Buried By Canadian Media: Over 200 “Anti-Sharia Law” Bills Introduced In USA

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Within Justin Trudeau’s Canada, one can always count on media to side with the Nation of Islam over the Nation of Canada.

“According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an Alabama-based hate watchdog, at least 201 “anti-Sharia bills” have been introduced in 43 states since 2010.”

As it happens, Canadian establishment media have held back his major social development from 37.5 citizens. How can this be verified? SImple as pie–because media– CBC, CTV, GLobal News, Toronto Star and all the rest have never written about Islamic “Sharia Law” period.

Want a blatant example? Here it is:

Trudeau-appointed Minister of Status of Women, MP Maryam Monsef, took a pass from issuing a public statement regarding International Anti-Female Genital Mutilation Day, an annual event “celebrated” by millions of people world-wide.

Now, let’s understand this in its proper context– Ms. Monsef is in charge of the health, welfare and safety of Canadian girls. FGM is illegal in Canada. It is a physical assault upon young girls. It is a direct threat to their  mental and sexual health.

Yet, Monsef takes a pass. Why? The answer is surprisingly simple– she is a religious fundamentalist,  and therefore will not speak a single world of condemnation of her own religious community. Some choice for Minister of Women, eh?

How “Justin Trudeau” this is. Consider this scenario: for four years, Justin Trudeau and his motley crew of religious fundamentalists branded white Canada racist, bigoted and xenophobic.

MP Iqra Khalid, MP Ahmed Hussen--and of course Trudeau himself--all freely indulged in  condemnation of a specific identifiable community–Anglophone Canada.

Yet, when turning the tables to address archaic  Islamic practices, the entire gang are entirely silent. Not one word regarding FGM, child marriage, and other aspects of Sharia Law.

Talk about a skewed, one-sided approach to Canadian governance. As it happens, the job of government is to protect our citizenship from harm–as in, all communities.

Justin Trudeau doesn’t do the job–and neither does his “harem girl” from unknown origin. Canadians do not even know which nation hypocrite Monsef actually came to Canada  from. In fact, there is an argument as to whether or not Ms. Thang is an actual Canadian citizen.

No worries for King Justin–he advanced her into his Liberal Cabinet regardless. 

Buried By Media: U.S. Lawmakers DEMAND Trudeau Cancel NUCLEAR WASTE Plant Project in Canada

“Anti-Muslim hate groups play an integral role in the introduction of anti-sharia bills and overhyping the nonexistent threat of ‘sharia law’ in the United States,”the SPLC said on its website.

CAP Response: So what? The issue at hand is not the legitimacy of those making the complaints–the issue is preventing illegal Sharia law-oriented acts from occurring upon American soil.

See how they roll, fellow patriots– it’s the very same in Canada. These moaning and whining non-profits scream racism regarding a measure to protect women and girls from physical mutilation–this is the point of the matter. The “nastiness” of the anti-Sharia organizations is a secondary issue.

Yet, this is how society is structured within western nations attempting to deal with an entrenchment of illegal, physically debilitating religious ritual.

How bogus. Back in Canada, total silence. How about this one:

“Tasneem is now a 55-year-old woman from Canada’s reformist/progressive Dawoodi Bohra community and a member of the Association of Progressive Dawoodi Bohra of Ontario (APDBO).”

“She agreed to speak with Global Citizen, along with fellow member Zainub and Tasneem’s niece Khadija, under the condition of anonymity, about their experiences with cutting.”

She agreed–with anonymity--meaning she is fearful about speaking out. Who is she afraid of– Bob & Doug MacKenzie? Don’t think so. Dollars to Tim Horton’s donuts patriots can figure this one out.

“Both Tasneem and Zainub underwent female genital mutilation in their home countries before coming to Canada. Now, they want FGM stopped.”

In other words, even after actual Muslimas campaigned for FGM to be exposed and banned in Canada, Maryam Monsef and boss-man Trudeau STILL did nothing.

Why? CAP will take a crack at this one: Because government priority is not the health and safety of Canadians. Rather, the priority goes to geo-political Islam as a whole–meaning Trudeau is working for the United Nations, Saudi Arabia, Iran and related globalist power-players in Middle Eastern nations.

CAP Conclusion: Justin Trudeau does not work for Canadians–he works for foreign globalist entities.

“We have freedom of religion here(USA), but they don’t have the right to bring their Sharia law overreach on our constitutional laws,” the politician told the Washington newspaper, Spokesman-Review.

Right. The same is true in Canada–so why the ubiquitous silence regarding all-things-Sharia Law? In fact, Justin Trudeau has mentioned FGM–one time only–at an American conference upon American soil. 

Sharia Law– the great silent religious issue of out time. 100% exempted from Canadian media, never mentioned by government–all for the benefit of non-Canadian international power-players, Middle Eastern oil-producing nations, Iran, and Islamic diaspora communities (vote-buying) in the fading, former “Great White North.”

If this isn’t emblematic of the degeneration of Canadian values under the rule of Emperor Justin Trudeau, what is?



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  1. Turdeau is a small player in the larger scope of this. Want to know what is truly going on in this world? qmap.pub and research for yourself, the first 100 posts will set you on the path. This is real, not conspiracy theory. Q makes the drops and Serial Brain 2 decodes.

  2. Trudeau claims to be a ‘feminist’ yet he does not speak out and condemn the Sharia.That is a huge disconnect and completely wrong. It is very annoying.


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