Buried By Media: Justin Trudeau’s Systemic Attack On Christian Canada

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It’s not only him. Not by a long shot. Yet, when it comes to assessing a figurehead for a trend within a society,  people often  go straight to the top.

CAP is no different. Not that assigning responsibility for a re-invention of Canadian society shouldn’t land on the shoulders of a national leader.

In terms of an erosion of Christianity, our prime minister is the number one purveyor. In this regard, Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada has become a curious political creature.

With assistance from media, our Liberal government are playing a nasty game of social inversion. We consider a suitable metaphor: the structure of icebergs in the world’s oceans. 10% can be viewed from above the surface of the water, while 90% remains below the surface.

As applied to government and media, it well serves our purposes well. For example, the degree to which so-called “Islamophobia” is addressed by the woke Bermuda Triangle that is government-media-academia in Canada.

While CBC fret over prejudice against Muslim-Canadians, what amounts to a hostile systemic attack on Christian Canada sits quietly below the surface.

The period of China’s Covid dissemination throughout the planet delivers a major blow to Christian Canada. For reasons never explained by media, dozens of churches and Christian pastors were harrassed, arrested, and in several cases, placed in a prison cell.

The same never occurred for other religious communities, who no doubt breached government’s “anti-gathering” pandemic mandate in equal proportion.

On the topic of Christian churches, we regurgitate the disgrace that was government response to a burning of dozens of churches in reaction to reported “mass grave discoveries” beneath former residential schools. The bodies never materialized.

Justin Trudeau responded by branding some 40 arson attacks as “understandable.” The idea that similar action directed at Canadian mosques would illicit a similar response is a sad joke– it would never occur.

What’s Trudeau and the Liberals exact problem with the Christian faith? A look at federal legislative policy reveals a plethora of anti-Christian, not to mention downright immoral legislative measures.

Abortion: anti-Christian. Euthanasia: against Christian principles. Transgenderism, the very same. We stand witness as Team Trudeau work to undermine religious morality of the Christian variety.

Media say nothing. Cultural Action Party has followed these political developments every day since a political miscreant became prime minister in 2015. A religous dichotomy has existed throughout. Islam good, Christianity bad.

Why would this be? On a demographic basis, around 65% of our citizenship derive from secular or religious Christian background. Islam stands at approximately 4%.

When campaigning for votes, wouldn’t it make more sense to please the 65% rather than the 4%? Justin Trudeau does the opposite, pandering to the degree of coming across as some form of political prostitute, complete with long cotton robes as worn by IMAMs and such.

A recent development sheds light on the assault. B.C. Provincial Health Care Minister Adrian Dix is not happy. He thinks it’s wrong for doctors at Catholic Hospitals to refuse to administer assisted dying to patients.

“B.C.’s health minister is pushing a Catholic health organization to change a policy that bars medically assisted dying in its facilities.”

Can we get a witness? We have here is an example government pushing Christian institutions to abandon their religious principles. How “communist-like” of the Health Minister. In China, this comes as a standard of society. Now, as advanced by the most extreme Euthanasia regime on the planet(Canada, not China), the phenomenon arrives on Canadian soil.

A solid segue it is. Media will never tell you that the entire phenomenon is laced with Marxist and communist ideology.

From 1966 to 1976 during the Cultural Revolution, the expression of religious life in China was banned. Government began to crackdown and persecute all religions. This forced the Christians to go underground to avoid getting executed by the communist government.”

“During the Cultural Revolution believers were arrested and imprisoned and sometimes tortured for their faith. Bibles were destroyed, churches and homes were looted, and Christians were subjected to humiliation.”

In terms of historical socialist revolutions, Christianity existed as a thorn-in-the-side for despots such as Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and other political despots. In each case, followers of the Christian faith were persecuted by government.

Does Canada now qualify? If it does, you won’t be hearing a peep about it from our mainstream press. Transition to “Islamophobia,” it’s the belle of the woke political ball in post-modern Canada.

As media focus on the 10% of the social iceberg, while a systemic attack on the 90%– our Christian component– goes undetected. If this isn’t pure Trudeau Liberalism, than nothing is.

For those who believe it to be purely domestic affair, we have some news for you. Let us consider media reporting on the persecution of Christians on a world-wide basis.

Media coverage of this topic is a disgrace. Each and everyday within so-called “developing nations”– the ones the Liberals are providing with billion in foreign aid– persecution of those of the Christian faith runs rampant.

January 18, 2023:  “Violence against Christians is most extreme in Nigeria where militants from the Fulani, Boko Haram, Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) and others conduct raids on Christian communities, killing, maiming, raping and kidnapping for ransom or sexual slavery”, the report stated.

As perpetually omitted by CBC, CTV, Global News, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star. Not that they fail to report on religious oppression. For example, when a Muslim schoolgirl has her Hijab torn off by some random guy on an Ottawa street.

Again, we witness the 10%/90% dynamic inherent within Canadian media. Are these institutions out to fool the general public, or what?

CAP claim they are– for “good” reason. One, they are working the will of their financial funding source, the Liberal government of Canada. Two, they share an ideological affinity with the Feds. Anti-Christian, pro-Islam is the way they roll at the CBC.

Communism and Christianity are antithetical in nature. Justin Trudeau, like the person who set up the structure in the first place, Pierre Trudeau, are communist affectionados. It all makes sense–the very reason that 40 million Canadians will never be privy to a form of analysis along these lines.

Are the Liberals out to transition Christian-Canadians to a socio-political relic? CAP go all-in on the concept. Demographics add momentum to our claim. Immigration will in time transfer Canada’s historically dominant faith to a fraction of what it is at present.

Perhaps it’s all about the future for the Liberals. Anglophone birth-rates are taking a deep dive, while 3rd World religious communities expand at a rapid rate.

The future of Christian Canada is dubious at best. Dollars-to-Tim Horton’s donuts this is exactly what Justin Trudeau wants, communist “enthusiast” that he is.

6 thoughts on “Buried By Media: Justin Trudeau’s Systemic Attack On Christian Canada”

  1. Brad grab a heart, stay with political truths young man. It’s stunning how cold your take on such a thing as a child’s death could be. Learn something. Like doing a classier act. Holy cow. Clean up your act. It can only benefit you and your readers.

  2. anytime you don’t approve of brad’s propaganda, he will either not release your comment to his blog or call you a snowflake or something like this, the guy doesn’t see any other perception besides his, major tunnel vision or a grifter

  3. What’s to clean up here? The truth? It seems to me the fact that Christians are the most persecuted people’s on the planet might be of great interest in a civil society. Under mister ‘Absolutely not’ and ‘Its understable’ that persecution has now become an eceptable norm here in Canada. That should also be of grave concern to you here as well. Because when that happens it won’t be long before they come after you next. Kudos for Brad’s courage to tell the truth, I find that to be of great benefit as a reader here in Canadastan. THANKS CAP. Keep up the great articles.

  4. westernpatriot… they hate your religion the most, not because of whatever reason you posted or think of, its simply because “christianity” is mostly tied to europe, and europe deported these other “people” 140+ times over the course of history

    they hold grudges against europeans… now they they mostly own the wealth, its easy to become victimized by them… we’re just cattle to them

  5. “Islam good, Christianity bad.” When do the 65% reject this vile inversion of reality? Lord Jesus made it very clear when he said ” Hate the sin. Love the sinner.” There are multitudes of Muslims coming to know Jesus through dreams. That does not negate the fact that Islam preaches ‘kill the infidel’ which is Satanic. Brad..keep telling hard truths. It is the only thing that can restore Christianity to Canada.


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