD, Selling Gold Industry To China

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“The former director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is calling on the federal government to scrutinize the recent takeover of a Nunavut[Canadian] goldmine by a Chinese state-owned company.”

TMAC is among an increasing number of Canadian companies being bought up by Chinese corporations. In March 2020, the Trudeau government permitted Continental Gold to be bought up by China’s state-controlled Zijin Mining for $1.3 billion dollars.

The head of CSIS from 2009 to 2013, Richard Fadden, told the Globe and Mail that the federal government should “keep Canada’s national security  interests in mind when examining the purchase.”

“I think gold is pretty important for the world economy. China has enough of a grip on the world economy as it is, given its capital assets, so I would include gold.”

Justin Trudeau does not agree. Did you know? PM Trudeau has sold off all of Canada’s gold reserves. In a typical fashion, establishment media and CBC  treated this move as an all-but meaningless exercise.

According to Fadden, “the intelligence community has been increasingly worried regarding China’s investments in Canadian companies which skirt regulation.”

Yes—important to CSIS and the intelligence community—yet irrelevant to China’s conduit in Canada, Justin Trudeau.

In 2019, CAP uncovered a most curious situation involving the Liberal government of Canada’s sell-off of our gold reserves. The unpublished  information spoke of the funding of  a launch of a  “pan-African” currency headed up by the government of Libya.

As economic insiders understand, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have  maintained a “close-bond” with the Libyan government, facilitated mainly by way of troubled SNC-Lavalin contracts with Libyan “authorities.”

Pierre Gratton, president of the Mining Association of Canada, said the TMAC takeover has “raised eyebrows” within the industry because Shandong Gold Group is a Chinese state-owned enterprise.

What this media piece omits is that in reality,  all of China’s major corporations qualify as state-owned enterprises.

“China as a very large powerful authoritarian state acquiring assets in the Canadian Arctic, that concern is legitimate,” said Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in Global Politics at the University of British Columbia.”

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Watch and witness as CSIS, intelligence authorities, and mining executives warn our nation about China’s escalating control of Canada’s natural resources and gold mining take-overs.

Clearly, these folks are worried. Then there is the PM of Canada. He’s not worried at all. In fact, Mr. Justin appears to thrive politically despite his incessant dedication to the will of the government of China.

CAP Conclusion: Canada’s Liberal-Globalist puppet-boy” strikes again. Obvious as heck, blatant as black rain. What an absolute shock that CBC let the whole thing slide by without a single sentence of condemnation.

Of course, CAP theory states that both Justin Trudeau and CBC Corporation now work on behalf of the government of China.

This we call “post-modern” Canada. It is Justin Trudeau—and only this man—who forced a “post-modern” identity upon an unsuspecting Canadian populace.

As CAP opine incessently, the fading former Great White North is definitely “post-something.”

Try Trudeau-brand “post-allegiance to Canada.”  How about a “post- democratic” nation? Post- freedom of the press is a good call. Add to this post rule-of-law. Just as it is in the Trudeau family hero-nation of China.

Turns out all three levels of the Trudeau “Dynasty”– Justin, brother Alexandre and Pierre Trudeau before them– fell in love with the communist nation decades ago.

Trudeau’s decision to dump all holdings of gold soon after he slipped on his Canadian royal crown is entirely suspect. Why did he do this–especially so early(two months) in his tenure? Logic informs that this must have been a pre-meditated decision.

It’s not as though this would be a spontaneous, off-the-cuff decision–even for the reckless, maturity-impaired Justin Trudeau.

BURIED BY MEDIA:  Justin Trudeau’s Brother Alexandre Worked As  Film Maker For GOVERNMENT OF IRAN

“The [Trudeau] government of Canada has wound down its gold reserves to basically nothing after a multi-year strategy of selling them off in favour of hoarding other countries’ currencies instead.”

According to the Department of Finance’s official international reserves data released Thursday(March 19th, 2016), Canada’s gold reserves were down effectively to $0.”

 Here is where it gets mighty intriguing. In 2016, the Canada-Libya Chamber of Commerce came into existence. The president is uber-rich Sara Bronfman, daughter of the man Canadian writer Mordechai Richler branded as “Canada’s Most Famous Bootlegger”— Edgar Bronfman.

According to The Ecologist, “Qaddafi’s government held 143 tons of goldThis gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French franc (CFA).”

In other words, to establish a pan-African currency based on the currency of a militant, oppressive Islamic regime-Libya. Holy crow–the former CEO of SNC-Lavalin who got busted big-time was a Libyan national. SNC-Lavalin are known to hold major contracts with the Libyan government.

