Buried By Media: Trudeau’s Small Town Demographic ASSAULT On Anglophone-Canada Begins

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“Work BC has estimated that the Thompson Okanagan Region will require 71,700 workers due to retirement and an additional 19,500 workers due to new economic growth from 2018 – 2028.

This equates to over 90,000 workers in the region required to ensure businesses can continue to thrive. This challenge is even greater at a provincial level with an estimated 903,000 job openings anticipated during this time.”

The challenge for communities is that due to the amount of looming vacancies the labour shortage cannot be filled solely by local residents or those entering the labour force.

Want to know about another challenge omitted from this narrative? It is the challenge of Anglophone Canada not to be overwhelmed by 3rd World immigrants. Just take a gander at those intake numbers.

Vernon, Canada last known population was 38 900 (year 2014).  If population growth rate would be same as in period 2011-2014 (+0.62%/year), Vernon population in 2019 would be: 40,076.

Sound like the Anglophone community of  Vernon B.C. will be trans-sitioned to a minority community to you? Media say nothing of this “insignificant by-product” of Canada’s new Rural Migration “Pilot” Program.

The program provides communities with the opportunity to work directly with employers along with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to create a permanent residency opportunity to attract skilled workers to the region.


Ontario locations include  North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Sautés Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay. In Manitoba, there’s Brandon and Altona/Rhineland. In Western Canada there’s also Moose Jaw, Sask, and Claresholm, Alta.

And truly–they’ve only just begun. 11 towns in 2020. Let’s say 34 towns in 2021. 65 towns in 2022. 100 towns in 2023. Keep on rolling in this capacity, and what ultimately transpires?

CAP will inform: Exactly what CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star will never print--a steady, incremental transition of white Canadians into minority communities throughout the fading former “Great White North.”

This is the unspoken element of these “economically-oriented” migration programs. And who, pray-tell, does the “unspeaking?” The very white(for the present) publishers, editors and leading journalists from Canada’s major media outlets.

Now why would these people–Old Stock Canadians in the main–hold back the fact that small towns with Old Stock majorities will over time become small towns with Old Stock minorities?

What, are the people of Canada to believe these developments to be some insignificant piece of benign nothingness? Think about a situation where patriot entities like CAP didn’t exist(what Trudeau is working towards via social media control). The entire escapade would go on in total silence.

No one mentions our demographic decline. How can we substantiate this? Easy as pie–because no media outlet mentions Anglo-Canada or Old Stock Canada in any capacity.

Watch and witness as white Canadians transition to our nation’s invisible people. Anyone recall the term “silent majority?” How about the term “silent minority?” You should because this is the path our people are being railroaded into by our ruling government.

And who are these folks again? Oh yes–they’re the government who are supposed to be working on behalf of the Canadian majority–who for the present( this will end) are Anglophone and Francophone-Canadians.

But this is all so “2014.” Justin Trudeau will have none of that democratic malarky. Once Justin took control of the destiny of our nation, all this came crashing down.

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A New Canadian Order is upon society, and the last people to be considered within “post-modern” Canada are white, heterosexual, and conservative Canadians.

As it happens, these people are today majority communities throughout rural Canada. Justin Trudeau wants this gone. To do this “house cleaning,” PM Trudeau appointed the best in the business–as in, the MP with the biggest chip on his/her shoulder regarding English Canada and its Anglophone peoples:

This person is half- Somalian citizen, Islamic fundamentalist African Refugee, MP Ahmed Hussen. Who held the Immigration Minister portfolio at the time the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program?

None other than Ahmed Hussen. It was under his tenure that a program to replicate the “white minority” ridings of the GTA within small town Canada.

As it happens, not only are Canadian media obfuscating the demographic component of our demise– they are burying the political aspect as well. It is a known fact that rural Canada tends to vote Conservative. The globalist’s pulling puppet Trudeau’s strings want this destroyed as well.

How to accomplish? Simple–fill the Conservative majority ridings with Liberal-loving 3rd world voters–most of whom know nothing about true democracy, as opposed to Trudeau-brand pseudo-totalitarianism.

“Perfect,” whispers backroom backstabber, Liberal advisor Gerald Butts. “I’m lovin’ it,” bellows MP Ahmed Hussen.

Long Term Outcome: 90% of Conservative ridings go Liberal. The experiment is a giant success. Liberals get a lock on 90% of the 338 ridings which comprise Parliament. Liberals are hence-forth Canada’s government “for life.”

From here, it is merely a hop, skip and a jump to a one party state–the “utopian” vision ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau had for Canada, and which both of his sons–Justin as well as commie-in-the-shadows brother Alexandre Trudeau, dream of for the future of Canada.

From democracy to dictatorship. Anglophones as the silent, nemesis community. Ever notice what has occurred historically for silent, nemesis communities under oppressive, despotic governments?

Let CAP lay it out for you: Trouble, that’s what. Silent as a majority, silent as a minority, never referenced by government, never acknowledged by media.

If this is not the present social situation for Anglophone Canada, then you tell CAP what is.






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    • Much too late. The flooding and rigging are in full swing. Junior is doing exactly what his old man brainwashed and programmed him for.


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