Buried By Media: Justin Trudeau Establishes Islam As Canada’s MOST POWERFUL Religion

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“The Times They Are A’Changin” is a refrain from a protest song that resonated throughout North American society during the early 1960’s.

Applying this to contemporary Canadian politics under the rule of Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as distinction must first be made.

There are some societal changes which the general public become aware of, and others which they do not.

For CAP, much of the key to the success of the trans-formation of Canadian society is due to a lack of public awareness of government behaviour. Indeed, this accounts for myriad examples by way of Justin Trudeau and his pseudo-socialist Liberal government.

One fundamental transformation is being completely hidden from public view—the trans- ition of the Christian faith to a secondary religious power in Canada, and its replacement with the Islamic faith.

Truly, the examples are endless—unless a Canadian happens to follow CBC News exclusively. From what CAP can see, the Liberal government has unrolled a covert plan to replace Christianity as our nation’s leading religion.

Anecdotal evidence could fill up the back of a 2019 Ford F150 pick-up truck. In all seriousness- there is too much of it to list all the examples.

Since the day Mr. Trudeau assumed the crown of Canada, this man has advanced, promoted, funded and indemnified one specific religion in Canada, while eschewing a similar privilege for non-Muslim faiths.

Absolute favouritism. Degree to which Globe & Mail expose this? You got it—zero percent. The latest example are three levels of government—federal, provincial and municipal— and their ubiquitous coast-to-coast promotion of Ramadan.

Hey Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jones of Ottawa. Don’t enjoy Islamic prayers blasted into your ears while walking to a refurbished Safeway in your neighbourhood?

Too bad folks—you’re racists—according to Anglo-basher Shree Paradkar of the Toronto Star. 

So why are Toronto Star, National Post, Global News, CTV, Montreal Gazette and Calgary Herald hiding away the fact that Islam is set to become one of the most powerful social forces in Canada between the years 2020-2030?

Simple as Nova Scotia apple pie: because PM Justin Trudeau, MP Bill Morneau, MP Ahmed Hussen, Liberal cabinet and caucus, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia instructed them to do so.

Don’t you know? This Trudeau character is a “post-modern” PM. This means he works for non-Canadian forces such as the United Nations above and beyond the country of Canada.

Degree of mainstream media exposure? Zero percent. 

Why? What is the actual reason that government and media are collaborating to deceive 37.8 Million Canadians in this fashion?

CAP will respond first: because we believe that Canada’s days as a democratic nation are numbered. Within 30-40 years—of course it may be less— our nation will transition from democracy into a dictatorship.

BURIED BY CBC: Trudeau Sells Off All CANADIAN GOLD, Selling Gold Industry To China

Salient Question Of The Day: Which religious faith—Christianity or Islam— is more conducive to a pseudo-totalitarian society?

It is here that what CBC and the rest are holding back is found. The religion of Islam is being leveraged by Justin Trudeau to put an end to freedom and democracy in Canada. Media are driving this on behalf of the Liberal-Globalist agenda.

Yet, it is important to remain very clear about what is being put forth here: it is not the idea that somehow Islamic-Canadians are intrinsically bad citizens.

No—the point is that the Trudeau government are intrinsically deceitful, and are at this very moment utilizing communist-style propaganda borrowed from China to disparage the Christian faith, and advance the Islamic faith.

Second Salient Question: Which identifiable Canadian community is more conducive to this axiomatic national transformation:

“Old Stock” Canadians, Anglophone and Francophone Canadians, Christian Canadians, Patriots and Conservatives

3rd World Canadians, Sikh Canadians, Muslim Canadians, and various other imports from non-democratic and non-Christian nations.

Now do you see why Trudeau is behaving in the manner he does toward English Canada, as opposed to 3rd World Canada?

Obvious as heck— the endless intake of 3rd World means Canada’s new voter contingent contingent either come from socialist and theocratic nations, or they lack a proper understanding of democratic theory.

This, is course, makes these new arrivals  a primary instrument in a transformation Canada from a free, democratic nation into an “unfree, socialist” society.

How odd-ball this situation is. Think about this a moment— the leader of Canada, rather than work to protect all that our country has stood for since its founding in 1867, is instead the leading DESTROYER.

CBC have other things in mind. For them, it is more pertinent to get the 8-3 score of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Ottawa Senators NHL game out to viewers as quickly as possible.

In other words, a stone-cold cover-up. This is the microcosm for society now that Canada has been hi-jacked by the Liberal government and their international socialist and theocratic political backers.

Expect nothing buy “more, more, more” for as long as Mr. Justin Trudeau remains pseudo-dictator of the dying Great White North.


