Buried By Media: Pierre Trudeau Leading Perpetrator Of Residential Schools

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According to a Canadian University Indigenous Foundations report, the term residential schools refers to an extensive education system set up by the Canadian government and administered by Churches that had the “nominal objective of educating Indigenous children.”

“Damaging and equally explicit objectives of indoctrinating them into Euro-Canadian and Christian ways of living” was considered a primary goal.

When researching the topic of persecution of  Aboriginals in Canada, it is to be noted how most studies reference dual responsibility on the part of both government and the church. In general terms, Canadian media omit government and hold the church entirely culpable.

In uncovering bodies of 215 Aboriginal children found beneath Canadian residential schools, a curious omission is found. Establishment media are going all-out on the responsibility of the Catholic Church, while neglecting government’s role in the historic oppression of Indigenous peoples.

Wikipedia tells us that the residential school network was funded by the Canadian government’s Department of Indian Affairs, and administered by Christian churches

Between church and state, government held jurisdiction over these schools. Why is this truism being omitted from contemporary media narrative?  Can it be that media–as directed by government– want all responsibility directed toward the Christian church?

Turning toward personal culpability, major curiosities are discovered.

With the passage of the British North America Act in 1867, and the implementation of the Indian Act (1876), the government was required to provide Indigenous youth with an education and to assimilate them into Canadian society. The government collaborated with Christian missionaries to encourage religious conversion.”

“From the 1890s until the 1950s, the government tried constantly to shift the burden of the system onto the Churches.”

Enough of anecdotal evidence. Historical responsibility of the Liberal Party, as well as the Conservative Party, is factual. Just not for CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, National Post or Toronto Star.

Media reporting on residential schools deaths contain little if any reference to government responsibility. With the Pope in Canada as we speak, media focus has been monolithic. The Pontiff is here to apologize. It’s all the press speak of. Are serious students of history supposed to view this as coincidence? Is it not another notch in the belt of perpetual Christian-bashing on the part of media?

Who pays these people, anyway? That would be the Liberal Government of Canada. Looks to CAP like they both want the same things. A giant coincidence, is it?

The greatest Christian-bashers in the world are communist societies and fundamentalist Islamic governments. Canada’s prime minister and our mainstream media join them in ideological warfare.

Here’s an enlightening piece of information: From 1969 to 1978, control and maintenance of residential schools was in the hands the federal government of Canada.

The Liberal Party was the ruling government from 1968 to 1979. The prime minister throughout this eleven-year period was Pierre Trudeau.

What a fascinating discovery. On this basis, it’s fair to state that the prime minister most responsible for the residential school debacle is Pierre Trudeau.

Degree to which this theory has been presented within contemporary media? The correct answer is no degree at all. Why not? Are mainstream media interested in presenting historical truth, or are they indulging in a game of deception based on ulterior motives?

CAP’s opinion is that our ruling government and Canadian media function as a political team. On this basis, responsibility for deaths within residential schools is off-loaded to the Church, while government remain free of condemnation.

Is a covert war being waged on the Christian faith in Canada? Media’s “selective amnesia” plays into this theory. Christian-Canadians have been down-in-the-mouth since the day Justin Trudeau attained office.

Readers may wonder what all this is about. Much of it seems strange and unclear. That is, unless there is a “greater goal” at play. It comes in the form of what can be called a “Great Reset” agenda. One thing students of history will attest to– Christianity and Communism do not mix.

If Canada is being walked down a path for transition to a socialist state, it makes sense that an attack upon Christianity could be part of process. To confirm, take a look at the modern history of China. Justin Trudeau certainly has, as did father Pierre Trudeau before him. Is all this indicative of a transformative agenda at work within society?

Canadian media are today in the “Liberal Government Protection Industry.” Their assigned task being to insulate the Liberal Party from all admonishment regarding historical persecution of Aboriginals.

14 thoughts on “Buried By Media: Pierre Trudeau Leading Perpetrator Of Residential Schools”

  1. Lets not forget the Queens involvement in all of this, thanks Brad for saying the obvious that all media seem to ignore the governments involvement with this whole mess……It seems to be the Queen should be here apologizing also.

    • But why is it that Canadian society can never get past the Indigenous suffering dynamic. Not saying this to belittle historical fact. Rather, there is validity in the idea that GOVT AND MEDIA are using this to brand white Canadians malevolent. That it is part of a larger agenda to demonize white Canadians. On this basis, it’s a whole other ball game.

      • That has been the Liberal and NDP game plan all along.

        They ignore the fact that native tribes were constantly at war with each other indulging in slaughter, slavery and torture – Hurons vs Algonquins just one example. Look at the genocidal history of most European and Asian countries and Canada looks benign in comparison. The Spanish slaughtered and enslaved the natives in Mexico, Central and South America.

        The atrocities of Stalin against other countries and ethnicities was on a scale of genocide that was even worse than what Hitler perpetrated and lasted much longer. The genocide and atrocities against Tibetans and others is still going on in Communist China – the country Justin and Pierre admire so much.

    • Why? The queen had nothing to do with any of this. Did you even read the article ffs? This is all a turdo/cretin/turdo jr manufactured issue. Holes in the ground containing roots, rocks and nuts are merely holes in the ground. Takes a body to make it a grave. They didn’t find any bodies. You s***heels have been hyper-ventilating for months over nothing.


  2. “Damaging and equally explicit objectives of indoctrinating [Canadians into Woke, communist ways of living] was considered [Trudope’s] primary goal.”

  3. Why is there never put out facts about how many Indians were killed raped and inslaved by other tribes during indian wars
    The mohican nation was wiped out by other Indians not white men.

  4. Excellent reporting. Justin carries the story because he wanted a Floyd story for Canada and a place to kneel with a teddy bear. A perfect example of a photo schmaltzy.

  5. Why? The queen had nothing to do with any of this. Did you even read the article ffs? This is all a turdo/cretin/turdo jr manufactured issue.

  6. It’s the way of power, take what you need or want, regardless of the consequences. Point the finger at others when pointed at. All greedy power mongers are to blame. Politicians of all stripes come to mind.
    Currently, Russian “politics” are at their finest.

  7. Pierre Trudeau’s trip west on the train had the stop at Kamloops residential school where he said dispose of them they will be too much trouble otherwise they have no families


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