Fast-forward to Justin Trudeau’s 2020 Canada, and government are approving China’s tyrannical reach into our nation’s natural resources industry–courtesy of our ruling Liberal government.

Salient Political Observation: The prime minister of Canada once again is caught–by CAP that is– of working for the two entities his Liberal Cabinet are most concerned with:

Islam, and China. True or not true: By way of the information included herein, the number one and two benefactors of natural resource policy in Canada is the Nation of Islam, and the Nation of China.

Anyone who is surprised by this strange “coincidence” will be derived from one of the following:

Those who believe what CBC deliver. Those that believe what print media– National Post, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, and Montreal Gazette have to say.

Canadians brain-washed by a globalist-worshipping, Anglophone-hating university and educational system.

Yes– “there’s gold in them there hills”-– and Justin Trudeau has decided it should all belong to China rather than Canada. Yes, government has turned down some of the plethora of foreign offers to buy up Canadian industry and resources.

READ MORE: Can Justin Trudeau Rule Canada Without Communist China RULING JUSTIN TRUDEAU?

Yet, the fundamental Liberal-Globalist sellout by the Liberal Party of Canada remains “written-in-stone”— just like Trudeau’s covert agenda to trans-ition Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)







40 thoughts on “Buried Treasure: Trudeau Sells Off All CANADIAN GOLD, Selling Gold Industry To China”

  1. Trudeau did not own all of Canada’s gold resources. He was the head of a de facto authority that was to act as a trustee of the landmass for the benefit of the inhabitants.

    So much for trying to go back to the gold standard.

        • Democracy is mob rule. He didn’t destroy democracy at all. He used it to his advantage. He nurtured the leftist mob and let them destroy our rights because they are too stupid to realize that the more they throw dirt at those who are fighting for our freedoms, the bigger the hole they are digging for themselves.

          The cult behind him is a lot smarter than you think. They don’t have to work for a living because they just steal from others — they have lots of time to plan and execute.

      • Because we’ve been indoctrinated to believe that a for-profit corporate government is our only choice for a government.

        And these for-profit corporate governments run parties against one another to indoctrinate you to believe that you are voting, once every 4 years for the decision makers, when in fact they are merely actors following the script they’ve been given, just as mainstream media does.

        Bottom line is that they all exist and live off us because we let them. No other reason.

        Polictics = poli (many), tics (parasites).

  2. This has to be stopped! China will soon own a lot of land in Canada! Next will be the Chinese military( read security) to protect their interests. That is equivalent to invasion, worse than the Muslim one.

    • Unfortunately, you missed the news: Harper gave them the Potash industry and the right to maintain security forces back in 2014-2015. Trudeau gave them the gold resources and passed legislation in 2019 to allow them to maintain security forces on Canadian soil without the knowledge or consent of municipalities.

      Communism is entrenched in Canada at every level of society. Corporate Canada doing business with Communist China is not news anymore. Our land has been totally invaded and we are doing nothing about it, except complaining of course.

      Why do you think that Trump has kicked China out of the USA? The Chinese and UN are working hand-in-hand to colonize Canada and are almost complete and we do nothing, but rely on the traitors to behave and suddenly change their spots.

    • A Muslim one ? what does that mean ? Quote” Four years after Canada’s founding in 1867, the 1871 Canadian Census found 13 European Muslims among the population.”

      • Wayne, can you point me to the source for this statistic as it is really important to combat the constant government reference to ‘Canda was built on immigration’? Thanks

        • The story that “Canada is a nation of immigrants” is in 2020 a globalist lie. Even as Trudeau works to desroy English Canada, the MAJORITY of Canadians today were born on Canadian soil. One related goal is that Trudeau will work to make EVERY MP in his party a 3rd World-born individual–imo.

    • I am Muslim and I was born and raised in this country and I love Canada . Everyone here in Canada are immigrants who came from Europea and various places . The First Nations people were the first people of this land

      • Wayne: The word “immigrant’ has been redefined–To fit the “post national/no core values” false narrative of “We’re all immigrants.” In 1970; Canada–Indeed; all Western countries–Were Caucasian. An immigrant is one from a foreign country–Unrelated to the West. The Scots/English/Irish/Scandinavian/Australian/New Zealand/South African people who came here–As settlers/founders were “lateral transfers. Not “immigrants.” An immigrant comes from a foreign country–To one that’s already a functioning society. The infrastructures/homes/buildings have already been built. Don’t include Euro-Canadians–My grandparents, and the founders of this country–As “immigrants.” It has been shown–By DNA analyses, and other bodies of (petty self-evident) studies/scientific disciplines….That all Whites/European origin. We are descendants of the same stock. I won’t cite any sources. They are abundant, and readily available. One only has to have the interest, and the discipline to do some basic research. This propaganda has its roots in Pierre Trudeau’s Third World “multiculturalism.” The insidious nature of this “ism” has been exposed ad infinitum. Canada has the dubious distinction of being the only country on earth hell bent on destroying its own people/culture/history/heritage. The other Western countries aren’t too far behind; but still have more sense than this perverse Bizarro World. You love Canada. I don’t want to sound unfair; but I have a “politically incorrect” question: I’m curious–Have you rejected Sharia Law? Trudeau is slowly allowing that to creep into our governance.

