Buried By Media: How PM Justin Trudeau’s DESTRUCTIVE Personality Is Destroying Canada

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“Some people are just born that way” is a well-known refrain to describe the nature of a person’s behaviour.

For Cultural Action Party of Canada, this serves as an excellent starting point for an analysis of the psychology of Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Considering the character of this man,  the manner in which media have depicted PM Trudeau must be part of the picture. For CAP, there is the “public” Trudeau, and what actually exists as the contents of his mental cognition.

The public image is one of a humanitarian, steadfastly dedicated to“troubled peoples” of the 3rd World. This is the image portrayed incessantly by CBC and corporate media backers, who consistently portray a false image of our “national leader.”

 Taking a look at the psychological manifestations as a son of 3-time PM Pierre Trudeau, an altogether different character is to be found.

As with all of us, the seed resides in childhood, and family upbringing. In terms of deviation from establishment media depiction, CAP couldn’t be more opposite to CBC and the rest.

Here is what we see: family dysfunction resulting from both the public, and private aspects of his parents behaviour. Truth is, Justin was an under-achiever while Papa Pierre was alive. Young Justin was a “Good Time Charlie” in his early years. Hence the costume years in office, when our PM was prancing around in India wrapped in silk East Indian garments—complete with those pointy shoes one sees in Bollywood films.

Unusual behaviour? Of course it is. Upon victory in 2015, Mr. Trudeau had plenty to prove. A “saviour-of-the-world” complex became hard-wired, as mother Margaret Trudeau’s bi-polar mental condition fuelled Trudeau like nothing else. Instantly, Canada’s freshly minted “King of Kings” was importing Syrian refugees, while attempting to do something which all but guaranteed the end of national sovereignty for Canada—a free trade agreement with China.

Here’s another little “gem” —hidden by media, of course. PM Trudeau has sold Canada’s Gold Industry to China. Did you know? One of the first moves Trudeau made was to sell ALL Canadian Gold—virtually the entire industry in Canada— to his beloved China.

Now, why it is that our PM behaves in this manner? Is the true motivation found in the stread-fast dedication Trudeau feels for these political situations?

Not a chance, and here is why: Justin Trudeau is not a very deep thinker. When others whisper into his ear, he tends to buy what they are selling, and come out-of-the-gate like a maniac to accomplish the goal.

Like a “maniac” — meaning a person with mania ingrained into their psyche— just like Mama Margaret. Media say NOTHING. The evidence for mental illness comes not from those who criticize, but rather from the lady herself:

Margaret Trudeau:

“I had to rebuild myself. I had an intervention. I had the police take me to the hospital finally strapped down because I was so resistant and so ill, but I didn’t know it,” she said.

Please, fellow patriots— tell CAP why the psychological breakdown and incarceration of Margaret Trudeau has NEVER been a cause of concern for CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail. There is only one thing media has ever presented in this regard—jocularity— it is one big joke.

Strange, eh? This is no laughing matter. This woman was the wife of a three-term PM, and mother of a two-term PM. Insignificant in terms of effect upon the family unit? Don’t be absurd—unless you are CBC, paid to obfuscate Trudeau family dysfunction.

Then there is father Pierre Trudeau himself. CAP believe that Trudeau Sr., an advocate of communism, Red China, Cuba, Fidel Castro and the former Soviet Union, is also a root source of mental illness for Justin. 

Here is where a serious dose of hatred inherent in Justin Trudeau comes to play. There was one issue which Pierre Trudeau could never shake—his ceaseless hatred of English Canada, colonialism, and the “white privilege” he believed was endemic within society.

As it occurred, it was not only son Justin who assimilated this into his consciousness— it was alos his brother, Alexandre Trudeau. A third son, Michel, died under extremely “sketchy” circumstances, which have to this day NEVER been properly explained, or exposed.

Taking  quick look at the resume of Alexandre Trudeau reveals some interesting reading material:

Alex Trudeau wrote a book praising communist China. The middle son also gave a public speech venerating Fidel Castro, communist dictator of Cuba. Additionally, Alexandre spent time making a pro-Islamic documentary film for the government of Iran—funded by the government of Iran.

Degree of media scrutiny? Nothing at all. Holy smoke—so that’s both Margaret and Alexandre that CBC has been protecting for the past four decades.

Like all Trudeau family members, current PM Justin carries the hatred of Canada, and a dedication to communism and Islam close to his so-called “heart.”

Degree of exposure from Toronto Star, National Post and Montreal Gazette? Nothing—not a single sentence. Surely there is a lesson to be learned here—but citizens of Canada never learn it—because they have never been exposed to it.

And now, for Mr. Trudeau’s deepest hatred of all— that which he is directing toward English Canada, and its Anglophone population. It is here that the malevolency rages incessantly.

Here is the fundamental problem, as CAP see it: in a child-like, immature manner, Justin Trudeau is dealing with his mental illness by way of punishing what he hates— English Canada, Colonial Canada, Anglophone Canada, as well as Christian Canada.

Trudeau doesn’t want to be a prime minister for all Canadians. His narcissism and megalomania are driving him achieve something more along the lines of a globalist “saviour.”

See what we mean? A “saviour complex” is known to be a familiar state-of-mind for schitzophrenic individuals— not that Trudeau is this far gone.

And now, the bad news: It is this mental cognition— bent out-of-shape from a lifetime of insecurity, public exposure, superiority complexes and family dysfunction which power PM Trudeau’s condition as national leader.

The result is something wholly destructive, for example, the decimation of Canadian society for all-time. CBC say nothing. Globe & Mail print nothing.

 Canada is under the control of a mentally ill prime minister. The only long term outcome will be a complete breakdown of our society— unless King Justin stops being the prime minister of Canada.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP(est. 2016)

11 thoughts on “Buried By Media: How PM Justin Trudeau’s DESTRUCTIVE Personality Is Destroying Canada”

  1. It is not his personality that is destroying Canada. It is his ineptitude; his support for Islam and his bowing down and working for the Globalists at the UN. He is a vile and evil; spoiled child. He is easily manipulated by the UN and really only cares about himself and being Dictator. HE WILL HANG ONE DAY, BECAUSE WE THE CANADIAN PEOPLE WILL DEMAND HIS HEAD! HE IS A TRAITOR!

  2. Jackal Trudeau of course is not stupid. He is sneaky and sly like a coyote with deceit to do bad things to get his way. He and his family have a generational curse of having bad immoral characters in their personality. They are all very intelligent but for the wrong reason. Jackal Trudeau as of today has led Canada down the road of breaking bad so much that freedom of religion has been abolished.

    This is the source that he destroyed so he won’t have to account for his corruption in SNC Lavalin and the WE Scandal. He does run a perverse Government with the Liberal Party despots. There is no chance to change this man but endure until the next October 2023 election to bring in leadership that is more Conservative yet moral.

  3. pathetic I just left a long very important comment and they said the chappa was wrong , it wasn’t. and said push back and try again…
    this is censorship 💯

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