Buried By Media: 50% REDUCTION In Immigration To Canada Predicted For 2020

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“Canada could see 170,000 fewer new immigrants this year, serving another blow to the country that has relied on the influx of immigrants to drive housing and consumption sectors.”

Within such a political environment, one fundamental remains critical: when a nation’s media eschew accurate reporting to publish only what government deem permissible for public consumption.

One example of this is how immigration from China, Pakistan, Iran, Somalia, and Nigeria is promoted as a panacea to save our nation from the economic hell-fire that would otherwise manifest.

Post-pandemic, the rhetoric is more stringent than ever. Because Justin Trudeau added additional billions of dollars in deficit due to Covid-19, Canada needs these 3rd World “pieces of gold” migrants more desperately than ever.

True? Or Trudeau-style communist propaganda? Perhaps this will influence reader thoughts on this subject:

76% of Justin Trudeau’s 2015 Syrian Refugees UNEMPLOYED in 2019

Recently, immigration minister Marco Mendicino has made several remarks that immigration will continue to be key to Canada’s economic success and post-coronavirus recovery.

“Canada’s monthly immigration data for previous decades is not readily available(shocking really—Ed.), however Canada’s April 2020 intake may have been the lowest since the 1940’s.

How “convenient” this is—except for one tiny detail. No study has ever been produced by government which verifies a direct connection between immigration rates and economic heath or prosperity in Canada.

In fact, at least one Canadian economics expert states the exact opposite is the case:

The difference between the taxes paid and services consumed by the average recent immigrant equals about $6,000 annually. Given the total number of immigrants, the annual fiscal burden on Canadian taxpayers comes to about $30 Billion Dollars every year.

Question No One Is Asking: How is it that a potential of a 50% reduction in immigration in-take is not front-and centre within the consciousness of 37.8 million Canadian citizens?

Easy as apple pie: because the Trudeau government instruct their Liberal media sycophants not to reveal this information to the people of Canada.

Why Not? Here CAP can only speculate. CBC has buried the entire situation. Globe & Mail will not reveal what is potentially the most dramatic immigration-oriented development in the past 50 years.

For what purpose? This is the “golden egg” question of the Covid-19 era in Canada. CBC utter not a word about it.

CAP Theory: The reason a massive immigration reduction is being hidden from Canadian is because Justin Trudeau, his snarling immigration pit-bull MP Ahmed Hussen and the remainder of the Liberal government believe a majority of citizens may want this PERMANENTLY.

Now remember, the government of Justin Trudeau hate the Canadian majority. It is for this very reason that our PM instructed MP Hussen to transition Anglophone Canadians into a minority community—another major social development currently buried by media.

One likely scenario follows logically from this supposition: What government want for their nation, and what the public want for our nation, are in 2020 opposing forces.

Within a democratic society, this form of public will would be an integral part of policy decision-making.

Within a socialist society or a communist nation, public opinion is 100% meaningless. Following this along logically, Canada must be more of a non-democratic nation than the general public believe.

Media are hiding away a potential 50% reduction in immigration to Canada for the year 2020. All this slips by the general populace without so much of a “blink of an eye.”

Such is the protectionist agenda of CBC and the rest of establishment media’s power-players in Canada.

Immigration from the 3rd World to Canada— 100% immutable. Multicultural policy? Forced upon Canada without the consent of a single citizen. Ditto for refugee policy. China buys up Canadian resources while the Trudeau government double their military exports to Saudi Arabia.

All fine and dandy. Canada is today a fully functioning anti-Anglophone, pseudo-socialist nation. Media work for Justin Trudeau’s agenda of anti-European Canadian prejudice, as well as the elevation of 3rd World Canada to the pinnacle of our nation’s social order. 

Immutable, written-in-stone, never-ending, ever-existing. Media continue to tow the globalist line as 3rd World, Sikh, Chinese and Muslim immigration to Canada is advanced as 100% critical to the dying Great White North’s survival.

True or not true: For the first one hundred years of our nationhood,  Canada functioned pretty darn well without a “cure-all” called 3rd World Immigration.

The idea that our country cannot survive or prosper without millions of 3rd World migrants coming to Canada is a false manifestation of Liberal-Globalist propaganda.



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