Brother Of PM, Alexandre Trudeau, Speaks Of PREFERENCE FOR CHINA Over Canada

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“For Alexandre Trudeau, a deep interest in China was almost preordained.”

“From his father, former Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau – who opened up diplomatic relations with China in 1970 – Trudeau inherited a lifelong interested in China and its people. A 1973 visit to Beijing while in his mother’s womb notwithstanding, Trudeau made his first journey to China in 1990, accompanied by his father and older brother, [current Prime Minister of Canada], Justin Trudeau.”

This from Canada’s most popular weekly News Magazine, MacLeans.

Seems this media outlet is very keen on Alexandre Trudeau, film-maker for the government of Iran, and communist supporter par excellence.

Alexandre Trudeau: “He[father Pierre] was there in ’49China was mass chaos, I think he didn’t know what to make of it–  and then again in ’60.  he was a very respectful and diplomatic guy, but in China I felt there was a deeper connection.”

Think Justin Trudeau’s praise regarding China is extreme? Try this on for size:

“The whole of China is the greatest human success story ever, in my view, in terms of wealth creation.”

In contradistinction, here is commentary from eye-witness of China’s “Silent Revolution, 70-year old Yu Xiangzhen:

“She remembers the vicious persecution of her teachers, the lynching of suspected class enemies, the hysterical mass rallies, and how Red Guards roamed Beijing, setting upon those with supposedly counter-revolutionary footwear, clothing or hair.”

Quite the “study in contrast, is it not? Seems these Trudeau folks really have a “thing” for this form of national leadership.

From Wikipedia:“Tens of millions of people were persecuted during the Revolution, while the estimated number of deaths ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions.”

What’s not to love? How unusual a circumstance this is. All three members of the Trudeau family– Justin, Alexandre and Pierre before them, have had a strange form of “love affair” with communist China for decades.

Is this not rather odd for a family which produced two Canadian prime ministers? Now, an even deeper question: why is it that CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and other media companies in Canada never speak of Trudeau family devotion to the behemoth Far East nation?

Is this not incredibly UNUSUAL for leaders of a democratic country? If the Trudeau’s are so dedicated to the maintenance of international human rights, why do they overlook the massive social injustices in China?

Even in 2020, it is no different. Despite establishment media reports of internment of millions of Uighar Muslims in China, Alexandre Trudeau has not a word of condemnation.

Funny–nor does brother Justin–or even one mainstream media publication within Canada. This is some mixed-up, odd-ball business.

MacLeans: “Freedom of information is not a facet in China and never has been. It’s a powerful, dynastic power.”

And again, from Alexandre Trudeau:

“I could be very harsh, and you could find stories that are disgusting, but in a way I’m harsher on Canada.”

End quote. So the brother of the Prime Minister of Canada prefers China to the fading “Great White North.”

In CAP’s opinion, this suggests brother-man prefers communism to democracy. We also believe the same of PM Justin, and Papa Pierre Trudeau.

So how can one describe the collective attitude of Canadian media toward myriad aspects of the Trudeau clan’s dubious dedication to communist China?

Not difficult at all: Globe & Mail, National Post, Toronto Star-– not a single word written in criticism of such fervent support of communist societies.

CBC, CTV, Global News— within the past 30 years, not a single report which condemns the ideological inversion of the Trudeau-Liberal endorsement of China.

Why? Could it be because, in truth, the Liberal Party of Canada has “played puppet” to the government of China for the past 40 years?

CAP say yes, indeed. We have written about this political dynamic on a plethora of occasions. Topics include the Chinese government’s reach into Canadian business, Huewei’s 5G network, as well as a failed China-Canada Free Trade Agreement instigated by the current Trudeau government.

We have previously written about the  Canada-China Business Council’s silent presence in Canada, Asia Pacific Foundation’s dedication, as well as the appointment of uber-China pusher Yuen Pau Woo to the Canadian Senate by way of PM Justin.

Degree of change in Liberal Party policy all this time? Nothing–not one darn thing. Cast-in-stone, as it applies to virtually every foreign policy decision that emanates from any form of governance where the Trudeau family have an involvement.

Alexandre Trudeau--you love China so much. Why do you then reside in Canada. Do you honestly believe there is such a lack in Liberal-Globalist- Third World political pundits within our country that your “mission” could not go on without you?

What a sketchy ingrate some “Canadians” are, eh?





3 thoughts on “Brother Of PM, Alexandre Trudeau, Speaks Of PREFERENCE FOR CHINA Over Canada”

  1. All is well and fine for all of you knowledgeable people.I agree totally with you that the Trudeau family has been on a destruction course to destroy Canada.Why can no one give any concrete guide lines to stop this destruction or is it already to late?

  2. I would strongly suggest that the whole Trudeau family move to China, IMMEDIATELY and take all their illegal migrants with them… the whole liberal caucus as well!

  3. So many scandals And so much proof of treason and conflict of interests, unanswered auditors questions of missing money and the projects they where for..on paper, paying family members through favourite charities ..publicly a communist supporter, insensitive to others black faced racist ..Helped fund, with our money the Chinese Wuhan lab’s covid vaccine development…these are crimes against the ppl of Canada …we need a non confidence vote or another lawyer that is willing to legally challenge his blatant corrupt behaviour…I would never want him as a friend let alone to be the leader of our country ..


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