29 thoughts on “Buried By Media: Justin Trudeau Establishes Islam As Canada’s MOST POWERFUL Religion”

    • Please, if you want a better Canada check out “unifythepeople.ca” non-political group that need the numbers. We need the people to come together. The government cannot ignore us all.

      • Veterans Coalition Party of Canada Registered last, We are a True GrassRoots, No Politicians or the like. We have risen up from BC to NS and every Province in between. We are Canadians that are thoroughly fed up the the Political Atmosphere in Ottawa, We Are Canadians by Canadians for Canadians.

        Canadians Stronger Together

        George McMorrow
        VCP Cambridge

  1. JUSTIN is a COMMUNIST mainly because He DOES NOT know any Better but then again most Canadian’s SHOULD !

  2. The Doug says: They are called illegal aliens. I’m a redneck Albertan and I don’t give a flying F**k if you call me a racist. If Jerry and The Dope send those aliens out to Alberta we will shoot them at the border. We don’t need them or Islam. We are good Christians. Are U hearing me Dope?

    • Because they are ignorant to our Countries values and culture and will vote communism if brainwashed into. Aliens coming into the country across the border will hear free education for all public school students, free healthcare for everyone, and then they will vote for whoever offers them. Those things of course comes from straight from a Communist playbook/ manifesto.

      • 3rd migrants will support Trudeau’s post modern communist society–which in CAP’s opinion, is to be anti-Anglophone and anti-Christian, and likely anti-Jewish as well. Justin’s globalist backers have big plans for our future, and none of this will be inclusive of “old School” Canadians.

  3. Why is Rasism one sided when hostile people dony agree. Csnadians do not hold muslim cultrual values or islamic religion. No other country would allow others to come everyone in the world must be racist if they follow their own freedom of Canadisn values and religious beliefs we irradicate them and then force compeeting non democaratic, christian, canadian values. Who voted him in twice! Shame on you he doesnt pit Canadians first

  4. Just-an-ass Turd-eau is a TRAITOR to all Canadians. I saw a quote of his years ago where he said he loves islam! Imagine saying that about that horrendous socio/political/ religious SATANIC system! But then again nothing should surprise Canadians what comes out of that traitor’s pie hole!

  5. Trudeau’s old man, started to destroy Canada many years ago, His Son, Justin is doing what his father told him to do, destroy Canada. We so need in the next election, make the Federal Liberal Party Suffer with about 8 seats in the Parliment.

    Islam is not here to integrate, unlike every other religions who have come to North America, who all got along with each other, muslims do want to integrate, they are here to Dominate us
    Islam is NOT a religion, maybe a cult at most, but more of a Political system then a Religion
    Since the start of islam, 270 million People have died by at hands of muslims worldwide, it is not a religion of peace.
    To back up my facts watch this video and see for yourself – https://youtu.be/t_Qpy0mXg8Y

    • New Canadians don’t integrate? We are a melting pot..of special interest groups. Thst is the problem..everyone expects special treatment..

  6. I truly believe that we need to get this poor excuse for a human being out of office. Why should we have to wait for the next election, it has been proven by the ethics commission that he has broken the law not once but twice. Where he needs to be is in jail.

  7. When you consider what Brad said, and I quote:

    “The latest example are three levels of government—federal, provincial and municipal— and their ubiquitous coast-to-coast promotion of Ramadan.”

    Doesnt that ring some bells? Why would ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT agree and say/do the same thing? WHEN has that ever happened in the history of Canada?

    It hasn’t.
    Therefore it is someone else steering this shit and its NOT the Muslims.


    I havent see one Muslim screaming to have Ramadan over massive speakers. Have you?…. I can be the answer is no. So, let’s start asking the muslims IF any of these things are true rather than trusting the lying mainstream media. Let’s start becoming one.

  8. This is beyond words. We don’t go their country and force our beliefs, why in ours. I am a Christian, but i know many are not. I don’t force my beliefs on them, and since when should they be allow to force it on others. This is another communist dictatorship that is going on! The west needs to really decide to separate if the east feels they need to force their ways on us. We need MP’s to start standing up and do the right thing.

  9. Mr. Trudeau’s father was a communist ditatorship and so is his son . Justin is a Muslim that is why He accepted so many Muslims to comme to be establish in Canada . But Our Canada was once a Catholic practice religion . Today We have multi cultural people and multi religions . For myself I am an Evangelical christian & I will die an Evangelical christian . That has nothing to do with Liberal or conservatory separatisum or any other party

  10. Trudeau is plain and simple a Globalist and a Marxist who hates western principles and a sell out to his country ….basically a White Obama!

  11. George Soros is pulling the strings of this stupid prime minister. While he is taking down America, he may as well take down the neighbour. He is known for destroying countries.


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