Buried By Media: In 2013 Justin Trudeau Recited Islamic CONVERSION Prayer “Shahada”

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Blink, and you missed it. Just one article appeared on the strange and curious behaviour of Justin Trudeau when attending a Canadian Mosque.

It turns out that in 2013,  Mr. Trudeau recited an Islamic prayer which symbolizes a non-Muslim’s conversion to the Islamic faith.

Let CAP now place this situation in perspective:

Rosie Gabrielle, a solo Canadian traveler who  extensively traveled to Pakistan  and spent years exploring the country,  announced in 2019 that she has converted to Islam.

“For me, I was already technically a “Muslim”. My Shahada was basically a re-dedication of my life to the path of Oneness, connection and Peace through the devotion of God.”

All this “Shahada” business sounds like serious stuff. So what of Justin Trudeau’s prayer recital? What was the man’s motivation? Did Justin comprehend the true meaning of the prayer? Did the IMAM’s fool him into reciting the Shahada without his comprehension of its true meaning?

Hard to say, really. The answer, however, may lie in a family connection. Buried by Canadian media is the following information regarding Justin Trudeau’s brother, Alexandre Trudeau:

In the years following his father’s death, Alex Trudeau produced documentaries for Canadian television. In 2003, he was one of the highest-profile Canadian journalists covering the 2003 invasion of Iraq, producing a documentary film for the CTV program W5Embedded In Baghdad

What media conveniently omit is that Alexandre’s pro-Iranian film was co-produced by the media arm of the government of Iran. No wonder CBC and the rest omitted this little tid-bit.

Fact is, Alex Trudeau was at a certain time an employee of the Iranian government. It is not difficult to see why this would occur. Brother Trudeau is a card-carrying supporter of communism, China, Cuba, Iran and fundamentalist Islam in general.

Is this the path by which current PM Justin developed his dedication to all aspects of the Islamic faith? Perhaps citizenship for ISIS terrorists, as well as billions of tax dollars to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia paint a proper portrait of Mr. Justin.

How about entrenching the Nation of Islam within government? The power and influence of  MP’s Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid, Maryam Monsef, and Omar Alghabra during Trudeau’s 2015-2019 term in office reveals serious dedication to fundamentalist Islam.

How about a cool $50 Million tax-dollars gifted to “Multicultural” not-for-profit groups rumoured to have close ties with militant Islam. On the flip-side, Trudeau cancelled government funding for Christian Bible Camps if they didn’t sign on to the Liberal government’s mass fetus-destruction program.

Telling, isn’t it? Except for one tiny issue…CBC and the rest of Trudeau’s media puppets have not uttered a single word on all this nefarious Trudeau family behaviour.

Returning to the Shahada Prayer itself, we find the following:

It’s a daily prayer service with a particular meaning. Part of the prayer is called the Shahada, which in Arabic means “to testify.” As in, to testify to the Truth that Allah is the one true God, and Mohammed is his one true Prophet.

To say the shahada, in the presence of two or more Muslim males, is the SOLE requirement in Islamic law to convert to Islam.

Did Trudeau convert to Islam? Perhaps only his hairdresser knows for sure. CAP certainly cannot verify such a thing. Media certainly will never drill down on this. After all, it could finish off Justin Trudeau’s globalist grip upon the fading, former “Great White North”— and this will never occur by way of Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, or any other media entity.

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Regardless of the shenanigans of the Trudeau Family Dynasty and related media puppetry, one point is certain:

Subsequent to the election of Justin Trudeau as PM, Canada has morphed into a nation where Islam is today ubiquitous within our society. Coincidence? Please– do not make CAP cough into our Tim Horton’s cups--nothing about any of this is a coincidence.

It is almost unfathomable to believe that a mere six years ago, the Nation of Islam was all but meaningless within Canadian society. Of course, it was obviously “bubbling under” in a covert fashion. Otherwise there is no chance Islam could have “busted a move” so fast within our society.

Fast forward to 2020 Canada, and what do we find? Another media obfuscation– the idea that Justin Trudeau’s foolish and reckless behaviour has resulted in the establishment of a Western Canadian separatist party.

CAP Trans-lation: Exactly what CBC are presently burying–the advent of the Wexit Party of Canada may possibly result in the eventual break-up of Canada. Media say nothing.

Is this supposed to be a benign political development? Don’t think so, Mr. CTV. Therefore, once again media go to bat for the Trudeau Dynasty, United Nations, Globalism, Middle Eastern governments.

Freedom of press, or freedom of Trudeau to control Canadian media–and therefore the destiny of our nation. From Democracy to Dictatorship–this is the untold story of the decimation of Canada at the hands of the Trudeau family and their globalist string-pullers.




11 thoughts on “Buried By Media: In 2013 Justin Trudeau Recited Islamic CONVERSION Prayer “Shahada””

  1. I haven’t read so much bullshit in one sitting in a very long time. Speading lies and hate? Is this what your Mama raised you to do?

    • And did your ma raise you to sling mud behind a cartoon name ?
      Unless it is your real name?
      In which case let it be said none of this is false.
      It is common knowledge amongst Canadians who listen to / read outside main stream media.

  2. Brad, have you got a recording or official transcript of his recitation? Otherwise it is hearsay and while I have no doubt it is true, I need hard evidence for what I’m doing. Thxs.

      • I’ve done 14 years of non-stop indepth research and not just about Trudeau and the Liberals — most days 12-14 hours/day. I’ve sacrificed holidays and family events to inform myself and paid for the costs personally. I’ve done hundreds of Freedom of Information requests to all levels of government.

        When I find the info, I share because it makes no sense that we all have to re-research the same information over and over again.

        If you want to be taken as credible, just attach a link to the source document or video. Telling people to ‘do some research’ for something you already have, when they can be doing research on something that has not yet been exposed, is downright mean-spirited IMHO.

        We all need to be exposing new information as quickly as possible, so when someone has found ‘evidence’, they need to share widely and archive for later use and then quickly move on to exposing more and more. Playing coy with evidence is hardly going to help us change our situation.


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