  3. His sellout of Canada resources especially GOLD he will cripple this country making us all ponns and become a 3rd or4th world country With all his wealth investing in bitcoin he can pay back the government FAT CHANCE

  4. The Dope and Gerry are taking Canada to a civil war. That is the war that will erupt when Alberta leaves confederation. Make no mistake Alberta will separate, that’s set in stone!! Go Alberta Go

    • Civil war is the communist goal to re-invent Canada as a post- Anglophone and Christian nation. Probably post-Jewish as well. Covid is part and parcel of this pre-meditated Trudeau-blessed takeover.

    • There are hundreds to replace him.

      To get rid of him and his successors, one must change the style of government from corporatocracy with a theatre party system to a Republic, with no parties and where every electoral district elects an independent representative that can be recalled if they don’t follow the will of the People, etc.

      First you have to pulll the root out. Then you plant an awesome and proven ‘plant’ that will bear great fruit.

        • Of course I know — that was the point of the 14 years of intense research and why I’ve asked you to join myself and my colleages in establishing a Constitutional Republic of New Ontario…no parties, a constituion for the People by the People.

          The new ‘normal’ must be installed at the Provinical level because Canada was never confederated. EVERY province and territory is a soverign landmass (nation state).

          If you read the ‘Constitution’ even once, you can see that it is a commercial document (typical document of corporations) and says not one word about humans and further, that it applies only to inland and coastal waters. In other words, it is a document outlining the business set-up and corporate purpose of the for-profit corporate Government of Canada and the corporate Provincial Governments, is entirely centered around Admiralty/Mercantile Law and has nothing whatever to do with the landmass.

          What tricks everyone is that the corporations were named in a way that makes us think they are actually governments, when they are merely corporations in de facto authority by force.

          Moreover, the Charter was attached to this commercial document in 1982 by the same PM who strived mightly for the entire landmass to be ruled by communists/socialists. The Charter was framed to remove all possibility of getting to exercise one’s rights and freedoms because it requires humans to go before a corporate Judge (employee of the corporation) who will decide if you get to exercise your right.

          In other words, the one-two step involved in being able to claim and exercise your unalienable rights and freedoms is designed to turn these fundamental rights and freedoms into privileges that only corporate actors get to bestow on the corporation’s human resources.

          Our ‘governments’ are fraudulent, corrupt, criminal corporations who have deceived us for 2 centuries or more. The ONLY reason we continue to be enslaved by these corporations is because their ‘deflection and distraction’ schemes work beautifully. Instead of the People spending time creating a real de jure government and installing that, we are focussed on the latest clown in their theatre, while in the background there are countless more clowns carrying on the dirty work against us.

          Trudeau has little or nothing to do with what is happening to us. He is just the front man, an actor; the essential distraction.

          If anyone really wants to see how badly we have been extorted by the government mafia system, download the Municipal Act, 2001 of Ontario, scroll down to the section on Authority and look at s. 17(1) (a) – this will shock you, guaranteed. Here it states clearly that an Ontario municipality has NO authority to impose taxes, yet, when you ask the Treasurers, they obfuscate, threaten and take steps to steal and sell your property.

          SO THERE IS NO RULE OF LAW…the Constitution is the Rule Book and the present Constitution that they try to suggest is the Constitution that applies to the landmass and the People on it is the Rule of commercial activity.

          Until we write our own Rule Book, we are going to continue to be subjected to the whim of the corporate raiders who can sell, merge, do hostile take-overs, disburse some or all of its assets, including human resources, just as any corporation can do.

        • In fact, the original Constitution did not even mention human beings at all and further, it stated it applied only to coastal and inland waters (Admirality Law). We have been suckered into becoming slaves to corporations, plain and simple.

  5. What’s appalling is that no one in authority has the balls to stop a stupid fool from destroying the country.

    • That’s correct because they all swore allegiance to the corporate ‘Queen’/Crown that is now controlled by the Vatican through the UN, its One World Government implementation subsidiary corporation.


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